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  • I was born on October 14
  • I am Female
Random house

This pic is from my journal on Gaia, Random House. Its the only Pic I have of me...

NinjaZane, the Who, What, When, Where and Why!

My vast imagination has brought me to create a lot of characters over the years, but I think my Sonic characters are in need of their own space, they can't share the same mind as my Tales of Legendia characters or my Pokemon characters; let alone just keep them shoved in a three ringed binder and let them start to rub the pencil lead off slowly, with this site I can let them free! I have a lot of characters to upload...

HalloweenTown Demyx by Jack666rul

I find this cool

Ok from the pic to the right you can see I was right about the vast imagination, as I sit in the middle, Kal, Fox Tail, and Shay surround me. They are my imaginary buddies who follow me around school, and now you are thinking that I'm a nut job, well... Your right... Anyway they follow me around where ever I go, Kal and Shay are brothers, and they are Shinigami, Fox Tail is a really smart Cat, he originaly was going to be one of my Sonic character, but I cut him because he wasn't what I was looking for. My first Sonic characters were created when I was like in the 7th grade. The heroes consisted of Kyo the Grey Cat(male), Andy the RedFox(female), and Toriko the Sparrow(female). The villans consisted of Coco the Orange Cat(male), Bonnie the Rabbit(female), and Damien the Weasel(male). Out of all six of those characters only one made it to my new saga, and that's Andy. She is now paired with 8 other characters, along with many others, to fight against the evil that threatens the world. My story Chaos Dark Days, is placed in modernday time with small technological advances, where it starts off with Andy working at a farm, she leaves that farm to go find Sonic, along her way to the city she meets some new friends, and when she gets to the city she meets even more friends, now Andy and six others carry one chaos emerald with them, and they must keep it with them at all times, they are called the Chaos Sisters, they sit under the Master Sister or the one who is the Master Emerald.
HalloweenTown Axel

I love this picture...

I was born in California, in October on the 14th. I now live in Texas and plan to stay! This saga is one of many that I am currently typing up, but out of all the sagas that I type up, this one will be the longest. I also have a small side story called Web House

If you have ever wanted to see two 15 year old girls squeel over a guy they never me, then you should have been at Medieval Times on 1/1/09, You would have seen it (From Left to Right- Me (NinjaZane), The Black and White Knight (Oh So Hot) and Mandie (My Best Friend).

. It's a crazy house of animals who love to cosplay and or be them selves.

You can find me on-

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P.s. I'm a little depressed right now... I have no motivation to really work on anything... Oh and the Web House Story... Yeah it's goingto be a LOOOOONG time before I can continue working on that - the original file has gone missing!

A Lol Video ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->thumb|300px|right|Lol, I love this Vid! It's so freaking Funny!!

Zane's Creations

I have a lot of Characters so yeah... Enjoy the long list...

The Chaos Sisters

Web House




Kids from the Future

  • Aral the Killer Whale (female)
  • Brask the Chameleon (male)
  • Dasher the Wolf (male)
  • Destiny Coyote (female)
  • Espia the Armadillo (female)
  • Jaune the Thistle (female)
  • Jeramy the Canary (male)
  • Kriss the Echidna (female)
  • Maceson the Hedgehog (male)
Tobi Tripping

Tripping Tobi - I Think Tobi is so Coo!!! 10/1/09

  • Milo the Fox (male)
  • Poppit the Fox (female)
  • Stage the Unknown (female)
  • Twilight the Hedgehog (female)
  • Virgal the Flying Fox (male)

Children of the Past

  • Autumn the Shrew (female)
  • Fleece the Golden (male)
  • Geitou Chisou (female)
  • Gilly the Koala (female)
  • Hunter the Real Wolf (male)
  • Onshen Van Cricket the Badger (male)
  • Raito the Dark (male)
  • Renka the Deer (female)
  • Rimen the Shamen (female)

    I can't wait to get a Zorua!! It's so cute!!!

  • Rimmzie Rex (???)
  • Scrape the Scorpion (male)
  • Shane the Zealot (male)
  • Tenshu the Irish Elk (male)
  • Zaiaku the Avenger (female)

The Queen's Royal Table

  • Ajedrez the Pure (male)
  • Draks Nightmare (male)
  • Even the Honorable (male)
  • Jack the Fool (male)
  • Kansas the Caring (female)

    Zoroark just became my favorite Pokemon ever!

  • Konto the Ark Angel (male)
  • Lent the Wizard (male)
  • Lilika the Gold Heart (female)
  • Maybie the Squire (female)
  • Nash the Rock (male)
  • Plague the Feared (male)
  • Potter the Valiant (female)
  • Shiver the Daring (male)
  • Valentine the Sharp (female)
  • Vraibleu the Crusader (female)

Shop Keepers

  • Anna Rabbit (female)
  • Apollo the Fox (???)
  • Bree the Hedgehog (female)
  • Dallas the Fox (female)
  • Edge the Bull (male)
  • Gale the Wolf (male)
  • Hoshiro the Bald Eagle (male)
  • Nell the Hatter (female)
  • Little Raven the Toon Dog (female)
  • Piican the Dog (female)
  • Sarah the Hamster (female)
  • Sherry the Cheshire Rabbit (female)  

This is a picture for my Kingdom Hearts Fanfic, Gazxell (my charcter) x Zexion Forever!!

  • Valarie the Hamster (female)
  • Weedee the Ferret (female)
  • Xenon the Cat-Dog (male)

Angels and Demons

  • Alice the Springhare (female)
  • Amanda the Star Leopard (female)
  • Caesar the Wrath (male)
  • Enverton the Chao (???)
    GxZ Back

    This is the back of the picture above, Gazxell x Zexion Forever!!

  • Germaine the Lustful (female)
  • Gloren the Pride (male)
  • Grace the White Tiger (female)
  • Jupiter D. Star (male)
  • Mercury Nova (female)
  • Nekopoliten (female)
  • Nevertheless (male)
  • Pikerus the Glutton Bora (male)
  • Revons the Sloth (female)
  • Sage the Tiger (male)
  • Sasha Greed (female)

Robots / Androids

Important Others

  • Bee-Bell Bunny (feamle)
  • Bleach the Black Panther (female)
  • Cinema Flair (female)
  • Drix the Grey Mole (male)
  • Eva the Seedrian (female)
  • Hill Side the Mare (???)
  • Kelly the March Tabby (female)
  • Lars the Monkey (male)
  • Leroy Text (male)
  • Madori the Pink Mole (feamle)
  • Medor the Lion (male)
  • Melgo the Damned (male)
  • Michael the Shinto Priest Mosue (male)
  • Mistory the Seedrain (female)
  • Nezumineko the School Teacher (feamle)
  • Sophiea the Cleaner Shrimp (female)
  • Tanner the Cheshire Rabbit (male)
  • Tea Cup the Dorchao (???)


Scrap Characters

  • Airalean the Skater (female)
  • Bonnie the Rabbit (female)
  • Coco the Orange Cat (male)
  • Damien the Weasle (male)
  • Fox Tail the Cat (male)
  • Honey B. (female)
  • Kal (male)
  • Kyo the Grey Cat (male)
  • Shay (male)
  • Spite the Imp (male)
  • Toriko the Sparrow (female)
  • Zane the Zebra (female)

(90 females + 86 males + 7 unknown = 183 characters over all)

~Hey, extremely curious about a certain character of mine, that isn't up yet? Tell me that you want to know, and I'll get it up there for ya as soon as I can, It will be no problem~

NinjaZane's Can and Cannots

  • Can: Draw for hours.

thumb|300px|right|Most trippiest scene from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Snarl of Memories

  • Cannot: Draw tiny detail!
  • Can: Watch Old school Cartoons. (Like the Snorks)
  • Cannot: Watch an Episode of the Teen Titan that shows, mentions, or makes reference to Terra, I will start crying!
  • Can: Play Pokemon for hours.
  • Cannot: Watch an Episode of Pokemon that has a main trainer give away a Pokemon, once again I will start to cry! (Like the time Ash almost gave up Pikachu)
  • Can: Buy games that I have never heard of, and play them for days. (Like Tales of Legendia)
  • Cannot: Wait for a new game to come out, I start to go insane, but hey who doesn't do that?
  • Can: Eat a Tomato like an Apple.
  • Cannot: Eat Corn Beef (YUCK!).
  • Can: Watch, read, draw, and quote Anime for hours.
  • Cannot: Draw like the animators.
  • Can: Sound like characters on T.v., Video Games, and People that I know (Like Lois from Family Guy and Simon from Rogue Galaxy).
  • Cannot: Sound like everyone (I wish I could).
  • Can: Sleep like a cat.

thumb|300px|right|A Song I will Never Forget... (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Xion) I completed it on 10/25/09

  • Cannot: Sleep when Paranoid or scared.
  • Can: Play on the computer for days
  • Cannot: Get off the computer when my mom tells me.
  • Can: Type really fast!
  • Cannot: (At this time) Think of anything else to type...

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