Offline. I have decided there is nothing for me to do anymore, so I'm leaving here. I don't know when I will come back, but it'll be a rare chance that I come back.

Where You Can Find Me

I won't be on at many places, but here's a list of where, things will be added. Now, school is coming in 2-3 weeks.

Misaki-Mizuta @deviantART

SherryKyatto @Youtube

Talia Nicole Allsobrook @Facebook

Cielia the Cat

This is a new username I go under on different wikis, because this one's terribly glitchy. Don't worry, Sonic Fanon Admins, I don't plan on coming back here, so you won't see this account.

Puella Magi Fanon Wiki

Legend of Zelda Fanon Wiki (I plan on making this wiki, so Zelda fans, help me out)

Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki (Haven't made any edits yet, but will do)

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