aka Saffron Powell (or Matrix if you like!)

  • I live in A small, cramped and lightning -proofed flat
  • My occupation is I am a llama! Not really...
  • I am female. why do you ask?

Hello everybody! I am Saffron and these are my friends, my robot Lina and my counterparts Anil and Darkspear who you can't see.

But you can't see me either. So, welome to my user page were you can ponder and look at my stuff I put on here! You know it's much better to tell your people some stuff you like. so TADA!

Look,I like this

Charaters: Winnie the Pooh, Mario, Sonic (of course, then why would I be here?) , Mickey Mouse, Rainbow Dash, Jak, Daxter, my friends Ruben, Adara, Annie, Greg, Mia, Zoe, Steve and Henry!!

Powers: Pyrokenetics, Gymnastics, Hypnotisim and that special sucking -person- in- mouth -and- getting- instant- costume power Kirby has.

Foods: Brussles Sprouts (Don't think that's gross, Even others like it.),Candy (it is not food though),pancakes,hot dogs,hot birds, chilli dogs with extra chilli sauce,oinions (cooked),garlic (uncooked), fairy floss, greens, every fruit excluding durans and tamarillo.

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