aka Segafan12

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is Playing Sega Games
  • I am A Sega FanXD
Tiffany And Kiki Base

You Can Make Base To Fan Charathers

Tails a 2
Tiffany And Kiki Looks At Me Reading A Book

Tiffany And Kiki Hangs Out With Me

Me Hangs Out With Tiffany And Kiki

I Can't Belive Stuffed Animal That Wears Gloves And Shoes

Tiffany and Kiki Wacthing Me Reading A Book




Country:Untied Kingdom

Things I Love:Sonic,Sega,Video Games,Drawing,Cartoons,Animals,Chewing Gum,Cute Things,Disscoring,Talking To People,SonXTails (Sonic And Tails)

Wacthing TV And Whiner Dogs

Things I Hate:Mairo ,Spainch,Time Outs,TV Y Rated Shows,8:30 Bed Time,Crows,Losing Preavled,Things That Is For Grown Ups,Some Treablie, Stupid Ideas,TV 14 Rated Shows,Drugs,My Nieghbers That Are Annyoing,Being Sad,Some Boring Stuff,Bag Of Coal,T Rated Games,M Rated Games,Bad Stuff On The Internate And Very Mature Addince

Things I Love To Draw:Sonic And Sega Stuff,Furries,Animals,Cartoons And Some Mild Violence

Things I Hate To Draw:Storng Violnecne,Storng Horror,Bloody Pictures,Drug Pictures

Favorite Sega Games:Sonic The Hedgehog,Samba De Amigo,Billy Hatcher,Super Monkey Ball,Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing,And Sonic Genesis (And I Don't Know About Alex Kidd Chuchu Rocket And Jet Set Radio)

Favorite Movies:I Like G Rated Movies PG Rated Movies And PG 13 Rated Movies

Favorite TV Shows:I Don't Know (Shruged) I Just Watch Little Bit Of TV Or I've Watched TV Y7 And TV PG

Favorite Comic Books:Sonic The Comic

Favorite Music:Sega Carnvail

Favorite Video Game Charather:I Like Sega Charathers Like Sonic,Amy Rose,Cream,Knukles,Chip (Litght Gaia) ,Amigo,Amiga,Billy Hatcher,Rolly Roll,Chick Poacher,Aiai,Meemeee,

Favorite Conlse's:Dreamcast,Sega Consles,Xbox360,Nintendo Ds,Gamecube And Playstocin3

My Games

Me As A Hegehog

Color Skin
Color Hair
Good But Fussy
Sonic,Sega,Chewing Gum,Making Cartoons,Furies,Cartoons,Animals,Chesse Buger,Wacthing Tv,Playing Her Compter,Drawing,Sinince,Nature And Her Friends
Spanich,Eggman,M Rated Games,T Rated Gmaes,Salpha Drugs,Crows,Annyoing Naboirs,Losing Pravleg,And Time Outs
Drawing,Riding Her Bickclyce,Playing Video Games,Doing Some School Work,Doing Some Chores,Running,Recoloring And Big Girl Skills

This Games I Don't Have

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