RandomFlab 2

aka Fabian

  • I live in Victoria
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Imagination Creator
  • I am Male

"Fine art is something wonderful that's left long into the future ... eternal beauty." - sasori, naruto shippuden



Please ask me for an invite if i havent given you one

The Return of Mendoza

My costumes

Known to wear them in random situations

  • Dr.Phil
  • Rambo
  • Elvis Presley
  • Chowder
  • Elzar (futurama)
  • Bobobo - bobo - bobobo
  • Monkey D. Luffy

My Fursonas

Flab the Demonhog (also signature char)

Cobber the echidna

Hyme the hedgehog

Scenery that i made

Flab Vs Team Asbalm

This is a picture of all my characters, Good on the left and Bad guys on the right.

Special geusts include: Will the Echidna, Zack the Cat, Kyle the Hedgehog and Twister the Fox.

Torn between two families Torn Between two Families

Pages that i made

Flab the Demonhog

Kino The Demon

Yuji the Hedgehog

Matt.P the echidna

The living stones (all of them)

Gera the Demon

Team Toy Force

I.T. erl

Kace the Hedgehog

Bneda the trooper

Rencia the trooper

Skiltre the trooper

Blazt the Fox

The Ten Beasts

Bobo the Gorilla-Demon

The Warhogs

Team Asbalm

The Mekators

What i choose to be my favorite qoute

A man my have all the cookies he can eat, but he'll never have enough milk to wash it down


Online/Offline: offline

Days I should be online: i think i have gound a solution, so stay tuned

Feeling: like a genius

Doing: Studying at university

Hunger: getting there

Thoughts: i wonder how good it is to access the wiki from my phone ... further studies are required

About me

Hi there, I'm RandomFlab 2 also creator of Flab. My pals here are Flashfire and Bloodsonic1. I am a 16 year old kid the same age as Flab. I like food, i can't get enough of the stuff..... especially HAM!!!!! I am a cartoon FREAK, and that is why when i found out about this site i joined. Just to say about my favorite characters other than mine (lol) i like how Vicious and Comet made their characters and their laid back attitude. I am also the creator of Flab the Demonhog, Team Asbalm (including all of the members), The Mekators (all os the members again). I also make a few sprite sheets of these characters. If you would like any other info on these characters (or sheets/sprites for that matter) please leave comments on my talk page. The main reason why Flab the demonhog is my signature character is because he IS me ... just a hedgehog version. He is happy like me, hard to piss off like me, has a very complicated past and life like me, and hates being taken seriously and eats all the time like me! (also like me he doesn't gain weight from eating). I take requests for sonic sprites (your characters if wanted), as well as making sheets, but i am not taking any as of now due to my school studies. Also, if anyone wants my e-mail adress for msn, just ask.


  • Food (all kinds ... even vegies)
  • People who take care of their family/friends in dire needs
  • Drawing
  • Video games (especially sonic and mario games!)


  • People who will put their family aside for fame and fortune
  • The new playstation 3 (it's a waste of money!)

Signature characters and my catchphrases

Flab the Demonhog

After of someone has said OMG and WTF is urged to say BBQ


Ya gotta do what ya gotta do


I'm hungry

HOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM (this goes on for a while.....)


Ham is like life ..... if you don't have it'll die

Also Known As/ signature


The Ham King

Your story is your and yours alone


Insert username here if you consider me a friend, also i reccommend these people for friends


Flashfire Master of Flame

Major Disaster

JacquieStar (sister)







Weruioh (my randomness partner)




Memphis creator of light

Slash the hedgehog




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