Hello, and welcome to my profile! Take a load off and relax, okay? :)

Some simple facts about me:

Main Facts

Name: Reens (not telling my real name XP)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: If you met me IRL, I would have shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes behind my glasses. You can usually see me wearing a blouse/t-shirt with an undershirt, blue jeans, and my favorite pair of shoes. Or my Dairy Queen uniform. Whichever comes first.

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Devices: Laptop (mostly), Mobile

Quirks and Special Things

  • I like to take a slice of pizza and roll it up before eating it.
  • I chew on metal. Idk why, it just tastes good. (Though not as much anymore)
  • I sleep with stuffed animals, especially my big owl Chonkers.
  • I have a mild form of Autism called PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified).(Hence my seething hatred for autism jokes.)

Likes and Dislikes


Sonic, chocolate, old cartoons, some new cartoons, Sprite (and other non caffeinated drinks), orange sherbet, ice cream, listening to music, writing stories, writing songs, singing, collecting stuffed animals, puppies, snickerdoodles, listening to Pandora, etc.


Being sick/in pain, adult content, being lied to/lying to someone (it makes me feel incredibly guilty), cats (to an extent, I'm allergic), etc.

Finding Me Elsewhere

Don't want to talk to me here? Here's a list of where you can find me on the internet:

FanFiction: ReenstheHedgehog3

Wiki: You're here!

Discord: Reens the Hedgehog #1998

YouTube: ReensReviews

Email: reensrantsalot2@gmail.com


You can also talk to me in comments, a blog, or on my wall!

Current edit count: 1,267

Friends, Foes and I Dunno (In No Particular Order)

Buddies, Pals, Chums etc.

People I Know (Neutral)

Searching Database...

  • Lunari64
  • Chica Nunnally
  • Clairebear165

Foes/Don't Care About Much

  • Troll accounts
  • WaterKirby1994

If I didn't put you on a list please know that does not mean I hate you; it may just mean I forgot your username at the moment and I'm sorry ;owo;

Last Will and Testament

I won't be on here forever, so in the event that I decide to leave forever and always, I would like my closest friends to decide on which characters they would like and which they would like to dispose of. XophPsycho, Frost the Wolf, or any of my other friends have free reign.

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