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I've been thinking of a fan series heavily based on the Archie comics storyline. It features a new line characters created by me with inspiration from other media.

After December 21, 2012 was considered a fake, believer were outraged and the stores were flooded because some didn't go Christmas shopping because of the date, but what the people don't know is that someday extraterrestrial life will find Earth according to Stephen Hawking's theory about alien life.

In the year 2048 (a fan guess of the year the Xorda find earth), we meet new characters such as Lance Coleman of the USA with his friends Kyle and Kirk, Kaminari Baisotei of Japan with her two parents Kazuhiko (father) and Kasumi (mother), and two well known friends Troy Hickman and Brandon Moody after she moved to Merritt Island, Florida in America at age 5, where her father got a job at the Kennedy Space Center, and Aaron Grant of Canada with his family and a neighbor who is a school gym coach. On July 22, 2048, the Xorda find Earth, on the same day, Dr. Ivan Kintobor captured the Xorda emissary and dissected it. The day after the dissection (July 23, 2048), the Xorda were outraged and bombed the planet with gene bombs causing disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. During the attack, Kaminari, her parents and Troy escaped in a car driven by Brandon who believed in the Xorda theory by the Mayans. They go to an airport where they go on an LK-546 (an evacuation aircraft) nicknamed "The Minotaur" along with 21 others. They fly to an secret lab (one of the 6 Strato labs) where they encounter an robot named Betty (model BE-2467) and 26 freezing capsules. The robot tells them to go into the capsules and Kaminari, her parents and friends and the others are frozen for about 12,000 years. The technology for Betty and the freezing capsules were provided by aliens called the Blobus who found Earth earlier than the Xorda (April 13, 2030) and helps the capsules and the robot for about an stunning 15,000 years.

There are much more characters and surprises to come so be on the lookout for updates!


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My fan series contains many generes. Here are the generes:

Major Genres

  • Based on my childhood (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Action & Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction

Minor Generes

  • Disaster & Tragedy (In Layla's dream sequences)

Differences from Archie Comics

There are a few differences between the comics and the fan series. This is a list of differences:

Major Differences

  • The fan series introduces a new line of characters. However the new characters don't change the storyline of the comics too much.
  • Things in the comic's storyline completely represent Mobius as a "real world". Therefore, things that represent the storyline as "just a comic book" and things to represent a video-game are removed and replaced with "real world" references. Only stories that go with the main storyline are allowed in the fan series. Video games, tv shows, and other media based on Sonic the Hedgehog don't exist because thiis fan series takes place in the Archieverse. Off Panel universe stories and bloopers in the comics have been removed as well. Sonic Super Special #6: Sonic #50: Directors Cut will replace the classic Sonic the Hedgehog #50. Since Mobius: X Years Later takes place in the future, it will come last in my fan series storyline.
  • Because of the efforts of Nano, media from Earth has been brought to Mobius. Media such as films, music, tv shows, video games and some video game consles and other things that Earth had before the Xorda attack on Earth.
  • Sometimes when not around the comics storyline, the fan series go to a darker, more mature state. Things such as strong language, sexual references & material, violent images (usually in Layla Burton's dream sequences), and drugs and alcohol are added in the fan series storyline. These are added because everything can't be childish and must go on to a more mature stare. Although, not many Mobians or official Archie Comics characters swear. The only ones who swear are the Chaotix (except for Charmy, although he says words like "crap", "sucks" and other innapropiate words that aren't too bad) and a slight number of others.

Minor Differences

  • Depending on the artist, Hershey St. John would either have a thin tail, or a full, fluffy one, the latter being more common. However in the fan series, her tail will be, and remain fluffy through out the whole series. The reasons are:
  1. Her tail was fluffy in her first appearance. (StH #47)
  2. It makes her look hotter. :)
  3. The artist should know better.

This also goes the same for Sasha Cat & Bunnie Rabbot. Sometimes in the fan series, Hershey gets more attention than Geoffrey St. John. Also, during the year without Sonic (Sonic was thought to be dead in StH #125), Hershey is revealed to have a singing talent (which she doesn't use TOO much) when Mina Mongoose asked her to sing, so they can both do a duet in Mobian Idol. Besides, anyone can sing... right?

  • As with some of writer/artist Frank Strom's other character designs, Li Moon's species was somewhat vague in her first appearance; while her grandfather appears to be a lion, her appearance lead fans to speculate she was anything from a tiger to a red panda; in her most recent appearance, her species was finalized as a fox. The finalized version of Li Moon (as a fox) shall replace her old version in her first appearance. (StH #60)
  • Overlanders have four fingers, but in some issues, they are seen with five fingers. This shall be fixed.
  • Rouge The Bat is seen with no lipstick in the comics, this will be fixed too.


  • Because some characters come from different nations, the fan series in in multi-language. Languages include English, Spanish, Japanese, German and others. However, people from different nations learn English sometime after the Xorda attack on Earth.

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