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Ryushusupercat/Rahab, the Ancient Ice King (pronounced "RAY-hahb") is an Ancient Elemental Beast aligned with the Elements of Ice and Earth. He is also a deity of the Ice Clan of Kyanos.

Physical Description

Rahab is a monstrous, draconic creature covered in armor and sharp scales, all made out of MeverMeltIce. He has many sharp horns on his head and neck, and sharp, overlapping scales on his back, running all the way down his tail, which is tipped with a blade-like protrusion. His underbelly is also covered in the NeverMeltIce armor. Unlike most dragons, Rahab's legs are rather short and face more to the sides, like a true lizard. This also gives him the distinctive waddling gait that most lizards have.



Rahab was "born" a while after The Elemental Gods were; their powers were used to create him and his "siblings".

Afterwards, he moved from the Hyperverse to Mobius, where he went into hibernation for 100 years. His presence, as well as the presence of Durga, Chraden, Telchur and Kyanos helped to keep the Elemental Plane of Ice stable and balanced with the other nine Elemental Planes.

Early Years

Beast Legends





Rahab is quite territorial, but even he does not attack unprovoked; if an intruder enters his territory, Rahab will attempt to intimidate them into leaving. If they don't, then he will attack them.

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

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