About Leena

IDK I'll do this later I'm to XDDD


|title=Leena Hedgehog

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Leena Hedgehog(don't say "the")

|age=1000/4000+(appears 14,15,or 16)

|likes=Kamal,Shadow,the stars,NiGHTS, Reala(lets just say her relatives),the guitar,making noise with metal, water,black,red,blue,orange,hot pink,purple etc,dimonds,money,Sunny, Me(sometimes :p),Sonic & Scrab Master,soda(DON'T GIVE IT TO HER!!), candy(u will regret it if u do),other fan characters, icecream(DON'T GIVE HER SWEETS!!!!),kicking people with her metal boots(heh heh!!XD)

|dislikes=making people cry,herself crying,noise,Sonic,annoying Dreamers/Visitors, Eggman,Metal Sonic(wait lets just say she likes him when he hurts Sonic lol), people taking her candy,The Simpsons(i love it though.XD),being tricked, being teased



|also know as=Demon Devil,Lee, Blood Princess(that was made up by Espio when he saw her in a blood red dress)


|species=Western-European/African Pygmy Hedgehog and Half Nightmaren


|skills=metamorphases,to work with water and fire, speed that is faster than Sonics, to breath under water, to learn every kind of power,flying

|eyes=blood red

|birthplace=christmas island,mobotropolis

|family=Sonic(one year older bro,in appearnce age),NiGHTS(cousin), Reala{cousin),Wizeman(uncle), Puffy(cousin),Gulpo(pet like cousin), Clawz(pet like cousin),Jackle(cousin),Gillwing(cousin)

Fan couples that I just randomly made upXD

BTW i know i don't mix the words togther.It confuses me when i do it.

  • Leena x Kamal(kamal belongs to my boyfriend Soinc & Scrab Master,SO DON'T STEAL!!!)
  • Leena x Shadow(hee hee.BTW DON'T STEAL LEENA!!!!!!MY CHARACETR GOT IT!!!!)

My Friends

there r more ppl their just on SSN

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