aka Speedy/スピーヂ

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is 歌い手、作詞家、professional weeb
  • I am Questioning identity, please check back later—

“You know why we all make mistakes? It’s because we didn’t know what we were doing. But that’s all in the past, isn’t it? I hope you learn, grow, and prepare for your future. You could cure cancer, end world hunger, end wars, or maybe fill the world with love.”

That was something I only wrote to motivate myself...and maybe you!

Hello, I am Speedy, Lady of the Memes. I’m an unfunny piece of shit, so I don’t hold up to my title very well.


April 5th, 2018: 1,000 edits! Hooray! In less than 2 months, too!

April 21st, 2018: 2,000 edits! Yayyyyyy!

May 10th, 2018: 3,000 edits! Yessssssss!

July 24th, 2018: I have been here for six months!

July 30th, 2018: 4,000 edits?! YES YES YES!

September 10th, 2018: I made a horrible mistake.

February 24th, 2019: It’s been a year.

My Other Accounts...

Discord: SpeedybakaP#4672

DeviantArt: Speedyblue-Rosebud

YouTube: Speedyblue (my channel sucks soooo much!)

SoundCloud: Speedyblue-Rosebud

Twitter: SpeedybakaP

Nicovideo: スピーヂブルー

Email: Why should you know?

Some Things You Should Know

Name: Uh...why?

Gender: ???

Age: Why...again? (If you ever met me in real life, you may think that I’m 14, due to my height)

Birthday: It says my birthday on the top!

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Sometimes Neutral/Chaotic Good. Although, as a self insert in some joke fanfics and roleplays, I am Chaotic Evil.)

Also, I beg you: PLEASE forget the late February to early April 2018 me. I was an unfunny bastard. I should never say “bastard” again.

My Aliases

I have a lot of them...

  • Speedy
  • Speeder
  • Speed
  • Speeds
  • Speedster
  • Speedsie
  • Speedie
  • Speedee
  • Sped
  • Spoody
  • Spood
  • Spooder
  • Spod
  • Speedybean
  • Beanieblue
  • Blue Bean
  • Speedle (this came from a typo Xoph made)
  • Speedybaka (self insult)
  • BakaBakaP
  • SpeedybakaP
  • Some I probably forgot...


Favorite Movie: I don’t really watch movies

Favorite Book: It depends

Favorite Color: BLUE!

Favorie Day of the Week: Saturday (Obviously)

Favorite Flower: Roses (HECK, my MIDDLE NAME is Rose!)

Favorite Drink: ...water

Favorite Sport to Watch: None. I don’t like watching sports.

Favorite Sport to Play: Swimming

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla

Favorite Genre of Music: Rock Music and/or K-Pop

Favorite Solo Artist: ALL the Vocaloids. (If they count lol.)

Favorite Group: ...BTS...

Other Stuff

What I do for fun: Write, sing, and just act silly.

Least Favorite Subject in School: MATH!

Personality: It depends on my mood. Either silly and optimistic or suicidal and depressed.

Who is your Senpai: Kennedy because he has h a w t art

Are you an Otaku: HELL YEAH!

Least Favorite Thing to Do: Shopping. (Mom: Come on! Just one more pair? Me: Noooooooooooo!)

List of Hobbies

  • Writing fanfiction
  • Joining roleplays (I may not join your roleplay, because I’m afraid I would mess something up.)
  • Singing
  • Playing video games
  • Practicing tasks with my left hand
  • Doing stuff I know I’m bad at (drawing, dancing, rapping, writing serious fanfiction, writing songs, etc.)

Things I Can Do

  • Write scripts for movies and television. If your story is a comedy, fantasy, or romance, you came to the right place! I could do tragic stories, but it may not be very good. If you want a horror, forget it.
  • Sing songs you have written. I can sing decently, but I have trouble with high and low notes.
  • Write comedic songs. Need a song to make you laugh? Speedy to the rescue!!
  • I can voice act to an extent. My real voice is mature and boyish, so I’m most suitable for mature women or pre-teen/early teenage boys. However, I can also do high pitched voices. Fun Fact: I have a pretty good Cream the Rabbit impression.

Things I Do and Why

  • Copy-pasting paragraphs and putting them into Google Translate. It just amuses me.
  • Singing His World. It also amuses me.
  • Self-Bullying. I used to bully myself often, mainly because I already have low self-esteem. I still bully myself sometimes. I even told myself to attempt suicide once...however, I don’t feel suicidal anymore. (Is usually the reason why I’m sad.)
  • Type either “Click click! Bang bang!” or “Not today!” when Wiki is around, mainly so I can see his reaction. If you’re still wondering why I do it, please ask him about it, as he can explain WAY better than I can.

Character I Provide Voices For

  • Rosebud and all her other forms
  • Andy and all her other forms
  • Speedy the Fox
  • Elacion Ashton (Belongs to Wikikinetic)
  • If you want me to voice your character, please contact me!

Memes, But Not Memes

A list of (kinda) memes I made:

  • Hmm. Weak. Don’t show your pathetic memes around me again.
  • I am not WEAK!!! (This is a dead meme, btw...)

Things I Like

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (duh)
  • Vocaloid (Once I get enough money, I’m getting Kagamine Rin and Len for Christmas! But... I’m broke.)
  • Japan
  • Memes
  • Roleplaying
  • Nintendo in general
  • Junk food
  • Danganronpa

Random People I Know


Heroic412229-I’m currently working on a project with him. Wish I got to know him more. (Go check out Sonic Overload, everybody! If you want, that is.)

Julia Finitevus-Says that we’re friends. I’ll take her word for it.

Leeprower1012-He’s a pretty nice guy. Need I say more? (May or may not secretly be edgy)

Wikikinetic-He’s like an older brother to me, and I believe he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Skidthehedgehog223-We’re friends on Discord, and we exchange memes through personal messages. Also, he does some pretty good artwork for me! And, like, a lot of other people.

Lucentstar-Even though she’s not active on the wiki, we still keep in touch.

ReensRedux-She’s very nice. Need I say more?

MaxIrvaron-I used to annoy him (and everyone else) by being an idiot, but we’re friends now.

XophPsycho-Read above.

PhantomStroke-He protects my children from all danger.

Skyblade743-I don’t know how to describe him, so I’ll put a random square right here and call it a cube. ■

Skye The White Wolf-She’s a nice person...yeah. Not sure how to describe her otherwise.

PinkHurricane-She’s just a nice gal.


IsmaelMolina2016-Has entered my page randomly and states he has been watching me edit pages. Kind of creeps me out, but could be a nice person.

Luvsi-We’ve had a rough start, but we’re cool now.


Currently no one.

I Don’t Know

GothicBandicoot-She’s pretty funny, I just don’t know her too well.

Ryushusupercat-My most trusted admin.

Nitrogen218-I only spoke to him a couple times. It would be a treat if I got to know him better!

Current Thoughts

“I can spread my wings and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

My Projects I Did


Sonic Overload(Heroic412229's version) (I partially made adjustments, and helped with the script.)

Sonic Divide (This is an unfinished project. Is now adopted by Wiki.)

Shadow the Hedgehog 2: PAINFULLY EDGY! (This is an unfinished project. Is also adopted by Wiki.)


Sonic Overload(Heroic412229's version)/Sonic’s Story (Rough draft)


Sonic Boom: The Anime (Soooooo unfinished)

The Lilac Saga (A Really Weird Anime Made by Speedyblue) (Unfinished, unfinished, UNFINISHED!)


Roleplay:WEAR GREEN! (Some weird Saint Patrick’s Day roleplay I did with Leeprower1012 and Wikikinetic)

Roleplay:Eggcellent! (EGGS)

Roleplay:Nothing (I think Wiki and I were going insane)

Roleplay:SFW Forces (We are an army! We are one! We are SFW Forces!)


Lilac “Rosebud” Wood-The main protagonist and former fursona of Speedyblue. A cheerful teenager who may or may not be a weeaboo. (Status: Up to date)

Platinum Foehn-The secondary protagonist of Speedyblue’s universe. Is sadly the only guy member of his team. He doesn’t mind, though. I actually think he likes it. (Status: WIP)

Lilly Granger-A young fox girl who loves singing and drawing. The youngest member of Team Lilac. (Status: No page yet)

Eve Granger-Lilly’s cousin and role model, and basically the mother figure of the group. Is usually there to calm everyone down when the group gets too crazy. (Status: No page yet)

Annabella-Andy’s adopted younger sister, who is an annoyance to the team. Is usually clueless to the current situation. (Status: No page yet)

Andy Wood-The tomboy out of her friends who usually prefers to be called “Andy”. She has a hot temper, and usually is the reason why everyone freaks out so much. (Status: Speedy, what the hell.)

Skye Foehn-Platinum’s younger sister who had a seething hatred for Rosebud, but is now trying to be friends with her. (Status: No page yet)

Wolfie Wolfsbain-As the princess of the Tenebris Kingdom, she usually rules her kingdom with kindness, but can sometimes be a jerk. (Status: No page yet)

Roles on Wikia

  • Class Clown (on practically every wiki that exists. Especially this one.)
  • Translator (I translate Sonic Boom episode names from Japanese to English on SNN.)

Shippings I Support

Sonic the Hedgehog

Silvaze (Dreams of an Absolution made me love this one.)

Tailsmo (So cute!)

Tailream (Even more adorable!)

Knuxilver/Knulver (I ship this as a joke. I made an entire Knulver fanfic, and it’s...weird.)

Shadilver (I guess it would be an “on-off” relationship, but I still find it kind of cute. Yin Yang FTW!)


MikuxRin (I can totally see them as best friends, but maybe there’s more to it...)

MikuxLen (Cleopatrawolf, you made me love this one!)

MikuxLuka (Plays Magnet on full blast.)

KaitoxMeiko (Awwwwwwwwwwwww)

LukaxGakupo (Awwwwww again.)

YOHIOloidxMAIKA (Remember what I said about Yin Yang)

DEXxDAINA (Who said a wolf and a fox can’t mate?)

BrunoxClara (Suenan bien juntos, fueron lazandos juntos, ¡y son súper sexys!)

Shippings I’m Neutral On

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonally (It‘s okay.)

Sonouge (I’m not surprised if Rouge would kiss Sonic in an E10+ or T rated game)

Sonaze (It’s also okay)

Sonicks (Meh.)

Shadouge (I used to ship this one. I don’t anymore.)

Shadaze (I don’t mind this one.)

Silvamy (It’s cute, but I don’t really think it should happen.)

Tailamy (It exists within the fanon, and I’m okay with it.)

Tailrine (Meh.)

Knuxamy (Uh huh.)

Knuxouge (Okay.)

Knuxaze (ㄱ-ㄱ. Even though they are married.)

Chaream (BORED!)

Sonilver/Silvic (It’s alright. I can see why people ship it.)

Blazamy (Eh.)


RinxLen (If they’re twins, GROSS! If they aren’t, I guess I would ship it.)

LenxOliver (I want to...nope. Not gonna do it.)

LukaxMeiko (Eh.)

LenxLuka (Meh...)

Shippings I Reject

Way too many too list.

Speedyblue’s Idea Collection

(I hope my brain still retains it all)

December 2016

  • First came up with Rosebud. This was when she was in her Mary Sue phase.
  • Came up with Platinum, but didn’t know his true personality at the time.
  • Also came up with Anna, Rosebud’s twin. Was originally evil before I scrapped the idea of an evil twin.
  • Had the idea of an older brother for Rosebud, of which would eventually become Andy. I decided to make them cousins instead.

January 2017

  • Came up with a main villian named Pallete. At first he was like your average Saturday morning cartoon villian. Then became a cringy edgelord. Now is more of a comedic villain.
  • Came up with the five elements: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, and Earth. More elements were added later, but we’ll get to that.
  • Came up with a new character: Lilly.
  • Came up with some background characters.

February 2017

  • Came up with 2 new elements: Electricity (or Lightning) and Darkness.
  • Came up with their two wielders: Grayson for Electricity and Wolfie for Darkness.
  • Came up with The Mediocre Sonic Fanfic.
  • Added more background characters.
  • Came up with a video game for Rosebud and Platinum. I forgot what it was called, but I scrapped it. It was the sister game to Sonic Divide.

The Speedyblue Phrase Generator and Translations

“Hic!” (Speedy is currently tired, bored, hungry, or is ACTUALLY having the hiccups.)

“Sayonara” or “さよなら” (Bye, hope I see you again.)

“Ciao!” (I hope I never see that username/profile pic ever again because you were a bully/troll.)

“Trolololololol!” (Are you serious?/ah ha ha ha ha!)

“Okay” or “Oh, okay.” (My most common phrase. Usually just means I’m fine with something.)

“What the hell is this?” (I don’t like something/I am concerned about something.)

“Ye welcome, my dude.” (You’re welcome. I usually say “m’lady” to female users.)

Memorable Chat Moments


SPEAK UP! (Private Chat with Skid)

Speedy: Uru: You smell good. Me: Get the hell away from me, you creep! Goddamnit, autocorrect.

Skid: Karen’s monotone voice acting. Me: Speak up boy, I can’t hear you from up there!

Damn! (Another Private Chat with Skid)

Speedy: Here’s a meme! (Insert I am Not A Rat meme)

Skid: He has a point...

Speedy: Damn straight.

Skid: Said emo the hedgehog.

Speedy: Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?!

Skid: Somewhere.

Speedy: Do you not give a DAMN about it’s location or what?!

Skid: No. I don’t.

Speedy: (Enter Seinfeld Theme, on earrape as always)

Comparisons (Public Chat)

Skid: (Posts an Eve drawing.)

(Wiki and Lucent start talking about how wonderful Eve’s hair is.)

Speedy: I like the hair, too! But she kinda looks like is Shadow, Lilly is S.N.T., Eve is Blaze, Rosebud is Amy...

Wiki: And Andy is Infinite.

Press A (Public Chat)

Speedy: Press A to continue. AND PRESS NOTHING BUT A.

Lucent: A (Why?)

Speedy: Enter weird anime intro.

Lucent: O-kay.


Lucent: A! Sorry! AAAAAAAAAA

Random Stuff

My Playlist

My Theme Song

The Song I Play for Stupid Reasons

My Dancing Song

The Song I Play while I’m Reading

The Other Song I Play for Stupid Reasons

My Happy Song

The Most Hilarious Rap Ever




  • My favorite video game series is not Sonic the Hedgehog; it’s Animal Crossing.
  • I have made several anime ideas, but only one of them has survived. (The Lilac Saga)
  • I have been blocked on the Idea Wiki, due to the use of the word “freaking” in one of my projects.
  • I used to be active on Sonic Fan Character Wiki until I found this place, which inevitably I liked better.


If I decide to leave the wiki for any reason, I will kindly give all of Team Lilac (and it’s sub-teams) to Wiki, and I would give the others to either Lee or Max, whoever wants them more.

Random Crap

Childish War (Bad English Cover)

Childish War (Bad English Cover)

Rosebud and Andy having a contest to see who’s the bigger dick to each other.

Who do you think won?

The poll was created at 02:11 on October 2, 2018, and so far 6 people voted.
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