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Razorwind Valley is a region in Mobius. It looks like a desert yet it does get ample rain to support the flora and fauna, more accurately labeling it as a prairie.



As stated earlier, the Razorwind Valley is a prairie that looks more like a desert. There are rather sparse shrubs and cacti, designed to handle the region's ferocious sandstorms and intense heat. There is the occasional watering hole, where the plant life is noticeably more abundant.


Cacnea and, more rarely, Cacturne are a common sight in the Razorwind Valley. Their genetic ability of Sand Veil protects them from the harsh sandstorms, and they can store water in their bodies to last them 30 days before needing to seek out a watering hole to replenish their fluids. Cacturne become much more active during the night to hunt down prey that have been exhausted by the day's heat.

While the Pokemon Maractus lacks this genetic ability, they are still able to survive in the Razorwind Valley. They are not as common as Cacnea, however.


Residence of the Razorwind Freedom Fighters

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