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K-9 Patrol

Location Great Forest (currently)
Alignment Heroes

The K-9 Patrol is a group of Mobians, mostly canines (except for Beverly Beaver) which is where the name came from, who share the same goal as the Knothole Freedom Fighters; to stop Robotnik.



The K-9 Patrol was started by Wolfen Von Nobletail and his sister, Melyssa Von Nobletail. However, the name of the group didn't come until Roxy Fox Pomeranian joined up.

Residence in the Great Forest

While traveling from the Kingdom of Nobletail, the K-9 Patrol eventually came upon the Great Forest. Deciding that a proper base could be built here, they excavated an underground hollow (very much like the Knothole HQ) and named it K-9 HQ.

Alliance with the Knothole Freedom Fighters

Eventually, the K-9 Patrol decided to make their base larger, so they dug out more space, moving in the direction of Knothole Village. At the same time, the Knothole Freedom Fighters were also enlarging their base. Eventually, the two groups ran into each other. A short argument ensued, with the K-9 Patrol accused of being "spies". When Sally asked Wolfen Von Nobletail why he and his friends were down here, he said that they had building a base to live in where they could plot against Dr. Robotnik. Realizing that the K-9 Patrol were good guys and that they had the same goals as the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sally introduced herself and her friends, while Wolfen and his friends followed suit. From that day, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the K-9 Patrol had become allies.


Wolfen Von Nobletail

The leader of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.

Melyssa Von Nobletail

The second-in-command of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.


Patches the Pomeranian

The scout of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.

Peter Werren Arferon

The tactician of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.

Titan the Dingo

The muscle of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.

Sheila the Dingo

Bella the Coyote

Kimmy the Foxwolf

The mechanic of the Ryushusupercat/K-9 Patrol.

Roxy Fox Pomeranian

Corwin the German Shepherd

Jade the Doberman

Daisuke the Hyena

Beverly Beaver



StH: Robotnik's Revenge

Roleplay:The Troll Wars


The K-9 Patrol do come across the Knothole Freedom Fighters later (after Daisuke the Hyena and Beverly Beaver join the K-9 Patrol) and help them out in various missions. They also accompany the Knothole Freedom Fighters in the Valley of the Damned, as do the Razorwind Freedom Fighters, the Downunda Freedom Fighters, the Sharpshoot Clan, the Guardians of the Five Souls of Magic, Ebius Gorisum Mobius III and his guards, the Knights of Acorn and various other Mobians during Sonic the Hedgehog and Cinos the Werehog's final battle against Lord Serpentius.

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