About me


I'm a pisces

I'm Tails6000 (or Twister as most call me) I am a well-known user (plainly for my randomness -_-) just ask me if you need either an idea or if ya have a problem I know how to fix. Just hoping I'm able to pass highschool.


  • if I don't respond or I saw farewell I am offline or busy
  • How I feel: hyped...and angry
    • 1. school, ARRRRRRGH
    • 2. Blazblue chrono phantasma and final act for inuyasha? must explode!


  • Games
  • Life
  • Friends
  • When something lucky happens and such
  • Life
  • Pizza (except that one time yesterday I got sick by too much pizzas -_-)
  • Steam (my username is HoudiniJr_100)
  • Xbox Live (Username is Houdini Jr.)
  • sleeping (duh gets me ideas.... LOL)
  • People who understand (yeah also I feel understood by my friends here and I like that...)
  • People who love my ideas. (I had an idea of making an RP of princess sara visiting mobius, unsure if anyone read my blog yet, hope someone wants to join)
  • being in collabs
  • Rooster Teeth (they inspire me alot with their jokes)
  • Helping others with there work and giving tips (same as collab stuff, but less collabrative)
  • My youtube job
  • The "Nopegineer" (an engineer witht he permanant "nope.avi" neck thing :P)

    ALL HAIL THE NOPEGINEER! Nopegineer: nope.avi

  • Phoenix Wright (especially my own court- room placed skits, they are awesome)


  • being asked to do stuff repeatedly
  • People asking me for help on signatures (STOP ASKING ME, ASK TEH SIGGY SENSEI RYUSHU! she gives better signature info than I do)
  • Interruptions during my work or artwork
  • hate comments
  • critisim

Games I like

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (obviously)
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Mario
  • Team Fortress 2 (by the Valve corporation)
  • Megaman
  • Garry's Mod


"The cake is...THE TRUTH!"--to prove that cakes are real

"Then I used my fight money to buy 2 of every animal on earth and then I herded them onto a boat. and then I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF EVERY SINGLE ONE!" --when trying to be funny

"And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are all put together in one place IT'S CALLED A ZOO!" --also when trying to be funny

"UNLESS IT'S A FARM!" -also trying to be funny

"IT WASN'T RIGHT THE FIRST TIME WHY THE HECK WOULD IT BE RIGHT THE NEXT 10 TIMES!?!" -when someone angers me by their guessing the same answer 10 times or more.

"Each and everyone of you is a spy!" -trying to be funny by thinking everyone is a spy

"Each and everyone of you will be sent to your momma in a box!" -trying to be funny AND my first LOL caption

"Do not look at my I didn't ask you a Question!" -when someone thinks I asked them a favor but didn't

"Which base looks more diabolocal?" -when I ask a classmate which of my office drawings is more diabolical

"Gmod is fun" - obviously when I play garry's mod

My contributions


Articles so far

from today, December 30th, 2011, all these characters bellow are my copyright, no if's,and's,or but's about it. You must ask for permission to use them as well.

Twister the Fox

Speedy the Fox

Hotdog the Hedgehog (my first troll character)

Jeremy the Breegull (my fursona)


Suzie-Lu the Echidna

Speedy-Lu (crack pairing)

Tex the Hedgehog

Sarge the Echidna

Grif the Hedgehog

Simmons the Hedgehog

Caboose the Hedgehog

Lopez the Cyborg-hog

Tucker the Fox

Washington the Hedgehog

Church the Hedgehog

Meta the Hedgefoxidna



Demopan the Hedgehog

Kenny the Fox

Mariele the Hedgehog (my medic based character >:P)

Nope the Fox (Nope.avi)

Wright the Hedgehog

Metadow (crack pairing)

Donut the Fox

Tempest the Fox

Typhoon the Fox


Fatemaker Wolf

yeah this is all I got so far

Future Un-made characters

They may be mentioned on other pages, but I have various characters I plan making soon ^^

User:Tails6000/Forte-Fox (moebian of meta-fox, he actually made galacta-fox to distract him)

User:Tails6000/Matt the Hedgefox (Scout of TF2 :P)

User:Tails6000/King the Jaguar

User:Tails6000/Justice the HedgeCat

User:Tails6000/Haruhi the Fox (the best anime girl of all time to sango and kagome)

Relius Prower (tempest's father and almighty scientist version of amadeus...that's also evil)

User:Tails6000/Azrael the Hedgehog (...basically shadow,was tager, but tager is now the dark mobius eggman)

User:Tails6000/Kokonoe the Bat (basically rouge. but blazblue-ified)

Bang the Fox

Slayer the Wolf (based on guilty gear's slayer, though I do plan some changes to make him stand out,counterpart to Yosuke Wolf :P)

User:Tails6000/Yosuke the Wolf (My version of Yosuke from persona, will make him stand out from the original, was able to flesh him out in a separate continuity with Akamia/Jezz)

Maragi the Wolf (my author avatar/fursona to replace my breegull self,Got a sprite edited for him too so I got something to use for his info box)

Involved Roleplays

Future RPs

  • Unknown, maybe you can send me invites!
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