Simmons the Hedgehog is a hedgehog and 2nd in command of the Reds. Under his helmet he is a marroon hedgehog with red eyes and a peach muzzle

Tails6000/Simmons the Hedgehog

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Simmons in current time

Biographical Information


Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Hedgehog
  • Male
  • Marroon Spartan Armor Mark VI
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Red Team
  • G.U.N
  • 3 round burst rifle
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Gus Sorola
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


He is a maroon Mark VI spartan Hedgehog and sarge's right hand man and he is second in command at his base, eh disliked caboose when sarge thought of him to be a little rascal, he threatens caboose to stay way from sarge most of the time, he also likes obscure comic books and math....LOTS of math

Blood Gulch Chronicles

He is the only red soldier alongside grif to think that they should be in charge of the command, clearly jealous of both Shadow killing the black arms. and why they got shoved in the canyon fighting the blue team. He is a kiss-up towards his leader Sarge, and although asked to kill grif, apparently doesn;t as he treats him like a good friend and ally. He was the one who gives sarge the idea for the name "chupathingy" by saying the original name of "the Chupacabra".

Post-Blood Gulch (the recollection)

to be written

Post-Recollection (Within the epsilon unit)

to be written





"Nice kill and follow-up one liner sir!" -to sarge at a successful kill and one liner

"and there's that little nook, never know what thats for" -showing grif the new improved canyon (their training ground)

"Wow, that actually worked perfectly...thanks!" to caboose after gaining rockets to defend himself from Tex

"AHA TAKE THAT BLUE! YOU TOO WHITE TAKE THAT CRACKERS!" when attacking the Wyoming Clones to save the blues from their wrath

"See? thats what happens when you argue with science...idiot" when he and doc argued about the meta's slow punch carrying the same force, ALSO lodging Doc into a wall

"Grif, your so fat when your arm broke gravy came out1 Sarge I find most of your tactical decisions to be questionable but not down-right mediocre!" -thining the insult game is against all of them not realising it was a plan to make church mad

"I DON;T UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF YOUR STUPID GAME I JUST GOT HERE!" -not knowing who the insults need to be against

"THIS ISN;T ON PURPOSE!" -when escaping from valhalla when the meta is chasing them as he spins around on the jeep's turret

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