Washington the Hedgehog is a freelancer agent his real name being david, he is often addressed as washington, when first gaining A.I. he got the epsilon A.I. giving him memories of Project:Freelancer he was against the meta until caboose had the epsilon A.I. he was then with the meta, later on after a wild battle he was disguised as church since he went back to the good side along with the reds and blues (excluding tex and church who are stuck in an A,I, capture unit) and has disguised himself as church with a yellow stripe on his armor. Under his helmet, he is a gray furred hedgehog, with small tints of yellow on his ears.

Tails6000/Washington the Hedgehog

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washington in current times (despite being gray instead of blue)

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • David (Real Name)
  • Agent Washington
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Hedgehog
  • Male
  • Gray and yellow tinted MJOLNER Mrk VI armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • G.U.N
  • Blue Team
  • 3 round burst rifle
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Shannon McCormick
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


Project Freelancer (Pre-recollection)

He was paired with Agent Maine (aka The Meta) during the war, in which was when maine lost his voice, hew as tio discuss their failure with the director after surgery.

2 missions later Washington was found with another freelancer, she was crying because she was the one who failed the misson wash tries to cheer her up saying it was everyone's responsibility, sshe disagrees and talks about sonme side in the freelancer project, she says the director is filtering them when wash says she's trying to help them, wash says they stick together as a team, she walks away shiooving her helmet to his hands. She also requested from now on to call her "C.T."

After that meeting he was seen by agent north asking what he was doing, he was talking to internal troops, north was caught using equipment without the command pipeline,he also mentioned a believed dead freelancer of "Agent Utah" in training of his/her death of equipment, north was lucky to have survived, soon soldier passed by and wash asked why obne said there was a "new agent" training against wyoming,york,and maine 9Meta) the one in question..was Tex later as the battle started, tex was beating the tar out of the group, he and agent south had a small argument, to be broken up by carolina, tex had wyoming by the neck with her staff and knocked out the others in quick work, making round one her point, wash was impressed at tex's prowess as well,round 2 was hand to hand, york initiated a plan of maine moving in from left. Only to hilariously be punched back, and said "or charge in and get imobilized first" he then asked wyoming to stick together, but he ALSO got punched back by tex hilariously. York sighs and thinks he's the only smart one on his team during the training. Tex walked up to him by that moment she remarks that he isn't the only good one at talking, he attempts to dodge but tex counters, and the others attempt to fight back after getting up from the ground,Tex then proceeded to beat the crap out of the 3 team members, wash and north were impressed, carolina just ignored them and kept watching her fight, the 3 team members were getting their butts handed to by texm, wyoming and maine even MISSED TEX and hit eachother by pure accident due to tex. She then had won the hand-to-hand portion of training. then it went to the training with the blocks and laser pistols, Wash HATED this theme for the training program, all the others up watching agreed, York whispered to Maine to get a plan...but he ran out did whatever he wanted and got killed 5 seconds later. He then saw wyoming knocked out too, he sighed and remarked "it was gonna be a long day" and headed off. All that happened then, various rounds later Tex was freezing the tar out of the group, they did NOT stand a chance. They attempted to do more plans, and their latest plan had tex having used yorks hand to freeze his GROIN of all places for victory, she had atleast 8 points throughout each match Yorks teammates decided to play dirty and rather than fake rounds used actual pistol rounds to attack tex. Wash was flabberghasted and said it was against protocal and was gonna kill her, south agreed on the killing part. He was gonna go to the director, but C.T. insulted him, Carolina told her to watch her mouth in his defense. York tried to help tex, but she said "I don't NEED your help,never abandon your team" while aiming her fake pistol to his headm, maine shot a small shot but she quickly froze his hand to the wall, she then rpoceeded to bash wyoming, york again tries to help but she knocks him out of it. she then rappidly shot wyoming and STUCK HIS HEAD INTO THE WALL showing she was NOT happy with the live rounds usage. Maine had one shot up his sleeve, tex first froze him as he got out of the frozen hand trick, he thene threw a GRENADE at her in efforts of winning. it didn;t work, but seeing as it is by agent torkm, she froze him too, causing her effective victory, wash and carolina then needed a medical squad to save york and the others. When they got there the director was scolding the group of spectators, wash in a defensive attempt told him they were not following protocol, the director then replied asaying that the enemy will not follow protocol, and told them to learn from this incident, C.T. was sarcastic towards wash and told him to check his list position. Later he was in the mkission to gain some vial of liquid the director codenamed the "Sarcophagus", his group was him,carolina,and Maine/Meta. York came along as part of Team A miraculously, as they broke in the facility, he complimented Maine getting his grenade launcher. He and carolina ran into and fought the insurrectionast who tried to attack them, but as a first impression he looked "very silly" making wash go "WHAT THE F*** IS WITH THIS GUY?" as they fought he found a weird fuel rod gun, he took it and shot it at his feet not knowing it;d ounce, making him say "THIS IS THE WORST GUN EVER....OF ALL TIME!" later they won the battle. and were on the roof... wash was freefalling with his group. and he was able to land and somewhat surf on the "sarcophagus" Tex managed to save him, and she later ditched him off the ship.


Later in the years, mainly when the meta started to gain more AI he was now a recovery agent, he discussed with the counciler about the meta, he decided to tell wash to go to bloodgulch, in which was nearly deserted, except for grif's sister,sarge,and lopex, he went to blue base, and was accused of being a co, when going to red base, there was cut-outs of the reds except lopex and sarge,but they decided to let them find caboose, the one who knows O'Mally well, he went to rats nest, met caboose, and went off to find someone, when caboose found out it was CHURCH, he went spastic happy, and he tried to get him in their group, they do so, trying to make it to the ship in 17-B containing the smart tank A,I, Shelia (otherwise known as F.I.L.S.S.)and even MORE later they found delta, and then they met the red tream back at the full rostor of 3...but after the emp went off, not much was known of wash....

Later after the incident, wash was found in prison, omeone told him someone called him, to him it was unfortunately caboose, he called him for help to save tucker, but he cannot because of imprisonment, seeing he has his own base (with question of "They GAVE you..a base") in which then he remembers the piece of the chairman's puzzle, The epsilon unit, unwittingly known to revive church...he went to valhalla, but killed donut and lopezx in te process....

as doc was called for medical work to valhalla, simmons was sorry because of wash and meta. Doc was scared wwhen he was questioned about Omega, and then tries to do a physical report on the meta, which was good.... whn he was nearly killed by the meta after self defense by a plasma based weapon...he inverted the time distortion unit causing him to have an argument with simmons about the attack being so it will not work, which he was wrong....he was sent into the WALL all by a small ding of his visor...

later when he was saved from his wall lodging, he was able to move freely, wash hated the fact of the aliens being in the location....Doc tried to help wash feel better about his own job,then he suddenly got jealous of doc's benefits, even comparing his job to mailmen...later when he dug up [[[C.T. the Fox|C.T.'s]] helmet he was astonished of her presence, as she was not part of the dig.

Post Recollection (Near end of revelation)

Later,when they found church's "beacon" tex had attacked them and then they did battle, in which meta got her in the unit, and took her camo once more, now he was at his full power once more, if it weren't for the reds and remaining blues to save wash from death, they ended the meta's reign of powerlancer and send him packing....and then he was in church's armor, which now has a yellow stripe, they then now had an even team once more....





"Congratulations you are now negative junior private first class grif" -when making deals with sarge with a funny class for grif eyt he is still a private

"Yes...I have your shotgu" -while sarge is trying to call grif to run over washington thinking it;s an odd conversation

"wait. what are you doing? what is that noise? do I hear a- *CRASH!* CAR!?!" -when grif is about to crash out of the wall and try to run over washington

"Yes, I am agent washingtub how are you dpoing caboose's best friend?" -in caboose's mind to church


"Hey meta, why wait to meet alpha, why don't ya meet him right now" -when he shows church as the alpha A.I.

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