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♥★✩ Hello & Welcome to my Profile! :D ~*+.*

My name is Peach Jones & I am the Designer, Creator & Owner of Peach Lightwater-Hikarikaze & other characters to come!~

I am the official girlfriend of Jonathan Larcombe aka Jonicthedgehog / JonicOokami7 since we see each other in real life.

About me

I love to feel creative so I have a Deviant Art & a YouTube page ~

Deviant Art: Peachrose
YouTube: meisme72


I feel that I am a very differentiated girl at heart but I'll always do my best to join in with others {even when I feel like my nerves get the best of me sometimes!~}. If something feels wrong I will likely feel discomfort but that doesn't mean I won't try my best to pull through. You may be warned, I feel sensitive at times, but as long as I feel a bond & we're ok, I can tend to feel flamboyant & random of myself without much of a care!~

~ I Love to have fun & enjoy life as it comes! My Trained Themes about me are to Go with the flow & to feel Easy-Going~ {Not to be confused with: If someone were to cross over me, It won't feel hard to forget ..maybe even forgive.}

I feel fed up of the things I feel annoyed with easily.. & sometimes I feel rather stubborn towards my own feelings.. I love to stand my own ground & if no one is to follow me, to understand me or to appreciate the many things I may have done for them, so be it.

I could be your loss.

I really do cherish being around those who I love & my dear friends, just feeling close to someone feels like the best thing in the world to me.. you can never ever replace something that felt wonderful like that. ~ I hold alot of things {big or small} dear inside my heart.


Winston -Butler that follows you around in Tomb Raider I + II + III


I always been a big fan of Sonic ever since I was 3-years old ^-^ ~ My mother is very much of a gamer herself & she got me into Tomb Raider! {It was amazing! - I felt so scared of Winston -The Creepy old Butler that followed you around with a tea tray! XD}~ After moving to a different country I felt interested in The Sims, Animal Crossing, Spyro & Crash Bandicoot as they were all that I had over there. Upon arriving back in the UK, I fell interested in American Mcgee's Alice {I got Alice 2: Madness Returns not to mention!}. ~ & since meeting some wonderful friends I have really liked: Pokémon, Final Fantasy {-& the alike}, Legend of Zelda & Okami.


Lee Evans.png

I Love to see Films & Performances! It feels great to be occupied! XD~ I would have to say Lee Evans is my most favoured Comedian! I find his gags Hilarious & the ways he views life are intriguing, I admire that he feels so much love for his wife & isn't afraid to express it~ I feel proud to say he's a brilliant actor & Comedic legend! I also have his book 'The Life or Lee' I find him an interesting & canny soul for who he is. ^^

{Me & my boyfriend went to see his Roadrunner show -Aug2011 & I felt so close to shaking his hand! D:>}

Russell Howard.jpg

But of course~ not forgetting Russell Howard!

I feel for Rus's humour & his hilarious interpretations & examples of his show 'Russell Howard's Good News' very witty & outgoing for one who in his younger years, felt so nervous!


At long last! I have found an anime which will stay forever in my heart! Clannad (+ Clannad: After Story).. They story-line feels so emotional & griping when it comes to the end of an episode it just make me feel like watching more! - My first ever anime I watched was Fruits Basket - I felt lucky to have spot the books in my local library, they felt appealing to me since I love Astrology, Star Signs & the Chinese Zodiac;

Music & Bands

I've always felt this inner passion for music -I guess this must come from both my mother/father sides I was brought up with Rock & Roll & Unique genres but overall I don't really mind what I listen to depending on my mood ~ My favourite genres are Rock -{not too much screamo involved rock} & Techno I will also admit that I do like Hatsune Miku's songs & how synthesized her voice sounds.

Fave Bands:

  • Skillet
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Hollywood Undead
  • Story of the Year
  • Rush
  • Vocaloid

Although apart from those I do like different songs from various bands.. I feel more free when I have a variety of favourites. X3

Astrology & the Zodiac

I love Astrology, Star Signs & the Chinese Zodiac; but to me, reading horoscopes & great match making star signs doesn't feel like the most important about it, I just feel a thrill of knowledge & study by reading the zodiacs personalities & comparing them with the real person born in that Zodiac. ^-^

Heh.. I feel rather weird expressing that but it genuinely makes me feel deep & intrigued into similarities & differences that makes one person so unique.


This is a list of the characters that I have personally made that star in the stories that happen within the I.B.S~

  • Peach Lightwater-Hikarikaze: {Main character I portray.}


  • Elvira Darkwater: {Peach's Darker in a lull state of being.}
  • Dementia Freezewater: {Once the twisted & maddening side of Peach... eager to cause some corruption She now lives well & would never hurt a fly in her humble unjudemental state of clarity.}
  • Toxic Lustwater: {A seductive, feisty woman, only wanting to play the most cunning tricks on your mind while tugging gently on your heart strings... She is alot more sedated now, although.. somehow you can still feel on edge in her presence.}

​Seperate Characters:


  • Valiant Lix Tetrax: {A Gothical Male Batog-cross, His stubborn ways & charmed essence make him loathed by those who rub him the wrong way...He has always carried his Signature Dagger with him...But can he really be trusted?}
  • Sheila Electra-Carol Villette: {The Half-Sister of Valiant, after an accident she was taken to hospital & had to endure the pain of having her right leg amputated, she sometimes feels embarrassed about having a metal leg.. but it has improved her electricity powers by a long shot!}


  • Tanya Rhapsody Lockheart: {She's a whole hearted girl from the west, her cow-girl accent will always allow you to feel most at home when you visit her Inn/Bar in Sector 7. She has a foggy past having been the daughter of the war veteran Breaker Earthsoul & had grown up at the Ranch which had soon installed into the local haunt of the town. You could say she has a bit of a Sassy nature similar to Toxic.}
  • Genna Nicholes: {A girl whom had previously trained in the Vita Nova Institude as Clair Nightcutter's Partner/Rival, later finding herself fired for not completing a mission, Genna felt she had no where else to go but the I.B.S Mansion, soon after, she unlocked her true peppy self when hanging around them...she now has a family with Valiant but will it really all work out?}
  • Kathy ?????: {Only to have been known as a wild Tribal mobian whom felt highly curious about the world around her... she would keep contact with wildlife & survive within natures offerings, until one fateful night.. she met Bios. Since then Everything felt as though it were turned on it's head!}
  • Sari Earthwater: {First spotted as a mysterious mermaiden on Starfall Beach's coast... later on a familiar woman was found washed up on the beach side with legs! Peach + Elvira felt for sure this was the same girl they had met & offered her shelter at the mansion. Luckily as she is surrounded by 4 of her kind, she will soon learn to feel connected with her element & to remember her planet just as Peach did.}

Friends on this Wiki:

This is a list of people I would consider good friends here:

JonicOokami7 - Boyfriend.

Draon029 - A nice person I can relate to in some ways, he helps me out. :3

Gamedezyner - Someone who helped me cheer up when I was feeling ill. <^^>

Lucario of the Gods - A good friend.

My favorite pages

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