aka Casper

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on July 27
  • I am Nonbinary

About me

Hi. i may seem a little rude at times, and a little snippish, but when that happens, i am in a bad mood. but those pass by easily. my fave pokemon is obviously Lugia. i really enjoy Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby and Mario. . also, i might act weird and sometimes even creepy when sending a random message.right now it is school, so i won't be on for most of the weekdays. also, i have MANY fan characters. and i am still making more! X3 XD by the way, CHEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! lol DR.OCTA MOTHA ******* GONAPUS!!!!BBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! XD LOL X

This is a redraw of Wish the Chao! one of my fan chaos! Redrawn by Gold! THNX!!!


If you have friend codes for Platinum, Pokemon Battle revolution, Diamond, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon T/D/S, or Blue rescue team, Ss or Hg, message me if you wanna trade frend codes! :D

Zee the fox

This was Team Awesome's attempt at making Zee the Fox! not exactly what i wanted, but good try, dude!

Fave Songs

  • Like OMG Baby by DJ Earworm
  • Dynamite by Tiao Cruz
  • Break Your Heart by Tiao Cruz
  • Blame It On The Pop by DJ Earworm
  • TiK ToK by Ke$ha
  • Evacuate The Dancefloor by Cascada
  • Bad Boy by Cascada
  • Last Christmas by Cascada
  • Going Down In Flames by
  • Here Without You by
  • Open Your Eyes by Sum 41
  • My Immortal by Evanesance
  • Bring Me to Life by Evanesance
  • Hare Hare Yukai
  • Cirno's Perfect Math Class
  • Almost every Weird Al song (Definatley NOT Weasel Stomping Day. Whenever I hear it, I CRY. NEVER LISTEN TO IT IF YOU CARE ABOUT ALL ANIMALS!!)
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by
  • Nageki No Mori
  • One Little Slip by Barenaked Ladies
  • Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects
  • Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
  • Be My Escape by Reilent K
  • Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry
  • All About Us by t.A.t.U
  • The Nomnom song
  • Paralyzed
  • Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
  • Crash by Papa Roach
  • Hitobashira Alice
  • Daughter Of Evil
  • Servant Of Evil
  • Daughter Of Green
  • Daughter Of White
  • Daughter Of Vengance
  • Prince Of Blue
  • Triple Baka
  • Trick And Treat
  • Levan Polka
  • Super Mario RPG Song
  • We're Off (Squa Da Lee)
  • Scrub Scrub Scrub All The Floors (Feat.The King)
  • Stay In My Memory - Bim

Friendies, Enemies, and Neutrals


KPZSR1 - I know him on the Pokefanon wikia too

Puppy - TD wiki ^^

Trudge - Same as KP

Team Awesome - Waaahhh... He left.... The wiki. TT~TT



Add your name here if I forgot you D:


Ryu - I've talked a couple times

Artemis - [Shrugs]

Lightning - [Shrugs again]

ENEMIES (you're in deep trouble with me if you're in this section >:| )


Fursona Poll

Who do you think is the best Male Fursona for me?

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Who do you think is the best Female Fursona for me?

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Male Fursonas

Blues the Squirrel

Gregory the Chameleon

Spirit the Dragon

Geo the Hare

Kyle the Ferret

Gale the Hawk

Pierre the Mongoose

Harold The Squirrel

Female Fursonas

Meg the Hedgewolf

Zenith the Dragon

Rosalina the Skunk

Leona The Lioness

Cleo the Dog

Zee the Fox

Megan the Foxat

Samantha(Sam) the Flicky

Twilla the Flicky

My Signatures! *note: random*

You know wut they say. All toasters, toast toast! 12:35, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

Wild Weegee used Death Stare! Mario Fainted! would you like to send out your next Plumber? 12:52, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

I am a Knight who says: NI! NI!NINI!NI! XD Monty Python RULEZ 12:48, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

Luigi: Spaghetti! Mario: No. Luigi: Spaghetti! Mario: No. Luigi: SPAGHEEEEETTTTIIIIIII!!!!!! Mario: NOOOOO!!! [Falcon Pawnches Luigi] Me: Dinner. 16:53, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Greenie: Hi! I'm Greenie! A lovable, Green Poogle Neopet! [BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!] Frosting: WWEEEEEEE!!!!! Greenie: FROSTING! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU, NO SUGAR!!!!!!!!!??? 18:37, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

Mario: Letsa Go! Luigi: Okey Dokey! Weegee: Spaghetti! [Pwns Luigi with a plate of spaghetti] Malleo: Dinner. [Blows up] Me: .............WTF?! 20:53, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

  • Ring-Ring* Hello? *Ring-Ring* Hello? *Ring-Ring* H-H-Hello? YOU HAVE A BAD CONNECTION!!!!!! Charlie the Unicorn ROX!! 14:50, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Be nice and join my Rps..............................................................................................Or Kitty Will EAT YOUR FACE!!!!!!!! 17:44, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

You have teh CHEESE TOUCH!!! PASS IT ON 2 SOMEBODY ELSE BY SAYING Cheesee Touch IN A MESSAGE! btw, no giving back to the person who just gave you it. -.- Big: FROGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_0 wtf? 06:43, October 31, 2010 (UTC)

Mario: It's a signature, Luigi! You didn't make it! Luigi: [Shakes head] It's a link! I chiseled it! Mario:...........NO. Luigi: U MUST DIE!!!! [Throws link at Mario, causing him to fall into the PIT O' DEATH] 07:15, November 16, 2010 (UTC)


A peanut sat on the railroad tracks, his heart was all aflutter, a train came rolling down the tracks-TOOT TOOT! Peanut Buttah! 20:19, December 11, 2010 (UTC)

You Should Die 'Cause I Like Trains... 14:40, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

Talk To Me If You like Pancakes 14:45, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

He's not Spiderpig anymore, He's Harry Plopper! 20:49, May 15, 2011 (UTC)



My Fan characters

  1. Leona The Lioness
  2. Rosalina the Skunk
  3. Clash the Cat
  4. Cleo the Dog
  5. Striker the Fox
  6. Kyle the Ferret
  7. Blues the Squirrel
  8. Verde the Bat
  9. Bleu the Bat
  10. Mist the Chao
  11. Lilly the Chao
  12. Wish the Chao
  13. Gregory the Chameleon
  14. Daniel the Hedgehog
  15. Gale the Hawk
  16. Blaze the Monkey
  17. Nibbles the Mouse
  18. Squeakers the Mouse
  19. Gust the Chao
  20. Lilac the Fox
  21. Julie the Otter
  22. Quentin the Beaver
  23. Sneak and Snatch the Chaos
  24. Jazz the Chao
  25. Pansy the Echidna
  26. Petunia the Echidna
  27. Mint the Echidna
  28. Violet the Echidna
  29. Rose the Echidna
  30. Paisley the Echidna
  31. Cinder the Chipmunk
  32. Leah the Quail
  33. The Ravens
  34. Dominque the Eagle
  35. Stanley the Robin
  36. Belle the Bluebird
  37. Quinn the Crow
  38. Quinna the Crow
  39. Lisabella the Horned Owl
  40. Michael the Road Runner
  41. Tigora The Tigress
  42. Tigre The Tiger
  43. Leone The Lion
  44. Leo The Lion
  45. Leonardo The Lion
  46. Stella The Tigress
  47. Crash the Cat
  48. Tina the Panther
  49. Dash the Cheetah
  50. Flash The Cheetah
  51. Crash the Cheetah
  52. Flicker the Cheetah
  53. Julio the Eagle (desceased)
  54. Marcus the Horned Owl
  55. Arena the Panda
  56. Blaze the Echidna
  57. Elizabeth the Poodle
  58. Deisel the Dauschund
  59. Meg the Hedgewolf
  60. Zenith the Dragon
  61. Gabrielle the Dragon
  62. Sage the Dragon
  63. Solar the Dragon
  64. Lunar the Dragon
  65. Wendy the Dragon
  66. Spirit the Dragon
  67. Lindsay the Butterfly
  68. Gwen the Skunk
  69. Heather the Fox
  70. Beth the Squirrel
  71. Lariath the Hedgecat
  72. Beatrice the Vampire Bat
  73. Pheonicia the Cat
  74. Flikka the Mouse
  75. Shelbi the Raccoon
  76. Cori the Raccoon
  77. Mitzi the Raccoon
  78. Zee the Fox
  79. Amy the Swan
  80. Stella the Otter
  81. Fleece the Lamb
  82. Geo the Hare {Blind :(}
  83. Rolando the Chipmunk
  84. Megan the Foxat
  85. Matthew the Kitsune
  86. Brittany the Flying Squirrel
  87. Brooke the Horse
  88. Jakob the Rabbit
  89. Bruce the Platypus
  90. Arnold the Pit Bull
  91. Blake the Duck
  92. Plucky the Woopecker
  93. Barbara the Wolf
  94. Buster the Wolf
  95. Lenia the Wing-Eared Hare
  96. Teddy the Meerkat
  97. Mika the Rat
  98. Kanee the Chao
  99. Samantha the Flicky
  100. Twilla the Flicky

(*phew!* that's it for now! ^_^#)


Bitter Candy

Favorite Tv/Youtube Quotes

  • "Can't Talk Now, The Computers Starting!"-Homer Simpson
  • "This suuuuuuuccckkkssssss....."-Duncan from TDWT
  • "Mondo idea, Dude!"-Michelangelo from TMNT
  • "Huh? is that some type of pokemon?"-Ash Ketchum
  • "IMA FIRING MA LAZAH!!!"-???
  • "DR.OCTAGONAPUS!!!BBLLLLAAAAAAAAHHHHH"-Dr.Octagonapus from The Lazer Collection by DominicFear
  • "That's a stone, Luigi, you didn't make it!"-Mario from Super Mario World
  • "DR.OCTA MOTHA ******* GONAPUS!!!!! BLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"-Dr.Octagonapus from The Lazer Collection by DominicFear
  • "IMMA FIRING-a mediocre employee..."-??? from The Lazer Collection
  • "Yoshi Eat Bob-omb?"-Yoshi from Super Mario World
  • "You know you shouldn't steal Leafeon's Monsters; especially on Halloween night! hisssssss" Leafeon from Leafeon and Glaceon
  • "Oh my Geez, you're a vampire!"-Glaceon from Leafeon and Glaceon
  • "Um.... This Doohickey beeps when the cooties are near" The Atom from Batman: The Brave and The Bold
  • "SALTED NUTS!!!!"-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "I MADE IT MYSELF!"-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "TAQUITOS!!!!!!"-Gir From Invader Zim
  • "I wanna be a Mongoose! ^_^"-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "I'm gonna sing the doom song!"-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "I don't know......" - Gir from Invader Zim
  • "I miss my cupcake....." -Gir from Invader Zim
  • "FINALLY!" *blows up*-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "SANDWICH!!!!"-Gir from Invader Zim
  • "Hi Floor! Make me a sammich!" - Gir from Invader Zim
  • "You know what they say. All toasters toast toast!"- Mario from Hotel Mario
  • "Robots no eat Mama Luigi, Yoshi eat Robots!"- baby Yoshi from Super Mario World
  • "That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!" - Luigi from Super Mario World
  • "ugh! Now i know how a meatball feels!"- Mario from Super Mario World
  • "woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop!!!"- Homer Simpson
  • "Yes, Lisa, Daddy's a teacher."- Homer Simpson
  • "Homer: Hello, My name is Mr.Burns. I belive you have a letter for me. Mail guy: Ok, Mr.Burns, what's your first name? Homer: I Don't Know."- Homer Simpson
  • "We are the Knights who say: Ni! NI!NINI!NI!-Kights who say Ni! from Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail
  • "Next, you must cut down the larget tree in the forest with this.....RED HERRING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!-Knights who say NI! from Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail
  • "It's a giant....Mushroom!" - Sokka from Avatar the last Airbender
  • "MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!!" - Sokka from ATLAB(see above)
  • "Mushy Giant Friend..." - Sokka from ATLAB
  • "You did not just throw me into the ****ing pit." - NintendoCapriSun on Youtube
  • "Luigi doesn't like dancing on corpses" - TheRunAwayGuys on Youtube

All characters, Titles and quotes belong to their respective owners.

Characters in Love

these are the fan character couples i made with my characters.

Bulsel: Deisel+Blues (who will he pick?)

Blinder: Blues+Cinder (who will he pick?)

Kyleo: Kyle+Cleo

Clasheo: Clash+Cleo (ended in breakup)

Galina: Gale+Rosalina

Blarena: Blaze+Arena (Arena had to move away)

Flickona: Flicker+Leona

WHOO HOO! this is a list of my Acheivements!!!!!!

1: 1,000 EDITS!!!! YEAH!!!!! AWSOME!!!!! A lot is Rp, but hey! IT'S 1000 EDITS!!!! THIS IS MY 1000TH EDIT!!!!!


My Rps

Soon to be made or already made.

Adopted Characters

Buck the Renamon

Harold the Squirrel

Pierre the Mongoose

Fave quotes from other people's Charries

Droget: (wakes up) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT'S THE FANNON ACOPOLYPSE RAINING FURSONAS FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!!!!!!! - Droget from Surviving on a deseted Island

Small little episode-like thingies.

These are little Rp episodes where my characters star as such people as Charlie the Unicorn, Dr.Octagonapus, and more!

#1: Candy Mountain

Pink Unicorn played by Harold the Squirrel

Blue Unicorn played by Gale the Hawk

Charlie played by Meg the Hedgewolf

Singing C-A-N-D-Y played by The Ravens

[In the field, Meg is sleeping]

[Gale walks up with Harold]

Gale: Heey, Charlie! Hey charlie, wake up!

Harold: Yeah, Charlie! You silly sleepyhead, Wake up!

Meg: Ugghh... [Wakes up] Oh god, you guys... This better be pretty important. Is the meadow on fire?

Gale: No Charlie. We found a map to Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain Charlie!

Harold: Yeah Charlie! We're going to Candy Mountain!

Personal Quotes

"What's wrong with me? EVERYTHING!!!!!!" - When I'm feeling SUPA random

"Talk to me, cuz I like pancakes" - When I want a random conversation

"You should die, cuz I like trains..." - When I'm happy

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