Not to be confused with Sergeant Master Capt. Bangkok Sarge the Echidna is an echidna and leader of The Reds, his real name is unknown as everyone calls him sarge,sir,or "S-Dog". Under his helmet he is a red echidna with a peach muzzle

Tails6000/Sarge the Echidna

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sarge in current times

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Sir
  • S-Dog
  • Sargeant
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Echidna
  • Male
  • Gruff and regiment leader of the red team
  • The captain of their pirate ship (in cabooses' head)
  • Mark 6 MJOLNER Spartan Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Red Team
  • G.U.N
  • Shotgun
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Matt Hullam
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


He is an echnidna in red Mark VI spartan Armor (due to G.U.N.'s enhanced technology at the name for them) his weapon of choice is a shotgun and he likes to beat the daylights out of his lackey Grif the Hedgehog, which he claims to love doing....

Pre-Blood Gulch (sidewinder before relocation)

All that was known that like church, Sarge was stationed at the snow base until being relocated to blood gulch

Blood Gulch Chronicles

He is the second highest rank in the chronicles, second to captain butch flowers, and technically red lieutenant Max Gain. He has subordinates Simmons and Grif see their newest vehicle, and to tell them of the impending arrival of the rookie Donut. He apparently has no good demeanor for Grif whatsoever while showing some delight with Simmons. Grif and Sarge had a debate on the name of the vehicle, between a warthog, and a puma. Sarge, thinks pumas,walri,and the like that have tusks are fake. He renamed the jeep the "chupathingy" besides it gives it a ring.

more to be written soon

The Recollection (post-blood gulch)

to be written

Post Recollection (within the epsilon unit)

to be written





  • Beating Grif to death
  • One-liners he made
  • His shotgun
  • The Reds
  • Lopez
  • Caboose
  • Donut


  • The Blues (comonly)
  • Freelancers (most common)
  • O'Mally (very much)
  • Tucker
  • Church

Biggest Fears

  • being dropped outside of orbit
  • accidentally failing the 'Drop and Give me 20 test" (humorous failiure...he forgot to say "drop")
  • Girls (never hit a girl in his life but hit tex thing she was a guy)


"You just got Sarge'd" one liner

"Without my SHOTGUN you don't know who your dealing with" -trying to call grif on cue to save simmons from washington

"HAHA!!! BLAMO!" -one liner

"I never knew of a time I'd actually miss grif." -hen he and caboose are stranded with grunts who prasie their flags

"whatever you do don't look directly into his eyes, whoops, too late!"

"GREAT CAESER'S TOAST!" -when surprised

"See ya on the court sports lovers! and grif haters" -after addressing the new sport called "grifball"

"Simmons, gimme a fat beat" -addressing simmons to play the drums

"Now watch as it cures insubordination" -when he nearly shoots grif with his shotgun

"I SAID SHOTGUN! SHOTGUN DANGIT!" -when signaling grif to run over wash

"Agent wash you just got- *boom* ah darn it messed up my one-liner" -when he tries to kill wash but his one liner is ruined by the explosion

"Not insults for US simmons, for him!" -when they try to get church angry to shoot a laser at the wall

"We may not have a tank but you can take it to the bank, I'm the soldier of this boulder I got the highest rank!" -when singing along to "Sarge's Blues" on the jeep's radio

"Church,Blate and Grif walked into a bar, AND I KILLED 'EM!" -when saying his bar joke...

"Okay and everyone in favor of not doing that thing and leaving her asleep and not getting killed by the girl we're not waking up because no one is that stupid, say neigh" -when saying the opposite of waking tex up from recovery mode



  • Obviously this displays how sarge hates blue team 99.99% of the time,this is used when he is in a good mood or on a blue KILLING SPREE (training) sometimes an instrumental like a nightmare montage
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