Project: Fallen was a secret operation carried out by the U.A.C.S.A that involved infusing demonic powers into ordinary Mobians.

Project Fallen Series: ???

Gideon the Moose was the first victim of Project Fallen. He is also the only one to not have a specific codename.

Project Fallen Series: Destroyer

The second victim, an unknown creature by the name of Panzyr, was developed as a living weapon. Panzyr was, so far, the only non-Mobian victim of the Project Fallen Series; it is possible that he may be a demon.

Project Fallen Series: Nightmare

The third project and only female is a strange, demonic creature named Ereshkigal, after the Sumerian goddess of the underworld. Given her physical appearance, it is rumored that Panzyr's DNA was utilized to create her.

Project Fallen Series: Hunter

The fourth project, and the most dangerous so far, was a former Mobian thylanouc. He was captured by the U.A.C.S.A and transformed into an unsociable, insane killing machine. He's said to be even more dangerous than Panzyr in terms of ferocity. Morilec is the first of the Fallen to use any kind of Advanced element; in his case, the Plasma element.

Interestingly, his mannerisms and behavior closely resemble that of the Hunter enemy from the game series Left 4 Dead.

His name is the Slovenian word for "killer".

Project Fallen Series: ???


Project Fallen Series: ???

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