From your best Wikia bud, Warrior4ever. Name is Darkey now. ~ Ravencool

Fuzion wolf

RavenCool's Fuzion Form.

Ravencool concept

My fursona, RavenCool the Grey Sol Wolf

Hey guys, I'm now RavenCool! You miss me?

My pages

  • RavenCool the Sol Grey Wolf ( I just got a big edit done on her page, updated the thing saying what user made her, of couse saying I was a Anon when I did make the page, added info on her were form, and put some random facts most people didn't know about her creation. Hope someone takes some time to read it and give me some feedback! )
  • Roleplay:Fursora Madness
  • Roleplay:Fursora Madness/Part1
  • Isaac "Venom" Johnson ( I need to work on him. He will get done sooner or later. Unknown if I will ever use him in a RP. I adopted this page, so I need to think of how I can make him fit in my headcanon. I think I will keep his history.)


Sparkey: I wonder where this awesome person is. She is a great friend

Evilbreaker: Awesome dude, thats all I got to say.

Leif Ericson (er1c1996): <------ Sole person who made a charater that soner or later has a crush on RavenCool. He is awesome pawsome.

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