'' I am the ultimate life form Shadow the Hedgehog"- Sonic adventure 2

Hello i am ShadowVenus but you can call me Shadow, I can't tell your most stuff about me (For privacy reasons)

But am going to tell you things i like don't like etc.

Stuff i like:

Sonic (Duh)

Being edgy

Dragon ball Z (The entire series)

Modern Sonic games

Sonic 06 (Kill me i dare you)

Action movies

Shadow the Hedgehog ( this dude is my favorite Sonic character)

Stuff i don't like:

My annoying sister

My games glitching

My computer

My brother (Some times)

Politics (I find it to be just stupid)

All my work so far.

Planets and locations: Carthul Purkish city

Heroes: Joshua The Hedgehog Seiko The Hedgehog Mia The Echidna Taisho The Hedgehog

Anti heroes: Tobian The Hedgehog

Villains: Artemis The Space Monster Michael The Fox

Hero groups: Pending

Villain groups: Pending

Weapons: Pending

Items: Pending

Techniques: Pending

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