Things to know about me

  • I'm a very laid back individual.
  • My real name is Pedro
  • My skype name is -shot by E-Commisars for TRIPLE HERESY!-
  • I like pie.
  • I enjoy chatting and rp'ing.
  • I do like criticism on my pages
  • Some pages of mine aren't updated and may seem over the top.
  • I'm just here to have fun and such. :3
  • I don't get upset easily and it's even rarer for me to actually snap at someone.
  • I almost never hold a grudge, so if I hold a grudge against someone they must have fucked up big time with me on multiple occasions.
  • If I have a grudge against a person, they'll know.
  • Just your regular everyday asshole who does shit for the lulz; oh and cause fuck you I can~ .3.


  • Warhammer 40K
  • Video games
  • funny youtube videos
  • joking around
  • Rp'ing
  • Metal
  • Some other stuff that I'm too lazy to list.


  • Whining
  • Blatant disrespect
  • When things get overly serious when the topic is something minor
  • Thieves
  • Bringing up the past
  • Pop
  • Hip-Hop
  • Country
  • Dubstep
  • A few other things I'm too lazy to list.

Gallery of Random Awesome Shit that I find -Mostly Warhammer 40K Cause fack you that shits awesome.-

Just a collection of Cool Images I find, because why not.


I'm generally really easy to get along with, or at least I try to be. So I try to befriend people and help out. Doesn't mean i'm a pansy who one can walk all over without any form of backlash but thankfully I have a high tolerance for BS. .3.

Rexx I rp'ed with him a few times and he's fun, also he's a good person to talk to.

Raider We share similar interests, she's fun, we rp'ed and have a tp going on and it's fun. He also has good ideas.

Grandmaster Toast Mantish Chill guy, shares many of the same interest and is fun to talk to and rp with.

Gaomon332 Awesome rp'er and funny. I miss the guy.

Leo We were jokingly shipped together and we go with it cuz it's fun.

Memph I consider him a friend, even though we barely interacted due to him having college he's fun, has good artwork and knows how to have fun.

Dingutron Funny, good rp'er, fun to talk to, has interesting ideas.. Need I say more?

Anna. Barely talk to her, her artwork is amazing, she knows how to pull off the mean girls personality type and is generally awesome.

Milez Haven't interacted with him much recently, his Linkian empire thing was pretty cool imo.

Jared He's been nice to me and I wasn't there for all of that stuff that happened with him so I won't judge based on that.

The Black Dragon of Orihara / Solar We get along, fun to rp with, and isn't afraid to state things exactly how they are. He's helped me out a bit in regards to certain things as well.

Monk the Cat A cool guy, funny and good to talk to, helped me out a few times as well. Also, ferrets. . 3 .

Blake Fun to rp with, a good conversation, is even snarkier than me, has great taste in music and is generally awesome even if we had a bit of a rocky start when I was newer due to me being me. ^^

MafuMufu A really awesome chick who's blunt, takes no crap, a good person to talk to when we do talk amongst other things. Basically a person I admire.

Elly Funny, awesome, great characters, patient, great to rp with and generally very awesome.

FroZen One of my close friends here, I like to rp with him and he's generally laid back. Though I do like to crack jokes using his name as a pun, like Frodo, Frobola, Frobo, FroFro and the list goes on. ^^ One of his spirit sword charries, this one named Charon, is in the possession of one of my characters, Exspiravit. :3

Medley chan Don't know her much but I like her enough to call her a friend, she's funny and fun to crack jokes with. :3

Fox,Fox,Cat / Foxy Lady / Cat Lady Same as Medley, don't know her much but I do know her enough to consider her a friend. :3

Darkest Shadow  A really fun rp'er with an interesting cast of characters and a cool series, Would love to rp with him more, plus he's a really cool guy to talk to. .3.

Random stuff 

Darth Phalanx sketch

A sketch of my Sith Lord persona Darth Phalanx. He's the current mandalore for clan Kace after defeating the previous one in honorable single combat and claiming the armor and helm.


Stave of Bitter Endings


Better known as the place where I keep characters who don't have pages, aren't really sonic related and whatnot.

Kallus Ibrahim

Age: 37

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egyptian

Divine Relation: Incarnation of Seht

Skin Tone: Tanned brown

Hair color: Dark brown

Hair Style: Spiky, reaches down past his shoulders

Eye color: Light Brown

Height: 6'7"

Notable Features: Vermilion hieroglyphics that translate to Seht tattooed on the right side of his face, 24 Karat gold bracelet on his ankles and arms.

Personality: Polite, well mannered with a hint of biting sarcasm. Tends to curse in Egyptian when irritated.

Occupation: Homeless/wandering traveller.

Skills: Aside from being quite knowledgeable in ancient egyptian history and being able to transcribe egyptian hieroglyphics to english, he is well practiced in using an egyptian curved sword, or Kopesh, in battle like an actual sword or using it as a focal point for his magics.

Powers: Egyptian glyph magic with a six use limit per day that resets at 12:00 AM. He can can conjure and use sand as a form of defense and he is a practicioner of Arbomancy.

Attire: White jacket with grey as a secondary color, khaki pants with a gold band in his right pocket and a pair of peach colored opened toed sandals.

Emrys Vaughn

Age: 49, cannot die of old age

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: Ukranian

Divine Relation: Incarnation of Apep

Skin Tone: White

Hair Style: Short and curly

Hair Color: Raven

Height: 6'11"

Eye Color: Yellow

Notable Features: Slitted pupils, black corneas, crows feat under his eyes and a wide grin on his face.

Personality: Cruel, sarcastic and easily angered. He's no stranger to cruelty and has shown a willing to endanger others for the sake of getting even with anyone he held a grudge over.

Occupation: Hobbyist Painter.

Skills: Painting, tracking, a sweet talker who's ready and willing to use a gun to solve his issues.

Powers: Gunpowder Manipulation, can manipulate and produce gunpowder from his back via special glands as a result of a mutation occuring at birth. Explosion Immunity, which allows him to use his gunpowder manipulation without having to worry about getting harmed by explosions. He has two serpent morphs that could be used as an indicator as to how strong he currently is.

His Boitata serpent morph basically morphs Emrys into a large Brazilian Anaconda about the length of 14 football stadiums and proportionally as tall and wide, with two curled horns extending from the base of its skull. Said Anaconda is also eternally wreathed in white flames that can leave anyone who looks directly at the flames permanently blind. The boitata morph is the one Emrys frequent;y used.

His Egyptian Cobra morph, however, morphs Emrys into a black and red sun eating serpent with three eyes on each side of the head reminiscent to that of a demon from hell. It has runes that seemed to have been burned onto the sides of the serpent, the tail splits off into three segments and the fangs of the Cobra are proportionately long and wide for a snake that is capable of swallowing the earth's sun whole. This Cobra morph signals the return of Apep, the sun eating serpent and the Egyptian Lord of Chaos, power wise, This morph basically grants Emrys/Apep Prime Evil status along with the powers that come with it.

Attire: Brown leather long coat and desperado cowboy hat with black hiking shoes.

Aturr Thūle

Age: 34

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: Spanish

Divine Relation: Incarnation of Ra, well he thinks he is. In actuality Kiera Mehtz, aka the actual Ra just funnels her powers as the sun god into him so she can live with Aturr and his family in anonymity.

Kiera Mehtz, aka The Sun God(ess) Ra

Age: 33

Species: Divine Entity, takes on the appearance of a human female.

Gender: Female

Skin Tone: Brown

Nationality: Egyptian, well she tales on the appearance of one

Divine Relation: She is the Sun God(ess) Ra.

Dravin Krell

Age: 25

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Skin Tone: Black

Nationality: Somalian

Divine Relation: Incarnation of Toth

​Theron Gravanna

Age: 29

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Skin Tone: Tanned

Nationality: Spaniard

Divine Relation: Incarnation of Anubis

​'Dark Lord' Riven

​Biographical Information

Age: 32

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Former Monk, now the current Dark Lord

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 175Ibs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair color: Dark Red

Hair style: Medium length and messy.

Attire: A set of 'Corrupted' Monastery Robes, really they're just the robes he wore during his tenure at a mountaintop Monastery only he had them dyed black and the ends of his sleeves torn as well as having various symbols stitched onto the robe in an attempt to look margineably more intimidating; as you can expect, this fails horrendously.


Riven is incredibly laid back and lazy for the most part, having acquired the title of Dark Lord by sheer luck on his end. Not that he would actually admit that part because Riven thinks that he'd probably end up getting his ass eaten by his own subjects, even though they already know that Riven only got the title through luck.

Anyways, his laziness is legendary; to the point where he finds getting mad to be 'too much effort'. Thus, one would probably find him to be very lethargic; only really getting worked up when something happens to interest him. Like video games, or comic books. Despite all this; he actually does give a damn about his minions and subjects, and as a result he is far less likely to waste their lives like they are just mere pawns on a chessboard. This quirk of his endeared him to his subjects/minions, seeing as he's more focused on their welll being and happiness than any sort of megalomaniacal global conquest plans that will never go as planned.

​History -This be a Work In Progress-

Riven, before he was became the dark lord, had originally been a monk at some mountain monastery before being kicked out because he was just so lazy; infact he never really found the Monk lifestyle to be appealing, even though he grew up in said monastery practically his whole life. However, even growing up in a monastery with individuals who you consider family wasn't enough to garner any sentiment for his indolent way of living and by the age of twenty four he had been kicked out. Eventually, during his exile, Riven had come across the various  monster cabals during an important religious ceremony; and by come across I mean he ended up blundering his way into the site of the ritual and disrupting the ceremony. Seeing as tensions were thick between humans and beast races and Riven had disrupted a sacred religious practice in their eyes; naturally the assembled covens were calling for his blood. However, either by some act of god or through his luck, he managed to convince them not to kill him by making the claim that he was their dark lord, course he didn't even know anything about their traditions aside from the whole dark lord bit, seeing as that was really the only thing the monastery ever brought up when mentioning the various monster cabals. Even then that was filled to the literal assload with propaganda about hating the mosnters and killing them to do god's work. On the plus side, the cabals were bound by religious law not to harm any who make that claim when the throne of the Dark Lord sat empty. The downside was that he had to prove his claim by going through some arduous quest that he frequently pointed out to be reminiscent of every rpg tutorial level quest he has ever played or he'd end up on someone's dinner plate. Naturally, the idea of being someone's dinner didn't appeal to him in the slightest; so he took up the quest to meet with the Oracle; who just so happened to be at the top of a grimdark looking mountain with a gloomy castle on the side. So after going through a supposedly long and perilous quest to meet the oracle who anointed the dark lords of old; instead of the usual bluster and threats that the oracle was so used to hearing, the dark lord to be just sat with the ancient oracle behind closed doors; the actual process lasted for weeks, and the guards posted outside would claim to hear sounds of a glorious battle. What really happened behind those doors, was a week long gaming marathon followed by comic reading and some old school tabletop gaming.. after that session he was crowned the new dark lord with a promise to come back on the weekends to game and whatnot. Here is where things started to get different, generally the first thing a newly crowned dark lord would do was execute some captured prisoners as a show of cruelty and force; thereby starting a long, or short, reign of terror that ultimately ended up with the hero storming the castle and putting a holy sword through the Dark Lord's ass; or magicked him to death, or poisoned him etc etc.. The point is; Riven shocked the assembled cabals, and gained a few loyal followers from the friends and family of these prisoners when he not only gave them full pardons, but even healed all of their injuries and abuse bfore making a short and concise speech about how he was eschewing the whole megalomaniacal attempts to conquer the world in favor of actually improving the existing lives of his newfound subjects. Thus proving to the cabals unintentionally, that Riven was certainly no mastermind or schemer and would probably fail at being a politician. Of course, Riven had an ulterior motive for this, he wanted some goddamn pizza and if he followed in his predeccessors footsteps he would most certainly get his ass raped like them, what with him being utter shit at combat seeing as his specialization was in restoration magicks; specifically the healing magicks. For the most part, his newfound subjects were actually okay with their new ruler and his proclamations to focus on improving their standards of living, kinda like most presidential elect with the main difference tbeing that Riven actuallt gave a damn about his subjects and endeavored to keep his word; plus he wasn't some overly cruel or batshit crazy asshole. In addition the prisoners he offered pardons to happened to be members of a failed Coup de'tat against the previous Dark Lord, who had planned to kill them at some point; but unfortunately he died before he got the chance to.So, as stated before, Riven ended up getting some die hard loyal servants for this act of mercy; of course they were suspicious at first but when the former prisoners saw that Riven actually gave a damn about the people and wasn't off his rocker like the previous dark lord, they pledged loyalty to him. Now, things sure as hell weren't easy; no transition of power is, especially when the Cabal's new overlord happened to be drastically different then what they expected... There were even many hardliners who were battle hungry; some thinking that he wasn't a true dark lord, or that he was worse than the others and a few openly protested. The few that did were a very small minority of the hardliners because previous dark lords would've just vaporized any who protested without a second thought; however nothing happened to the ones that protested. Most thought that was another sign that Riven was different, a few thought that he just found this protest unimportant.. Which he did; but he would eventually respond when their protesting started cutting into Riven's 'me' time..To which he spoke to the crowd gathered on the castle courtyard. "What makes me better than the previous dark lords?" He asked rhetorically. "Two things; reason one. They're all dead, I'm not. Reason two; the previous dark lords would've vaporized your asses without a second thought, yet I'm letting you protest and voice your complaints." This statement brought Riven even more favor; and immediately after that small statement he organized a complaint box before appointing the ones who protested vigorously as the ones who would handle the complaint box as some form of petty revenge for interrupting Riven's 'me' time. Of course; six months in and everything was in full swing... Now Riven could tackle the most glaring issues at hand... The lack of entertainment like video games, movies, or internet.To combat this grave threat; he ordered a bunch of scribes to write down a message and deliver it to the leaders of the neighboring countries.===​Powers=== Riven is a healing mage, and a highly skilled one; of course he would be skilled seeing as he had subjects and minions to rule over and he would always endeavor to heal their injuries whenever he could. Naturally, this led to him delving deeper and deeper into ancient texts and scrolls in the palace library; with one of the previous dark lord's actually being smart enough to hide all the useful magical texts and arcane grimoires instead of leaving them out in the open for the heroes to loot and pillage as they pleased.

Now; when he first found this hidden trove of knowledge.. Riven whined about the fact that there were a lot of fucking books and the percieved studying he would have to do, however the trove seemed to be sentient in the way that it reshuffled the books on his complaint; Rien noted this, this time asking for a grimoire that focused on restoration magics and to his surprise; the trove actually listened. Producing a small leatherbound book held on a silver chain that Riven grabbed, thanking the sentient library before going off to read this grimoire.

As a result of much time spent studying and applying what he learned from the grimoire, Riven found that the potency of his spells had been increased drastically as well as his moderate mana reserves; said reserves had grown exponentially, thus allowing him to heal all but the most serious of injuries for groups of his subjects. However, he still had absolutely no skill with combat magicks.. Or any weapons, something which he was just too lazy to fix.

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