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This page is not completed and is still being written! Ryushusupercat/Blackmoor (Burakkuhara) is a demon based upon the boss of almost the same name in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (the difference being that the game counterpart's name is spelled "Blackmore"). He lives in <currently undefined location>.


Biographical Information
Age Unknown (Possibly +1,000,000)
Alias Morrison the Wolf (when disguised as a Mobian wolf)
Physical Description
SpeciesDemonic shadow being, resembles Mobian wolf
Gender Male
  • Fur: Dark grey w/ black tail tip
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Yellow (turn red when he is angry)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Leraje the Wicked
Weaponry Rapier

Physical Description

While Blackmoor does resembles an elegant, male Mobian wolf, in all reality he is a demon that thrives upon darkness and shadows. At first, he managed to fool Shanoa into thinking he was a Mobian, but later, Albus the Cat saw through his ruse when he saw how the wolf reacted to sunlight.


As Morrison the Wolf

Slain by Albus the Cat

Notable Abilities

Stamina 10
Attack 10
Defense 9
Speed 9
Reflexes 8
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 9
Total 65/80

Blackmoor is quite skilled with the rapier; in fact, during the first part of the fight between him and Albus, they fought each other with rapiers.

Darkness and Shadows

Blackmoor can create monsters out of pure darkness and make them attack. He can also fuse himself with the shadows and take on any form he wishes. His favorite (and most powerful) form is a non-Mobian wolf of behemothic proportions.


While Ryushusupercat/Blackmoor may seem like a gentleman, he is a sadistic creature that thrives upon darkness. He steals the shadows of people (which is the essence of their souls) in order to sustain himself.



  • Sunlight

Biggest Fears

  • Sunlight


" wonderful to see you again..." (talking to Shanoa)

"Your shadow will be my sustenance!" (attacking)

"Meddling feline...I shall rip the heart from your body!" (threatening Albus)

"You cannot hope to defeat the shadows themselves!" (during fight)

"No!! This is...impossible...!!" (defeated)


  • Albus the Cat was the one that defeated Blackmoor, seeing as how Shanoa was under the demon's spell for the duration of the battle.

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