Template:ConstructionKenny the Fox is the presumed brother to Meta-Fox which somehow makes him ANOTHER cousin to the prowers, he is somewhat a ignorant jerk who has a soft side for friends and family, and can gets serious when needed to...he and his cousin Twister like being called "the Hat Brothers" for 1 apparent reason...they wear a type of hard hat

Tails6000/Kenny the Fox

Biographical Information
  • 16
  • Ken (By naja)
  • Hat Brother (By Twister)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fox
  • Male
  • Met Hard Hat (yellow hard hat with a green bottom stripe and a green plus)
  • Black T-shirt of "Protect Me" and a traffic cone
  • Jeans
Political Alignment and Abilities
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


Kenny was too busy on his own adventures close to the time eggman decided to start roboticizing animals to be his own minions, he barely escaped, but he decided to live under the shadows hoping no one would see him...

Years later however he had adapted to his own life, seen as he somehiow fended for himself, got his own lothes, makeshift home, light,heating etc. but when he found his way back home, all that was known, his brother was still alive....he was glad to see him, but he was tld that he couldn't talk at the time as he was busy, he left happy that his family is still alive.


His personality is Polite, but mean, he is only polite to those he knows or is allied with, and a jerk to his foes and rivals... he even pulls pranks on rare occasions. When around Naja he is as nice as could be, hoping never to lose her. Around his cousin is basically like around friends, just a bit of a closer bond between them.


Sadly as of now, he has no powers whatsover, but he only has hand-to-hand combat skills. To a certain degree however he can hide in his helmet which is somewhat indestructable to anything unless it is very cracked. He has do projectile attacks or weapons either so he's only stuck to close cob=mbat and his own defense. He carries no super form either, so he may basically be like most other mobians.



  • add some


  • Dr. Eggman



  • Mainly used at times of his mean but intelligent additude sometimes fits into his calm motives of taunting his opponent
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