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Ryushusupercat/Amihan the Genet is a soldier that serves the Wind Clan of Khazri.

Physical Description

A fairly curvy genet who stands a little over three feet tall, Amihan has a fairly short muzzle with a triangular nose, medium-size ears that are rounded and stand upright, and a relatively long, somewhat fluffy tail.

Her fur is primarily timberwolf in color, while the dense, linear collection of spots on her body, the rings around her tail, the vertical stripes on her muzzle, and the markings around her eyes are charcoal in color; meanwhile, her muzzle, chest, and stomach are white in color. Her hair, which is shoulder length and curls up at the bottom, is purple taupe in color, while her eyes are Carolina blue in color.

Her outfit consists of a Thulian pink tank top, elbow-length Thulian pink gloves with black bands around the wrists, umber-colored leather pauldrons, black pants, and Thulian pink boots with white cuffs, as well as a single silver stud in her right ear.



Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy Good
Durability Average
Resistance Average
Speed Great
Reflexes Great
Magic N/A
Kinesis Great
Intellect Good
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Great
Olfactory Great

Like the other Wind Clan soldiers, Amihan is a fairly well-rounded fighter, who primarily excels in close-range combat; she wields a bardiche, a type of polearm that allows her to keep a reasonable distance away from her enemy. She is quite fast and agile, able to easily outpace slower opponents and evade their attacks; unfortunately, she is not terribly sturdy, and cannot take too many hits.

Amihan is an adept Aeromancer as well, and primarily wields offensive, low to mid-tier techniques of the Wind element, such as Wind Needle and Wind Blade.

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Status/Defensive Abilities


Amihan is relatively resistant to the Elements of Wind and Nature (her Wind resistance is somewhat higher, however). She is also quite agile, able to dodge slow-moving opponents and attacks with ease.


Amihan is weak to the Elements of Earth and Electricity. Her defenses are subpar, forcing her to rely on her agility to survive.

Friends and Foes






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Biggest Fears



Her name is the Filipino word for "breeze".

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