This is chapter 1 of The Demon Slayer Saga, written by User:Ryushusupercat!

Part 1

Two Young Heroes

      "Albus!" cried out a young, female Mobian fox (no more than six years old). She had light brown fur with a peach muzzle, chest and tail tip. Her eyes were a bright green, and her hair was long and black.

"Where are you?!"

The young fox heard snickering, and her ears perked up.

"I can hear you, Albus!" she cried out, looking around.

"But can you find me?" replied Albus. The young fox peered around a tree, but found no one.

"Albus? Allllllbuuuuuusss!" she called out. There was a rustling in the nearby bushes. The little fox grinned.

"I got you now, Albus!" she yelled, pouncing upon the bush with a laugh. But there was no Albus. In fact, there was nothing.

"Albus?" the fox asked. There was no answer. She was becoming scared now.

"Albus, please come out!"

Again, no response.


The little fox DID get a reply this time; an unnatural, wailing moan. She jumped and let out a yelp.

"A-Albus, wh-where are y-you?!" Frightened now, she began to cry. Without warning, a male Mobian cat (about seven years old) jumped down from the nearby tree. He had cream yellow fur with a white muzzle and tail tip, and dirty blonde hair. He had the same green eyes as his fox friend.

"Shanoa," he said, looking worried. "It's okay, I'm here! See? Please don't cry!"

"Didn't you hear that noise?" the fox, Shanoa asked, still a bit teary-eyed.

"What noise?"

"That moaning noise!"

"I didn't hear anything..."

"But..." Shanoa started. Then she sighed.

"Let's just get out of here," she said.

      Later that night, the two were sleeping inside of a small hole carved into a hill (they had no home, mind you), when Shanoa suddenly heard a voice, calling to her.


She sat up, panicked.

"Who's there?" she whispered, not wanting to wake up Albus.


Shanoa got up. The voice scared her, yet intrigued her at the same time. She carefully stepped past Albus and exited the hole.


"H-Hello?" Shanoa called out.

"Come heeeeerrre..."

Shanoa began to follow the mysterious voice through the woods. It eventually led her into a large cave.

"Who's there?" she asked. Her voice echoed on the ancient, earthen walls.

"'ve not realized your gift yet..."

"Wha...what are you talking about? What gift?"

"The power of Glyphs...the gift of Dominus..."

"Glyphs? Dominus? What are you talking about?" Shanoa asked the strange voice.

"They are yours, and yours alone," the voice continued. All at once, three floating shapes appeared. Two were triangular and blue in color. Above them was a reddish circle. Inside these three shapes was a different symbol.
Dominus Glyphs

"What are those...?" Shanoa asked, filled with curiosity.

"These three Glyphs are Dominus. Only you can control them. Anyone else who tries will either perish or be driven into madness."

"But...I still don't understand..."

"Then let me show you, child," the voice continued. Suddenly, the three Glyphs began to glow brighter than before, and Shanoa felt an incredible power begin to well up within her body. She gasped. The strength of this force was terrifying. She soon noticed a burning sensation on both shoulders and on the small of her back, between the shoulder blades.

"S-Stop it! Please!!" she cried out, falling to her knees. The glow from the Dominus Glyphs was blinding now.

"Embrace your gift, child," said the voice. "For you shall become the savior of Mobius..."

The world began to grow dark. Shanoa finally collapsed.

      When morning finally arrived, Albus was just beginning to wake up. The first thing he noticed was the absence of Shanoa's gentle breathing. He quickly sat up, panic invading his mind.

"Shanoa?!" he called out. "Shanoa, where are you?!" He jumped out of the hole, looking around frantically.


Albus took off running. Although Shanoa wasn't his biological sister, he cared for her as if she were. And now she was gone. What kind of brother was he, to let his little sister be snatched away? Albus clutched his head in both paws.

"No! I can't think like that! I will find Shanoa! I will!"

So he to run through the forest, calling out his sister's name. He eventually came across a cave. Peering inside, he found Shanoa, lying on the ground, silent and unmoving.

"Shanoa!!" Albus cried. He ran over to her and knelt down. There were tears in his bright green eyes.

"'t be..." he faltered, carefully brushing Shanoa's ebony hair away from her face. Her eyelids fluttered briefly, and Albus gasped.


Slowly, her eyes opened.


"You're alive!! Are...are you okay?"

"I...I think so..."

Albus helped Shanoa stand up. She was still feeling light-headed and dizzy.

"Shanoa, what happened? Why did you leave?" asked Albus. The young fox thought for a few seconds.

"Last night, I heard a voice, calling for me..."

"A voice...?"

"Yeah...I followed it here...but I can't remember anymore..."

"Well...what did the voice sound like?"

"It's hard to describe," said Shanoa. "It didn't sound threatening, though."

"It left you for dead in this cave. That sounds threatening to me," Albus huffed, crossing his arms.

"Well, anyways, let's get out of here, Shanoa," he said, and the two left the cave.

      A little bit later, the two young Mobians were making their way back to their "home" when they heard a noise. Albus jumped, then scowled.

"Who's there?" he demanded. "Show yourself!"

"Still your tongue, whelp!" said a cackling voice. "I could make mincemeat out of you in a second!"

Shanoa gasped, and Albus put up his fists. The bushes behind them rustled, and a skeleton popped out! He towered over the two youngsters, and they stepped back, frightened.

"'s a skeleton!!" Albus yelped. The skeleton grinned.

"Ahahaha! Such a smart cat!" the skeleton cackled. He stepped towards the two friends, leering.

"A little too smart, if you ask me! Nyahahahaha!"

"Leave us alone!" Shanoa cried, cowering away. the skeleton looked at her, and suddenly his grin faded.

"No......Dominus!" he hissed. "The fox carries Dominus!"

"Wh...what?!" said Albus. "What on Mobius is Dominus?!"

"I must inform Master Leraje," the skeleton said to himself. With that, he turned and fled. Both Shanoa and Albus simply stared. Then they turned and looked at each other.

"Shanoa," said Albus. "What did that skeleton mean, by you wielding Dominus? What is Dominus?"

"I don't know..." Shanoa replied. "I just don't know..."

10 Years Later...

      12 years had passed since that incident in the forest. Shanoa was 16, and Albus was 17. Walking along a forest path, they had not a care in the world as they observed the gentle beauty of the wild around them. The two were oblivious to the fact that they were being watched by a small group of bloodthirsty bandits. One of them, a Mobian weasel, slowly pointed a Flintlock Pistol at the back of Albus' head. His paw was pushed away by a grizzled-looking wolf named Grimclaw.

"Not yet," he hissed. Albus' ear twitched, as if he had heard the bandit leader. He turned to Shanoa.

"Shanoa," he said. "Did you hear something just now?"

"," she said. Albus glanced around furtively.

"I feel like we're being watched..."

CRACK! A bullet from the bandit's Flintlock seared past Albus' ear, missing it by mere inches. The bullet tore into a nearby tree, leaving a small, jagged hole.

"S***!" said Albus, grabbing Shanoa's paw and pulling her away from the attackers. The two began to run for their lives.

"Get 'em!" Grimclaw roared. His comrades barreled out of the forest and charged after Shanoa and Albus, yelling fiercely. The weasel gunman was in the lead; he fired again at the two, nearly catching Shanoa in the shoulder. She gasped.

"What do we do?!" she cried.

"I hate to say it, but we're in a tight spot, all right!" Albus replied. The two suddenly hit a dead end. As the bandits continued to advance towards them, our two heroes realized that they were trapped!

"Now what?!"

      The bandits stopped, surrounding Shanoa and Albus in a half circle. Most had daggers or crossbows; only the weasel had an actual firearm, and this he was pointing at Albus' head.

"Now, you kiddies are both going to be nice an' quiet," said the weasel. From behind the bandits, Grimclaw approached. He was tall and imposing, wearing a black cloak, his body dressed in metal and bones. One side of his face was heavily scarred, giving him a permanent, lopsided grimace. The bandits stepped out of the way of their leader, allowing him to approach Shanoa and Albus.

"Who the hell are you?!" Albus snarled. Grimclaw grinned, revealed jagged fangs.

"You kids 'aven't heard of me? Wot a shame..."

His voice was gruff and cruel, the voice of a cold-blooded murderer. Albus scowled.

"I don't care WHO you are," said Albus. "The only thing you should know is that we don't have anything worth taking."

"No?" Grimclaw asked, smirking. "I'd say that fair maiden with you is worth taking..."

"Albus was about to say something when Shanoa stepped forward.

"Try and take me then," she challenged, holding her paws akimbo. The bandits leered and hooted.

"Shanoa, what are you doing?!" Albus hissed. The fox turned towards her friend, and he saw a determined gleam in her emerald eyes. He knew that look; it was a look that said, 'Trust me on this'. Grimclaw pulled out his sword, a rusted and battle-worn blade. He pointed it at Shanoa.

"I like a girl who can fight," he growled. "But methinks you should back down, before you get hurt."

Shanoa smirked.

"There's more to me than meets the eye," she said calmly.

"Is that right? Heheheheheh...en guarde!"

      Grimclaw darted forward, aiming to stab Shanoa in the heart. She waited until he was only a foot away from her.

"Melio Secare!" she cried, and, amazingly, as the three markings on her body glowed brightly, an ornate, curved blade appeared in her right paw. She used this to parry Grimclaw's attack.

"Wh-What?!" he yelled. He was not expecting this to happen. Shanoa, using Grimclaw's shock to her advantage, slashed him across the chest. He let out a snarl of pain and stepped back, his free paw over the wound.

"What do you think you're playing at, girl?!" he snarled. Shanoa simply grinned.

"I thought you liked girls who could fight," she said teasingly. "Or are you just sore because you're losing?"

Grimclaw snarled.

"Enough of this!" he roared. "Kill them both!"

The bandits yelled and charged at our heroes. The first one to get there was immediately beheaded by Shanoa's sword. Another was struck hard in the face by Albus' fist. The weasel gunman hung back a short distance, looking for an opportunity to shoot. Albus, however, spotted him. His lip curled into a snarl as he charged at the weasel.

"Here, kitty kitty kitty," the bandit taunted quietly as Albus approached. He raised the flintlock, preparing to fire. He was not expecting his quarry to suddenly leap into the air!


The bandit stared in shock as Albus, surrounded in flames, performed a spin kick in mid-air, hurtling towards the bandit like a flaming juggernaut. The bandit fired at him, but the bullet simply melted once it got within a foot of the cat. All at once the attack connected with the weasel, and he exploded in flames. He let out a scream of agony and started to run around in circles.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!!" he cried. The other bandits stopped and saw the hapless, burning weasel.


"Somebody put 'im out!"

"With wot?!"

The weasel eventually collapsed, right at the feet of a horrified Grimclaw. The air reeked of burning fur and flesh. Albus happened to look down and noticed that the gunman had dropped the Flintlock Pistol upon being set ablaze. Grinning, he knelt down and picked it up, then turned towards Shanoa.

"Hey, check it out!" he said. Whistling innocently, he aimed and shot another bandit clear through the brain, killing him.


Albus began to idly twirl the gun in his paw. Grimclaw did not look amused.

"You killed me best mate, cat!" he growled. Albus looked at him, wearing an expression of mock surprise.

"Oh, did I? I am so sorry about that," he said.

"You can go join him in Hell, though," said Shanoa, running a finger down the blade of her Glyph sword. Grimclaw snarled, looking furious. One of the bandits fired at Shanoa with his crossbow, but she easily deflected the bolt in mid-air with an expert swing. Twirling gracefully, she used her momentum to fling the sword at the bowman, catching him in the throat. He coughed once and fell as the sword faded away, rejoining its master's magickal energy.

"Stop this!" Grimclaw roared. Albus looked at Shanoa and smiled.

"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked. She smiled in return.

"Gladly," she answered. She faced Grimclaw once more.

"For too long you wastrels have robbed, kidnapped, and murdered innocent Mobians," she said loudly. "But now all of your times are up, you demons! Prepare to die!"

She focused dual Melio Secare Glyphs into both arms, and began to perform a Glyph Union. With her three markings shining, a massive Holy Claymore materialized in her paws. The bandits, including Grimclaw, stepped back, terrified. With a furious yell, Shanoa stepped forward and executed a powerful horizontal slash, felling every bandit and tree within range. Grimclaw and his crew screamed in agony as they were slaughtered. The Holy Claymore disappeared, and Shanoa stepped back, observing her handiwork.

"Hmm," she said. "Sure is a mess..."

"Don't worry," said Albus. "We'll let the vultures take care of it."

Walking past the mangled bodies of the bandits, Shanoa and Albus left the area.

Part 2


      As the two walked, Albus looked over the Flintlock he had stolen from the late weasel gunman.

"Pretty impressive-looking gun," he said to himself. "Hmmm...I'll have to make a holster fot it..."

He looked at Shanoa.

"Is it possible to enchant weapons like these?" he asked.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well," he said. "Think about it. You know how I...kinda worry about your safety, right?"

"Yes," she responded. "But you don't have to get so worried over me. I can take care of myself."

"Remember when we were kids? And...and you disappeared?"

She nodded.

"I was so worried...I...I thought someone had kidnapped you...and then I found you in that cave..."

He sighed.

"I thought you were dead...I felt so awful..."

"It wasn't your fault..."

"But what if something like that happens again? What if it's something you can't fight off yourself, a-and I'm not there to protect you?"


"But what if?"

Shanoa said nothing. She didn't know what to say.

"Which is why," Albus continued. "I want to find a way to enchant this gun with some kind of magic."


"Think about it. It would become a much more powerful weapon, and I'd finally have a wider variety of combat moves, like you."

"I see," said Shanoa.

"B-But this has nothing to do with jealousy," Albus said quickly, blushing. "I just want to be able to protect us better. To protect you better."

"I know that, Albus. But..."


Shanoa sighed and looked at Albus.

"Do you even know how the hell you're going to enchant that gun?" she asked. Albus grinned.

"Ah, it can't be that hard," he said.


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