Palkia the dragon

aka Blue

  • My occupation is not being here
  • I am female

hey,i'm palkia the dragon (palk for short)......................this is the stuff about me below.




zodiac signs:(western) pisces (chinese) tiger


B-day:march 7th 1998 (or just 3/7/98)

likes:pokemon,dragons,reptiles,anphibians,fish,mamals,birds,swimming,climbing trees,legend of zelda (games),sonic the hedgehog (games),ty the tasmanian tiger (games),steak,seafood,dark chocolate,dramatic stuff,invader zim,

dislikes:cockroaches,dolls (the kind with those plastic eyes that look sort of real),bullies,vandals,hot wheeles,and some other stuff

fav games:sonic R,ty 1-3 (though i haven't played 2 & 3 yet),zelda wind waker,zelda spirit tracks,spyro shadow legasy (not sure if thats spelled right),pokemon black,nicktoons globs of doom (again,i have'nt played this game yet)

other stuff:i'm very shy at first but after a bit i tend to talk,sometimes a lot,and sometimes mot so much,i get over imagimnative and just do some random things for no reason.

friends:puppy1,and some othher people that i talk to on another wikia.

other as palk3798

TST (the sky temple of lugia and articuno) as hgsshl98

youtube as dragongirlady98 as palk3798 (i like to use the same user name multiple times)

..........................and i guess thats it for now.

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