aka Brett Stoneback

  • I live in Souderton, Pennsylvania
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Kaytlinfencethefox's pokemon
  • I am unsure of my gender
I have made a new account. I am no longer Numbuh712. I am now Zero Path
10th. Sophomore
i forgot
can bench 44lb (weak)
at the moment: dark blue Chuck Norris shirt. Black mesh shorts. favorite: red shirt. black shorts.
chainsaw. milkshake bombs.
manipulation of explosions and milkshakes

My Current Characters (from weakest to strongest. Ultima and Hypra trios not included)

My Plans For SFW

  • Roleplay:Nightfall, the Magnet Master: intro to Nightfall the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Lightbane, the Weather Warrior: intro to Lightbane the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Moonrise, the Absorbtion Archer: intro to Moonrise the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Ultima the Ancient: sequel to the three above. provides extra info on the trio's pasts.
  • Roleplay:Cera, the Psychic Sorceress: intro to Cera the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Decibal, the Sonic Soldier: intro to Decibal the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Lumina, the Bright Beserker: intro to Lumina the Hedgehog's past.(in progress)
  • Roleplay:Hypra the Ancient: sequel to the three directly above. provides extra info on the trio's pasts.
  • Roleplay:Depleting Chaos: the Ultima and Hypra teams' efforts to replenish the Mobius' chaos. it will have a surprize ending that will not yet be revealed.
  • Roleplay:Return of the Ancients: the sequal to Depleting Chaos. features more surprizes such as Ultima and Hypra's most powerful forms and another powerful being that can only be brought about by my new six heroes.
  • the deaths of the Ultima and Hypra trios. =O
  • Roleplay:Tsunami Saga Part 3: Death of a Friend: finale to the Tsunami Saga trilogy. A battle will occur in which a dear friend loses their life while their opponent gains a sudden increase in power from their victory.
  • Roleplay:Cosmic Bonds: several strange meteors have fallen from the sky, and strange beings come out of each one. These beings have unknown goals, but they appear to be searching for something and destroying everything in their way to find it.
  • Roleplay:Total Chaos: The Six Paths of Chaos reveal their plans, at the same time revealing that they have almost succeeded in said plans.

My Fursona

Nightfall the Hedgehog

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing


Ever heard the ancient legends?

You touch my Reeses, you DIE!

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