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I'm leaving, so sorry guys. I may be back someday. You can still find me on the Lord of the Rings wiki (same name), Roblox (Yurakat1) and Moshi Monsters (Yurakat1).

Yo-zo, bozos! I'm Taggev, aka Myesha the Echidna. If you wanna chat, leave a message after the tone. Or just on my talk page. *BEEEEEEEEEEPPP!*

I don't usually use bases, but if I do they are always credit to either the makers of Sonic X, Sonic Underground or SEGA. Thanks!


Offline/Online: Online

Mood: Happy

Thoughts: A new studio!

Doing: SFW

Couple of Things About Me...

Name: Taggev


Gender: Female

Likes: Mobius, writing, computers, annoying people (Hah! I'm REALLY good at that!), reading, sport, Sonic Underground(Yes I know it's supposed to be crap, but everyone has different opinions, hey?)

Dislikes: Mario, boredom, stuff like that. I can't be bothered writing everything I don't like! Oh yes. Ulster Scots.

Relationships: None. I have no boyfriend, and I quite frankly don't want one!


Top 5 Best Sonic Characters


  1. Shadow the Hedgehog
  2. Manic the Hedgehog
  3. Knuckles the Echidna
  4. Silver the Hedgehog
  5. Jet the Hawk

And female...

  1. Sally Acorn
  2. Sonia the Hedgehog
  3. Mina Mongoose
  4. Amy Rose the Hedgehog
  5. Blaze the Cat

Top 5 Worst Sonic Characters


  1. Chris Thorndyke
  2. Omochao
  3. Dr Robotnik
  4. Sleet the Wolf
  1. Dingo the Jackal

And female...

  1. Princess Elise

Apart from her...none!


The guys in bold are the ones I know in real life.

The guys who are underlined are my best friends on here!

Sahura/UnCrushedDreams (same person) BESTEST EVA FRIEND ON SFW!




Espio Fan-Lady/Team Seedrian Games (same person)



ParaGoomba348 (Whether you're still here or not, you'll always stay one of my best friends.)





Supported Couples

  • SonSal
  • Sonmina
  • Taiosmo
  • Knuxulie
  • Charmanan
  • Charfron
  • EvIko
  • Eveak (This more than the above, but both anyways)
  • Tsuan

Favourite OC's not made by me

My Sonic OC's...

My sister and I own all these characters jointly. If there is an S after the name, it means they will be played by her, not me, when she gets her account. I have loads. These are just the ones I can remember now, off the top of my head...(not all of these are on the SFW)

  • Myesha the Echidna (my fursona!) (Main hero)
  • Carmmen the Fox (sisters' fursona) (Other main hero) S
  • Vyne the Arctic Wolf
  • Mark-Lee the Echidna
  • Alicia the Hedgepine
  • Roxxy the Hedgehog
  • Thyna the Stag Beetle
  • Klaizza the Hedgehog
  • Jaddo the Hawk
  • Layton the Hedgehog S
  • Retex the Raccoon
  • Monshan the HedgeBird S
  • Zeenock the Hedgehog S
  • Pyra the Fire Demoness
  • Raita the Ringtailed Lemur
  • Gerald the Giraffe (made on the train when I was bored, not up to my usual standard!)
  • Mary-Lee the Echidna S
  • Logic the Hedgehog
  • Buelanan the Butterfly
  • Amarylis the HedgeDog S
  • Jubilee the HedgeDog
  • Ryta the Air Demoness S
  • Caleb the Earth Demon
  • Genie the Water Demoness S
  • Tropsicol the Hedgehog S
  • Sphinx the Horse
  • Zodiax the Panda
  • Attio the Cat
  • The Opposite S
  • Rauna the Tiger
  • Champ the Cat S
  • Georgie Robotnik S
  • Tulip Blackberry-Tanner
  • Master Hade the Hawk(Main villain)
  • Jophisa the Hawk
  • Eneko the Swallow S
  • Physik the Hedgehog
  • Anna the Porcupine S
  • TK the Sky Goddess/Echidna S
  • Amysha the Echidna
  • Slam T. the Fox S
  • Drew the Fox S
  • Lara the Fox S
  • Kink the Hedgehog
  • Jambo the Hedgehog S
  • Jacob the Echidna
  • Imogen the Echidna S
  • Cidaro the Hedgehog
  • Ricky the Hedgehog S
  • D-Loc the HedgeFox
  • Carrie the Hedgehog S

Pics of those same Sonic OC's...all drawn by me (some better than others)