*big wave* me remaking all thingz :D


Some people call me either Cel or Skye, but feel free to call me whatever you want. I don't really mind! I have a love for digital art, games, and just drawing overall, and I'd like to become an animator. I'm into Pokemon, Sonic, Mario, Warrior Cats, and anime. But I don't watch a lot of anime, so feel free to suggest some to me! Also, don't hesitate to message me on my wall, or ask for my Discord. ;D

Fan Characters:

Team Extinct: Pyrrhos // Veckron // Sulfur

Quad-Trouble: Scar // Virule // Quivar // Shinkan

Rouge Raiders: Arcina // Spitfire // Raigo // Astrid // Emrys

Team Dusk: Duke // Shirae // Kaiira

Team Night: Kalamaris // Scorch // Brutus

Team Shade: Raidon // Mysta // Siegfried

Team Yama: Clouder // Hex // Gyorai

Team Suna: Soul // Cairo // Amoli

Team Azarin: Azera // Icaru // Yin

Unaffiliated Villains & Anti-Heroes:

Mercurius // Obsidian Army // Daemorus // Nitrix // Scarlett // Fleetway


Acidus // Ixora // Cyra // Koulèv

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