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This is OmegaEdge ZX's userpage, please do not edit without his consent and/ or specific permission from him. Thank you all for complying with his request, if you wish to find out more about this user, please, read onwards! I dare you. >:3

Status: Online.

Listening to: A assortment of music.

Mood: Meh.

Doing: Taking a break.


Where to start, I'm the average australian teenager, listening to music, watching movies, internet, that kinda jazz. I've been on SFW for about 8 months and 1 day, (as of the 28th of April), including my old account, which was mainly made a "parody" account, as you might say, though I have been around wikis since the 24th of June, on and off that is. I'm a recently appointed "Chat Mod(erator)", as of the 18th of March, being the 7th one that still has that position and the fourth one that is not a admin or inactive.

I'm into rock/ heavy metal and video game music, with maybe a bit of classical when in the mood. I'm primary a sonic spriter, who has recently gotten into drawing, since I just got a scanner, and am probably getting a drawing tablet before the end of the semester. I'm a rather serious person, who acts like a raving lunatic when on the chat around my friends, you have been warned. I'm a rather sympathetic person as well, which can be a good and bad thing. I can make friends easily, and don't usually rub off bad with most people on this site, though there are exceptions.

If I had a personal theme, it would be this. . .

Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Hero Remix

  • Thundertails14 (Best wiki friend, is a awesome artist, kind, funny, trustworthy, a fellow aussie and I was the first person to watch her on DA ^^... Shame she left.)
  • Flashfire212 (Awesome, funny and a rather unique guy, is a fellow spriter, also a aussie and loves a laugh.)
  • Wolf9400 (Awesome and funny guy, a glad to have him as my buddy.)
  • Lucario of the Gods (Dude is awesome, I've known him for about a week, and the guy is already my friend, guy is kick-@$$, seriously, he makes friends easy.)
  • Makuta294 (Awesome guy, is a fellow chat, and the one I'm closest to as a chat mod, I always go to him for adivce and his opinion.)
  • Markakramgirgis (Cool guy, is a great artist and is ever-helpful... Where is he these days?)
  • Pinkolol16 (Is awesome, the person I talk to when I need it and is a fellow aussie.)
  • ZeroPath (Is awesome, his own species of pokemon, the king of explosions and is the guy who likes to look after the new guys.)
  • Shadow DragonKnight (A awesome, yet funny dude, you really have to talk to him, seriously, do it now.)
  • SolidScott (Friend in real life, can be funny when he wants to be)
  • Draon029 (Is a awesome Rper, and is one of the people I have known the longest, keep up the good work dude.)
  • Stardust327 (I haven't had a proper conversation with her for a while, but is a nice, sweet young lady.)
  • Lily x Mr.puffin and Iceland (Is on when I'm off, is off when I'm on, a fellow aussie, can only really talked to her when I get the day off.)
  • Sonicsmansion97 (I haven't really talked to her lately, as she has been away for life reasons.)


  • Plain = Article being written on my computer
  • Bold = Article completed.
  • Under-lined = Page is on Wiki, under construction
  • Italic = Page has a picture
  • Line = Scrapped article
  • Bold & line = To be started


All articles are dead - No use - Discontinued.


All articles are dead - No use - Discontinued.


All articles are dead - No use - Discontinued.

Custom Sigs

Spriter - Sword - Studio 05:19, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

Let's see what you can do! Is a random test sig.

|--Time is like a river, paddle on it while it's still flowing...

Misc. Stuffz

  • I shoot RAINBOW lightning.
  • I'm the proclaimed King of Nomming, Cookies, Wind and Lightning.

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