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Yune the Spirit is the "other personality" of Lucane the Wolf.


Yune is condisered a psychopath, and a sociopath. He likes all the typical killing and bloodshed. He is extremely stubborn, but wont admit it. He also has some type of loyalty to Aayone, and he tries to prove himself to him (due to Aayone constantly doubting Yune). He always has a strip of confidence in himself, and often gets too overconfident. Just like Lucane, whenever Yune hears about his dad (due to Lucane and Yune being the same entity, they have the same family), he will get extremely angry, and angsty. His pure instinct usually gets the best of him.

Abilities and Weaknesses

One of Yune's main abilities is putting people to sleep (and I dont mean the death kind of way), and manipulating others' dreams (hence the name). One of his other main abilities is Umbrakinesis/Spectrakinesis (the ability to control shadows and darknesss). He can control it magically, and physically. He is fully mastered at this ability, and it can work on almost anyone. Like Lucane, Yune can control fire, though through magic. Nightmare has all of Sonic's Physical Abilities. He has retractable claws (I'm not sure why, though), and they can cut easily though things. Nightmare's senses are 10x better than Lucane's (except for hearing, which decreases). Also like Lucane, Yune can glide (and also possibly fly).

As for weaknesses, Yune can adopt a clumsy, careless, and cocky personality, which can get him into trouble. His intense stubborness can get him into trouble, big time. His anger can overflow, due to getting interupted when 'talking' (better put as "trying to get someone's attention"), often. Although he can glide faster than Lucane, Yune falls quicker, which makes him uneasy when he realizes he is falling. He can get a bad temper whenever someone underestimates him, and this often mixes with his 'evergrowing overconfidence'. According to Aayone, Yune gains an 'Insanity Point' daily, which is 'extremely obnoxious'.


  • Unlike Aayone, Yune isnt able to talk. He can laugh, however (which is the closest way to finding what his voice sounds like; scratchy and slightly high-pitched).
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