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New Character Ideas

  1. Sergei Vasile - A relatively infamous thief who made the mistake of stealing from a powerful witch. She ended Sergei's life, and as punishment for his attempted theft, she cursed his corpse, causing him to rise up as a strigoi. Thylacine.
  2. Isador Crowe - A Mobian peryton and a powerful witch.
  3. Ginramel Fumis - A Troll mistralion (Wind-aligned lion subspecies) and a member of the Dark Council.
  4. Omega Therion - An ancient Echidna superweapon abandoned by his creators and seemingly lost to time...
  5. Smudge the Civet - WIP. African civet.
  6. Shiori the Moth - A Yurashian voice actress famous for being the original Japanese voice of the popular children's character Baburu-chan the Umikuji. Chinese moon moth.
  7. Ganbold the Crocodile - The leader of a miner's guild stationed in the Yurashian village of Rammung. He has an adopted daughter named Dorji the Red Panda.

New Roleplay Ideas

  1. A roleplay revolving around the Grove of Black Ice, which is a strange, dark area located in the southeastern area of the Gelid Forest; no one is known to live there, and very few people even dare to go near it. This roleplay would preferably be a psychological horror roleplay, perhaps with inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft.

New Fangame Ideas

  1. The remake of my old Sonic Adventure 3 fangame; I think I'm gonna call it... Sonic Adventure: Elemental Conquest. Maybe. Not sure; its a huge WIP overall.

Places I Can Be Found

Songs to Soothe the Soul

About Me

Currently Online

Mood: Normal
Activity(s): Watching videos

Favorite Bands

I have a heavy preference for metal (haha, heavy, metal, get it?)

  • Agalloch
  • Allegaeon
  • Amber Asylum
  • Amon Amarth
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Ayreon
  • Black Math Horseman (R.I.P they only have one album 😔)
  • Blind Guardian
  • Cradle of Filth
  • Devin Townsend Project
  • Fear Factory
  • Giant Squid
  • Grayceon
  • Kamelot
  • KhĂ´rada
  • Lacuna Coil
  • Nekrogoblikon
  • Nightwish
  • Pillorian
  • Primordial
  • Symphony X
  • System Of A Down
  • Void Of Sleep
  • Worm Ouroboros

Bucket List

  1. Visit the Beksiński museum in Sanok, Poland.
  2. Visit the island of Okunoshima, which is overrun by adorable bunny rabbits that beg for treats (no lie)
  3. Visit the island of Aoshima, which is overrun by kitties.
  4. Visit Lake Retba, where the water is pink (I s*** you not, here's a picture)
  5. Visit the Narcisse Snek Pits of Manitoba, Canada.


Add yourself if you consider me a friend.

Ryu's Rainbow Brigade

Wanna use? Just highlight, copy and paste!

  • #6f9bff
  • #844889
  • #9eb0b8
  • #435577
  • #774355
  • #ff005a
  • #4d914a
  • #ff5353
  • #ff8753
  • #1d8753
  • #ff8a00
  • #ae0000
  • #006cae
  • #ff58a3
  • #4d1b31

Pokemon Colors

  1. #A8A878 (Normal type)
  2. #F08030 (Fire type)
  3. #6890F0 (Water type)
  4. #78C850 (Grass type)
  5. #F8D030 (Electric type)
  6. #C03028 (Fighting type)
  7. #98D8D8 (Ice type)
  8. #E0C068 (Ground type)
  9. #B8A038 (Rock type)
  10. #A040A0 (Poison type)
  11. #A8B820 (Bug type)
  12. #F85888 (Psychic type)
  13. #705898 (Ghost type)
  14. #705848 (Dark type)
  15. #A890F0 (Flying type)
  16. #B8B8D0 (Steel type)
  17. #7038F8 (Dragon type)
  18. #EE99AC (Fairy type)

League of Legends Color Code

Armor - #e7f002
Magic Res. - #ca1f7b
Health - #b4331c
Attack Damage - #fc8a01
Ability Power - #72fc97
Attack Speed - #c80000
Critical Chance/Strike - #d7602f

On Shipping

On the topic of shipping, I don't really have any ships that I adore, and my mindset is; ship what you want, unless it's pedophilic/incestuous/abusive (like Sontails, I SEE YOU FUCKING NASTIES), then don't do that. Because that shit is gross.

My Crossbreeds

Crossbreed species that I devised.

  1. Wolfoon - Crossbreed of Wolf and Raccoon
  2. Wolverpine - Crossbreed of Wolverine and Porcupine
  3. Thylanouc - Crossbreed of Thylacine and Falanouc
  4. Hedgecoon - Crossbreed of Hedgehog and Raccoon
  5. Porcuwolf - Crossbreed of Porcupine and Wolf
  6. Harcat - Crossbreed of Hare and Cat
  7. Ratynx - Crossbreed of Rat and Lynx
  8. Skunsel - Crossbreed of Skunk and Weasel
  9. Ichneumink - Crossbreed of Ichneumon and Mink
  10. Foxirrel - Crossbreed of Fox and Squirrel
  11. Squirval - Crossbreed of Squirrel and Serval
  12. Hedgelynx - Crossbreed of Hedgehog and Lynx
  13. Linsapine - Crossbreed of Linsang and Porcupine
  14. Chillacoon - Crossbreed of Chinchilla and Raccoon
  15. Chillafox - Crossbreed of Chinchilla and Fox
  16. Geckeel - Crossbreed of Gecko and Eel
  17. Catbat - Crossbreed of Cat and Bat
  18. Ferrison - Crossbreed of Ferret and Grison
  19. Racat - Crossbreed of Rat and Cat
  20. Catcoon - Crossbreed of Cat and Raccoon
  21. Skuncoon - Crossbreed of Skunk and Raccoon
  22. Ratbat - Crossbreed of Rat and Bat
  23. Weaselbat - Crossbreed of Weasel and Bat
  24. Kangacoon - Crossbreed of Kangaroo and Raccoon
  25. Kangawolf - Crossbreed of Kangaroo and Wolf
  26. Kangarat - Crossbreed of Kangaroo and Rat
  27. Bilbat - Crossbreed of Bilby and Bat
  28. Geckeleon - Crossbreed of Gecko and Chameleon
  29. Mongynx - Crossbreed of Mongoose and Lynx
  30. Mongat - Crossbreed of Mongoose and Cat
  31. Weasynx - Crossbreed of Weasel and Lynx
  32. Wolfeasel - Crossbreed of Wolf and Weasel
  33. Weasirrel - Crossbreed of Weasel and Squirrel
  34. Bearynx - Crossbreed of Bear and Lynx
  35. Bilbynx - Crossbreed of Bilby and Lynx
  36. Squirlby - Crossbreed of Squirrel and Bilby
  37. Lynxare - Crossbreed of Lynx and Hare
  38. Mongiger - Crossbreed of Mongoose and Tiger
  39. Bilbiger - Crossbreed of Bilby and Tiger
  40. Tigetah - Crossbreed of Tiger and Cheetah
  41. Foxeetah - Crossbreed of Fox and Cheetah
  42. Lynxadger - Crossbreed of Lynx and Badger
  43. Foxotter - Crossbreed of Fox and Otter
  44. Badgenrec - Crossbreed of Badger and Tenrec
  45. Tenrilby - Crossbreed of Tenrec and Bilby