Well, here is a little bit more info about me, im very shy quiet and mysterious but i love being imaginative and creative, i have a mild autisum called asperger syndrome along with ADHD so im not always very socialy active, but im love to be around friends and family.

Fan Characters


  • Aly Paris
  • Mr.gameandfight
  • Delightball
  • TheSkullWolf
  • Ryushusupercat
  • Hikaruyami-havingfun*
  • Flashfire212
  • Bitbyte1214
  • Fox,Fox,Cat


  • Smash the Echindna
  • Frozen Scorpio
  • RosalineValentine
  • JonnyDTheVGNerd
  • Gamedezyner


  • MaverickHunterSigma- Trolled and bullied me for his own amusment.
  • Meme the Fox- Hates me for no reason, constantly bashes and belittles me.
  • Wh!te$tar- Nothing but a troll, he sees me as an enemy, so feelings mutual.
  • EcruosofCharisma- Same as Whitestar.
  • Shousenka- He hates me, so the feelings mutual.
  • Kagimizu- Same as Shousenka.
  • Jonathan Washington- Constantly makes sockpuppet accounts just to steal my material.
  • Cameron33268110- I defened you, I stood up for you, but that was a big mistake.
  • Sonicfan919- Hates me for no reason.
  • AREA500- The real attention whore who everyone praises as some kinda hero so now im the attention whore.
  • Apallo The Hedgehog- Siding with the enemy.



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