aka Pink

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on April 16
  • I am a female

This user is inactive.

Reason: Trolls

Dear any new users that want to come on SFW(if any one of you is reading my userpage right now)

I once thought this place was a haven myself, but I led myself into a trap. My fan character, Crystal, got teased and bullied for being a recolour, when only one picture could be considered a recolour, and it was her first drawing EVER(which was a traced picture but at the time, I couldn't draw characters). Every other picture was hand drawn, everything, no looking, no nothing. All from memory. And guess what? Trolls everywhere. It says on the home page "Everyone here welcomes your creative thinking", but thats just a compulsive lie. Everyone, maybe except a few, are trolls that will just insult your work. And some will put your pages up for deletion(Yeah, sure they're welcoming your creative imagination, which they call crap). This place, it's not a good one to place your fandom.

If you want to listen to me(which I advise you should), then I suggest not logging on here. Those that don't, be warned, you may go through a bad situation. Maybe too many.

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