"Good evening everybody, its ME Pudding"

Pudding's Quote from space channel 5 

Wikis i follow!!!





About me!!!

Hello Im Billy Dellis a mad sega fan...I am from the Sonic News Network 

Chat,Community Chat, Space Channel 5 Wik, Bandipedia. I am person who speaks my mind so dont mess with me!!!

Freinds on the wiki

Blaze Sol

she is just an amazing friend!!!! she is a sister to me


he is a smart user, that loves SPONGEBOB!!!


He is an amazing user that loooooooooooooves Sega.

Little Enzo

This user is like my first friend on Wikia, he is like my older brother i never had


This user is a massive fan of my roleplay, and is a nice person to talk to when your down.

Other things about me

Favourite Characters From Sega




Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat

Sonic The Hedgehog


Favourite Games

Jet set Radio

Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed

Space Channel 5 part 1 and 2

Sonic Battle

My Pages

Character pages

STYLE The Nightopian

CRATER The Nightopian

Total Fanon World Tour

Total Fanon World Tour

List of challenges in Total Fanon World Tour Flying Campers/Spagonia Rush

Crazy Crater/Channel Heros

Super Happy Ball Time/Jet Ready GO/ Aftermath I

Can You Dig It?/Plant Food

Escape!!!/Castle Hustle/Rainbow Curve

Frozen Hunt/Aftermath II/Cortex Vortex/Boulder Dash Bash

Up The Creek/Toxic Dash/Aftermath III

Seaside Merge Course/House Of Dread/Ocean Wave/Airship Showdown

Foggy Domain/Space Bash/Valley Rush/Aftermath IV

Peace Keepers/Warped Out/Very Last, Last, Last Episode...Really

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