Tex the Hedgehog is a female super-soldier hired by gun to solve certain crimes and investigations that no other soldier could ever do, she is not an ultimate lifeform but her suit has given her super strength and invisibillity. Under ehr helmet she's a amber furred hedgehog with a ponytail, rarely she has her hair down.

Tails6000/Tex the Hedgehog

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Tex in current times

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Agent Texas
  • Allison (real name)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Hedgehog
  • Female
  • Black Mark VI MJOLNER Battle armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Project Freelancer
  • Blue Team
  • G.U.N
  • 3-Round Burst Rifle
  • Super Strength
  • Invisibility (armor enhancement)
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Kathleen Zuelch
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


Project Freelancer (Pre-Blood Gulch)

After a few missions there was an impromptu training session with a "new agent" training against wyoming,york,and maine (A.K.A. The Meta) the one in question..was her, later as the battle started, she was beating the tar out of the group, washington and agent south had a small argument, to be broken up by carolina, she had wyoming by the neck with her staff and knocked out the others in quick work, making round one her point, wash was impressed at tex's prowess as well,round 2 was hand to hand, york initiated a plan of maine moving in from left. Only to hilariously be punched back, and said "or charge in and get imobilized first" he then asked wyoming to stick together, but he ALSO got punched back by tex hilariously. York sighs and thinks he's the only smart one on his team during the training. She walked up to him by that moment she remarks that he isn't the only good one at talking, he attempts to dodge but she counters, and the others attempt to fight back after getting up from the ground,Tex then proceeded to beat the crap out of the 3 team members, wash and north were impressed, carolina just ignored them and kept watching her fight, the 3 team members were getting their butts handed to by tex, wyoming and maine even MISSED HER and hit eachother by pure accident due to tex's manuevers. She then had won the hand-to-hand portion of training. then it went to the training with the blocks and laser pistols, Wash HATED this theme for the training program, all the others up watching agreed, York whispered to Maine to get a plan...but he ran out did whatever he wanted and got killed 5 seconds later. He then saw wyoming knocked out too, he sighed and remarked "it was gonna be a long day" and headed off. All that happened then, various rounds later Tex was freezing the tar out of the group, they did NOT stand a chance. They attempted to do more plans, and their latest plan had tex having used yorks hand to freeze his GROIN of all places for victory, she had atleast 8 points throughout each match Yorks teammates decided to play dirty and rather than fake rounds used actual pistol rounds to attack her. Wash was flabberghasted and said it was against protocal and was gonna kill her, south agreed on the killing part. He was gonna go to the director, but C.T. insulted him, Carolina told her to watch her mouth in his defense. York tried to help Tex, but she said "I don't NEED your help,never abandon your team" while aiming her fake pistol to his head, maine shot a small shot but she quickly froze his hand to the wall, she then proceeded to bash wyoming, york again tries to help but she knocks him out of it. she then rapidly shot wyoming and STUCK HIS HEAD INTO THE WALL showing she was NOT happy with the live rounds usage. Maine had one shot up his sleeve, tex first froze him as he got out of the frozen hand trick, he then threw a GRENADE at her in efforts of winning after imoblization. it didn;t work, but seeing as it is by agent york, Tex froze him too, to both save york from most of the blast, and to cause her effective victory, wash and carolina then needed a medical squad to save york and the others. She was escorted by medics cladded in black rather than the standard white and red medics due to carolina's observation. Later she was found on the mission to gain the "sarcophagus" transmitting for a MAC cannon fire on the building, Carolina thought she stayed behind, and later York faked disabiling it and gave it to an insurrectionist soldier, as the building blew up she took a jet ppack and flew off, she was then seen using said jetpack to get the objective AND agent washington into the pelican for lift-off, she left later on after saving him. She had also assisted tam A with securing the suitcase with the key, in which began the rivalry between her and Agent Carolina. Everyone then thought thigns were changing since she had shown up.

The Blood Gulch Chronicles (During Blood gulch station)

Tex was first talked about by church (who was thinking he was a ghost not knowing he was the alpha) telling tucker and caboose that freelancers were bad news, claiming tucker to be a male. It seemed to be true until the reds broke her voice filter, showing her to be a girl. Church was able to possess sarge and save her from certain death.

She, like church can become a ghost in some way, she was around the whole time until taking possession of Church's body (Lopez's body technically) and was able to move freely, the 2 went along inside of caboose's head to take down OMally, her AI. who then took over Doc, took Lopez, and went off to a snow base. Tex was told to stay back with tucker and donut while the others go off.

Post Blood gulch

to be written

Within the epsilon unit (After revelation)

Caboose called command to send someone to their base, in which was tex, she ambushed them with a flash bang to see which base was which, she and church argued soon after, after than she got a call from Vic from Blue command, she was told there was someone dead on the roster in which church made the last name of "Andersmith" Caboose was dumb enough to think he was really dead. Instead she had evened the teams by killing Lopez, who everyone ELSE thought was Simmons, she was going to kill Donut, but he might just demoralize the entire red team. Since Epsilon-Church knew that the "world" was going to end, he told Tex that he "forgets" her, effectively, killing her epsilon incarnation.


Tex is also a weapons specialist, she prefers firearms and meleee weapons, she once has used her fists in a battle against 4 people and severly hurt them, yet they somehow survived as they also were G.U.N. soldiers of the same type.....bvut without her invisibility......

  • Asault Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Frag Grenade
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Oddly shaped Sword





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