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hounds of tindalos

The Ryushusupercat/Hounds of Tindalos are vicious, dog-like monsters that reside in many different regions of the Putriverse.



Special Abilities


Hounds are carnivores, and they love nothing better than live flesh, particularly the flesh of those who would dare to stray in their territory.. They will settle for carcasses, however, as they are plentiful in the Putriverse...


Despite their extreme savagery, Hounds are incredibly intelligent beasts, able to plot and launch highly coordinated attacks against their chosen prey.

Hounds live in packs of 20-30. Each pack is led by an Alpha Hound, who is bigger, faster and much more powerful.


  • While based on the monsters of the same name in Alone in the Dark: the New Nightmare, they were really created by Frank Belknap Long for The Cthulhu Mythos.

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