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Ryushusupercat/HellMagick is a type of "corrupt Element" created by Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. It serves as the most common type of power found within the Putriverse.

It seems to be somewhat related to the Element of Darkness, as many HellMagick techniques are based around fear and inflicting negative status conditions. Putrimancy (rot/disease magic) and fovomancy (fear magic) are sometimes considered to be subsets of HellMagick.


HellMagick techniques are often characterized by a mixture of dark, bloody colors reminiscent of death and decay, like red, black, orange and purple. An organic, flesh-like appearance is common in melee-based techniques, often coupled with unsettling features, such as teeth and eyes; for example, the Wicked Claw ability typically resembles a fleshy "blade" laden with eyes and razor-sharp teeth (the teeth serve as the sharp part of the blade).

Energy-based techniques, like Infernal Sphere, often have a more spectral, demonic appearance to them, sometimes taking the form of a mass of agonized or demonic faces, or of eyes and spectral maws. The Infernal Sphere technique typically resembles a flaming, spectral head, while the HellFyre Shield resembles a demonic face, or sometimes a mass of eyes over a fleshy shield.


Regular Techniques

  • Wicked Claw - A fairly simple and strong technique not unlike the Elemental claw attacks (I.E Inferno Slash), the user manifests a claw of HellFyre over their hands and slashes the opponent with it.
  • Wretched Fang - A fairly simple and strong technique not unlike the Elemental bite attacks (I.E Fire Fang), the user coats their jaws and teeth in HellFyre, and crunches down on the foe. It has a slight intimidation factor to it, as well, due to how the technique visually makes the user's face (particularly their mouth) change in a disturbing way.
  • HellFyre Shield - A simple technique wherein the user manifests a shield of concentrated HellMagick; while effective against bullets and physical attacks, energy-based ones can get right past it.
  • Infernal Sphere - A fairly strong technique wherein the user hurls a concentrated sphere of HellFyre at the foe.
  • Infernal Burst - A fairly strong technique wherein the user fires a beam of concentrated HellMagick at the foe.

Putrimancy Techniques

Fovomancy Techniques

  • Maledict Melody - A status-based technique aimed at inflicting fear and mental torment in those who hear it, and is most effective against weak-willed, easily scared people. Audibly, the technique seems to sound different for everyone who hears it, and appears to be based on their individual fears. For example, for a person with a severe fear of fire, the melody may sound similar to or invoke a perception of crackling flames, fashioned into a "song".
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