Rosie the Echidna

aka Roselia Shaolin

  • I live in The Hidden Emerald Dimension of Mobius
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Martial Artist
  • I am Female
Rosie the Echidna - New Concept Drawing

Hiya there! I'm just another Sonic the Hedgehog fan, with a deep fondness for martial arts! That, along with the inspiration from one of my friend's characters, eventually led to the creation of my very first Sonic fan character, Rosie the Echidna. I want to try using this site as a sort of a database for each of my characters. I hope you like them! ^w^

If you ever want to talk to me, or maybe even roleplay, I'm most active on my DeviantArt and Google+ pages:

DeviantArt (

Google+ (

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