SonAmy girl12 26

aka Erin

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is don't have one.too young.
  • I am Female

Welcome to my page! I'm new, so I would like it if anyone could do anything like include my characters in your fanfics or make some artwork for me i would really appreciate it.

Interesting stuff about me

  • I have autism
  • I have an older brother
  • even though I'm a girl, almost all my friends are boys
  • I got this account for my birthday
  • My parents are divorced
  • I skipped a grade in school
  • as for fancharacters, I have this weird belief that hybrids have to be future children of characters of different species

Cool stuff/Stuff I like (not sonic stuff)

  • smosh (look em' up on youtube)
  • youtube
  • nyan cat (makes so little sense it's cool!)
  • my cats
  • art

Cool users

  • Aly Parris (I do art 4 her, she has awesome characters)
  • Cesar TeamHYRO (best art evah!)

My favourite couples

Canon Couples

1.SONAMY!!!!!! (who cares about the age diff?) (DEFINITELY NOT SonAlly, she's a robot right now, and she belongs with Ken anyway.)
2.Tailsmo (so cute!)
4. Shadouge

Fanon Couples

  1. Flarin (Flame x Erin)
  2. Shadabelle (Shadow x Isabelle)
  3. Cyin (Cyan x Erin)
  4. Cyissa (Cyan x Alyssa)
  5. Steedee (Storm [not Babylon Storm] x Deedee)

Cute pics

more pics comin' soon
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