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aka Darby

  • I live in the capital city of Mars
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is apprentice artisan
  • I am obviously a hamburger

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Not gonna be here for a while...

Doing: Thinking

Thoughts: Well, it's official. Seeya later, SFW.

How I feel: Rejected, lonely, beige

Listening to: Breathe - Taylor Swift

Messages: My days here are gone, I'm no longer allowed on this site due to some of the content. I might be able to get back on in the future, but for now I have to leave for an indefinate time. Bye...

Stuff do do:

  • Nothing


The pics I recolor are © SEGA! I do not take credit for them!! I credit all my recolors to the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog! You are the awesomest! Thank you for providing wonderful games and cartoons to keep me busy :3

About me

Hiyo! I'm the insane, random, and playful Mew Mew kitty girl! I love love love Sonic the Hedgehog and I especially like making charas the most! My bestest and awesomest character by far is Thirza the Hedgehog. If you be nice to me I'll be nice back, but keep in mind I have no tolerance for vandals and godmodders. I don't roleplay in really big roleplays anymore, but I still love to play! I always try to make friends and I will gladly be your friend if you want! My favorite color is chartreuse, second is black, and third is SPRINKLES! *ahem* blue. Did I mention I'm part cat?

If I'm not on here I'm probably on these other sites:

DeviantArt: Thirza-Hedgie

Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon: Thirza the Hedgehog (Heheh, gotta love Wikia)

Mermaid Melody Popstars Fanon: Same >.>

Adventure Quest Worlds: Mouse099 (Play with me, I'm level 21! >:3)

If I'm not active for 15-20 minutes, I've gone offline until mah besties come online :3 Keep in mind I'm always watching!

My Main Charas:

Gwen the Mouse

Thirza the Hedgehog

More later :p

Random Polls (Please respond!)


  • Gwen
  • Mousey
  • Thirz
  • Thirzie (Only Destiney is allowed to call me this!)
  • Guinevere
  • These are for other people:
  • Dessie (Amyrose1515)
  • Kai (Kiera the bat)

Signature Test!

I likee da bunny X3 You likee bunny too, or else! :3 21:25, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

My friends

Amyrose1515 (Bestest friend EVAH! :D)

Wh!te$tar (Great maker of art and roleplays, nice)

Memphis the Light (Nice guy ^.^)

Artemiscat55 (Really cool kitty man!)

Lighning2145 (Great gal)

Hikaruyami-having fun* (Sweet girl)

Tails6000 (First friend)

Ryushusupercat (Really nice!)

KPZSR1 (Awesome guy)

JohnnyDtheVGnerd (Good friend)



Solar (Great roleplayer)


CelestialSun (Really nice)

Gale the Hedgehog

Ultimatedude127 (Great guy)





Kiera the bat (Sister)


Sprinkle the Hedgehog

My favorite things

I post later.

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