Mariele the Hedgehog is a hedgehog who's job as a doctor is healing, but has crazy ways of doing so, she even has a gun that heals people rather than hurt them. She is oddly a Woman of Science up to what she claims. She also has a German accent and has a somewhat liking to torture people, and accidentally doesn't kill most of them....

Tails6000/Mariele the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
  • 35
  • Doc
  • Mari
  • Doctor
Romantic Interests
  • None
Physical Description
  • Hedgehog
  • Female
  • Lab coat (with a light red tint)
  • Red rubber gloves
  • White office like shirt
  • Red Medi-pack to work her mediguns
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Syringe Guns
  • Mediguns (that heal)
  • Various types of Bonesaws and a Bust with the hypocritical oath
  • Healing
  • Self healing
  • Brief invulnerability
Super Forms
  • Uber Mariele (various effects present to different mediguns)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


Her personality is mainly not a bedside medic, more like a medic that knows when to fight and knows when to stay back. she dislikes people who try her patience (she doesn't get mad at people 14 and younger however.) especially in torture when she wants information. She literally HATES when people use her torture methods on people without her permission (especially as said before on kids 14 and under)


Mariele as a medic somehow had no dignity for any of her patients. She did not have bedside manner as other doctors would have, instead she'd basically try her best to take care of them, she made some crazy contraptions along the way to her current job of torture, like a gun that heals rather than hurts people, a gun that shoots syrrenges than actual bullets.. even a saw that when you play it like a violen it heals people around her...people thought she was insane due to those contraptions. She has a liking to the peaceful flicky, she studies them and likes to be around them so she can keep her research on high expectations. She likes kids and treats them with fair respect, as long as they aren;t making her angry, then she tortures them like she does to people who steal her methods or womanizers who hit on her.

Story of The Ubercharge

How her patened "Ubercharge" came to be was when a certain kid volunteed to be her test subject, although he was under 15 (thus classified as a kid) he volunteered, and she decided to let this pass. He was a fine patient subject, as she was also able to keep him awake during the surgery with one crazy prototype of a medigun, in which they conversed and she told him a story of how she "lost" her medical liscense (all we know is when the patient woke up, his skeleton was missing, and the docter was never heard from again) during a crazy surgery. She then took his heart and try to modify it slightly to withstand a certain ammount of voltage, it was mad sciencry in the child's eyes, but he laughed nervously thinking the volunteering idea should be recconsidered. But luckily his heart did not explode due to the voltage and had a glowing red texture, she placed it back where the heart was and asked him to open his rib cage just slightly. Upon doing so she shoved it in, and broke one of his ribs on accident,and reassures him in a small joke saying that his rib will go back, and whispers to one of her flickes that they don't. She took the prototype weapon and somehow it FIXED EVERYTHING on the open heart surgry and it fixed even his shirt... he felt like new again, he then asked "Well what'll happen now doc?", she answered in a menacing reply "Now, lets go practice medecine" as they then readied for battle against one of eggman's battallions, the robots didn't stand a chance, due to her crazy healing gun keeping him alive the whole time. Well, actually most of the time, 8 or more seconds of it was him under the crazy ubercharge, but all the robots fell down like flies, Mariele finally succeeded in trying to make temporary invulnerability without any emeralds,but only temporaray.


  • Torture
  • Medical work
  • Kids (unless very angry)
  • Needles
  • What she does for a living
  • Flickies
  • Scientific Matters and syurgeries (hence as she keeps a decapitated french chain-smoking womanizer hedgehog head in one of her refrigerators powered by a battery with an ash tray by it)
  • Girls who also hate womanizers
  • Men (not womanizers, more friendly and honest men


  • Torturing kids (unless provoked to anger)
  • People who steal her torture methods (which she will use on them when she gets the person who does)
  • Womanizers (she pelts 'em with syringes if she knows the person is a womanizer)
  • Boredom
  • Being on fire

"Medical" devices she uses

  • Syringe Gun (often taunts that it doesn't have medicine at all, has a second one that steals some of their life force to her own)
  • Life-Giving Syringe Gun (Commonly known as the Blutsauger):Somehow upon every dart that hits an opponent would heal her a small bit due to it;s rapid pace of fire
  • Healing bow: a Cross bow that shoots healing bolts to allies, and hurts the enemies to heal herself
  • Dirty Needle gun: obviously...a gun that shoots from a dirty needle box
  • Medi-gun (the gun that heals rather than hurts and at rare chances makes her and the person she is healing at the time if it is used invulnerable for 8 seconds...)
  • Quick-Fix: a medigun prototype that can heal any wounded of any injuries (except already dead patients) and has same properties as the medi-gun, but only for the medigun's target. Classified by some of her friends as the "crazy-healing-gun"
  • Bonesaw (typical bonesaw)
  • 2 Saws that keep track of her ubercharge if she were tos uccessfully hurt someone, 1 also records how much to she lost track
  • Amputator: A saw when played like a viola, heals anyone around her
  • Busy of a Hyppocrite: a bust of the hyppocritical medic oath.




  • Unknown


  • ANYONE who steals her methods of torture
  • Womanizers


  • no one (Mariele thinks she's not fit for romance at the moment)


"Another successful procedure!" taunting someone after she has tortured him/her

"OOPS zat was not medicine" -taunting about her syringe gun not having medicine"

"Did zat sting? SORRY!" -taunting if her shots stung either a lotor not at all.

"Danke, dummkophs!" thanking a person, and calling him or her an idiot.

"Eins,zwei, reis...hmmm we need more bodybags" counting her dead corpses from her torturing

"Vant a second opinion? YOUR ALSO UGLY!"

Is there a POINT to your lives???" -to a womanizer

"iIt looks like Dummkopffest!" when talking about a group of womanizers.

"You have 30 seconds to live" -When threatening womanizers

"Touching me is VERBOTEN!" -when a womanizer is trying to get close to her

"Danke, mein hard-hatted friend!" -when possibly thanking someone with a hardhat

"Ze sound of progress my friend"" -when progression is going well in her surgery

"I HAVE NO IDEA!!" in response to someone asking if one of her crazy inventions will work.

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