Meta the Hedgefoxidna (formerly Agent Maine) is the prodigal son of project freelancer, known to have gone rouge after gaining many AI including Delta,Gamma,Omega,and the old Tex AI from the crashed ship. under is helmet,his head looks like a white hedgefoxidna withy a brown muzzle

Tails6000/Meta the Hedgefoxidna

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Meta in current times

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Agent Maine (Before renaming himself as the meta)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • HedgeFoxIdna
  • Male
  • Mark Six EVA Armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Project Freelancer
  • Himself (after going rogue)
  • Grenade launcher with a combat blade (or in donut's case, the kick@$$ broom)
  • Various armor enhancements and AI capable of running them, in this case, the epsilon Tex AI
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
  • When your Middle name is Danger by Trocedaro
Original Creator
  • Tails6000

Backstory and Personality

Recovery 1 (AKA Washington) was busy recovering AI from dead freelancer troops, later on he saw an image of the meta (different colors and look at the time) later on he started many various attacks including one at Outpost "Rat's Nest" caboose's station and killed every single blue other than caboose who was gone with washington, he also has the ability to change his armor to red or blue (chameleon like effect) to kill enemies undercover, after wash and church gained epsilon, he came for wash at the freelancer HQ, in which The Alpha A,.I. was in wash, he then attempted to hold off the meta and the other AI and later on wash was forced to work with the meta to regain epislon, inwhich was then implanted into some..odd....floating sphere, in which had church (memory of it). his demise was at avalanche after tex's presumed "capture" the reds and remaining blues try to avenge tex and save wash from the meta, sarge attempts to distract the meta and tries to hook him with a jeep winch, in which was successful, he then tried to take the life of Grif, sadly he failed, everyone thought Grif died, but he was hanging on to his grenade launcher which the combat blade was in the wall

After the events of the E.M.P wash was in prison, but while that happened Meta attacked Valhalla, the new base of the reds, in which sarge,grif,and the blue team's cabose went off to save Tucker, as Donut was cleaning the blue base befre simmons blew it up (which never happened), the meta came to the base and found donut, he tried to shoot him but donut ducked and he tried lifting the body, and then meta snarled and punched the body with his combat blade,hich donut called a "kick@$$ broom" when he told simmons this he wa surprised and ran away from the meta, which then started firing grenades at him, he screamed for lopez's help, in which he went inside the base to get a weapon, once he saw the meta simmons made a terrible one-0liner, and lopez shot him into the water with a missle cannon, as there was no longer enough vehicles, the 3 try to think on their feet to find his, which was a cloaked jeep, after simmon's failed attempt to shoot him with the turret, wash showed up, but not the usual way to save them he told the meta to stand down, and he then killed lopez and donut, and took simmons captive.

In the past during project freelancer as it ahs just started, agent Maine was recovered from a mission during the war, he was to be needing medical attention, wash tried to help but he was denied entry and he then said that it was just stupid anyways, it was known he was shot in the throat, and if he survived he would never talk again, which is shown by current day growls or snarls, he talks to agent york about the whole thing of the armour and missions, he said "time is always moving wash, we are just trying to keep up" as he takes off his helmet, his eye was now cybernetic as he lost it during a different mission. After a few missions there was an improptu traioning session with a "new agent" training against wyoming,york,and himself the one in question..was Tex later as the battle started, tex was beating the tar out of the group, he and agent south had a small argument, to be broken up by carolina, tex had wyoming by the neck with her staff and knocked out the others in quick work, making round one her point, wash was impressed at tex's prowess as well,round 2 was hand to hand, york initiated a plan of maine moving in from left. Only to hilariously be punched back, and said "or charge in and get imobilized first" he then asked wyoming to stick together, but he ALSO got punched back by tex hilariously. York sighs and thinks he's the only smart one on his team during the training. Tex walked up to him by that moment she remarks that he isn't the only good one at talking, he attempts to dodge but tex counters, and the others attempt to fight back after getting up from the ground,Tex then proceeded to beat the crap out of the 3 team members, wash and north were impressed, carolina just ignored them and kept watching her fight, the 3 team members were getting their butts handed to by texm, wyoming and maine even MISSED TEX and hit eachother by pure accident due to tex. She then had won the hand-to-hand portion of training. then it went to the training with the blocks and laser pistols, Wash HATED this theme for the training program, all the others up watching agreed, York whispered to Maine to get a plan...but he ran out did whatever he wanted and got killed 5 seconds later. He then saw wyoming knocked out too, he sighed and remarked "it was gonna be a long day" and headed off. All that happened then, various rounds later Tex was freezing the tar out of the group, they did NOT stand a chance. They attempted to do more plans, and their latest plan had tex having used yorks hand to freeze his GROIN of all places for victory, she had atleast 8 points throughout each match Yorks teammates decided to play dirty and rather than fake rounds used actual pistol rounds to attack tex. Wash was flabberghasted and said it was against protocal and was gonna kill her, south agreed on the killing part. He was gonna go to the director, but C.T. insulted him, Carolina told her to watch her mouth in his defense. York tried to help tex, but she said "I don't NEED your help,never abandon your team" while aiming her fake pistol to his headm, maine shot a small shot but she quickly froze his hand to the wall, she then rpoceeded to bash wyoming, york again tries to help but she knocks him out of it. she then rappidly shot wyoming and STUCK HIS HEAD INTO THE WALL showing she was NOT happy with the live rounds usage. Maine had one shot up his sleeve, tex first froze him as he got out of the frozen hand trick, he thene threw a GRENADE at her in efforts of winning. it didn;t work, but seeing as it is by agent york, she froze him too,to both save york from most of the blast, and to cause her effective victory, wash and carolina then needed a medical squad to save york and the others. As they came down to help, and as te others were recovered, hew as recovered but told the medics to get off of him, a first instance of him able to speak without growls. The director while they were recovered scolded the spectating agents for not doing a thing. Later he along with other freelancers (Tex was not present but was part of it, and south was off the top 6 making her not apart of the mission) discussed a plan to gain some vial of liquid the director codenamed "the sarcophagus", Team A was hi,carolina,york,and washington. when they raided the base, he took his iconic grenade launcher, which wash said "had a good look" towards him, he with carolina's orders took a freefall to get them their objective, and kept their "hosts" occupied...wash felt bad for them, and york did as well. Later after some freefalling carolina thought it was karma for earlier, he saved them in a jeep. and they drove off. Soon after they decided, upon Team B's request, to get the secondary objective, Maine had then assassinated the recipient in question and gotten the case, only to be attacked by insurrectionists, unfortunately, Maine was shot in the throat a few times, causing him never to speak again. Maine had saved carolina using his grenade launcher, but in the process got launched off of a cliff.

His personality however is strong and silent, he has no speech at all, he only snarls and groqls, he has many AI who control many powers, camoflauge,overshield,time distortion etc. he also has Non-AI abilities..... like hand to hand combat, marksmanship etc. he can make his timje distortion unit slow time like chaos control and it was able to stop time as a rocket was infront of him he simply walked out of the way, it backfired when doc reversed it and made HIM slowed down.....but shortly he regained speed....

known enancements/abilities and A.I.


  • Temporal Distortion unit (like chaos control, can be reversed to make himself slow if used with an overcharged plasma burst)
  • Done shield
  • Cloaking device
  • Overshields (can be lowered if enough atacks are applied for normal combat)
  • Super Strength (To topss a jeep at someone)
  • Washington's original enhancement

A.I. that were obtained

  • The Alpha (before the emp went off)
  • Gamma (AKA Gary) from Wyoming
  • Omega (aka. O'mally) from Tex
  • Delta from Caboose(?)
  • Sigma (original A.I.)
  • Original Tex AI
  • Tex's AI from the capture Unit
  • Theta from Agent North
  • 2 Unknown AI from agent carolina (who is STILL ALIVE contrary to wash's and tex's memories of being dead)


  • None




"growl" - normal quote

"Gabbaaaaaaa" -when the aliens try to make a piece talk to him,washington,and doc....

"snarl!" -other normal quote



  • it's his actual theme to show he means business, also used at times of suspense
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