NerotheHedgehog/The Knightmares

Basic Info
Alignment Villains
Status Active
Allies and Enemies
LeaderSylis the Wolf
FlightZeni the Hawk
PowerTalon the Echidna

NerotheHedgehog/The Knightmares are Group of Former Knights that wanted to destroy an entire kingdom, and did so, but want to unleash havoc on the world!


A Group of Knights from when a portion of Mobius was controlled by a king, these 3 Knights betrayed him, and started their own kingdom rivaling his, but after the king reigned supreme and killed these 3 knights, they never truly died, in fact, they figured out they were demigods, and were immortal, and the group took on the form of ghosts and haunted the king until he killed himself, they found no more pleasure in doing what they were doing, so they waited year and years until the time was right to reveal themselves again, during the time when Sonic the Hedgehog roamed the world, and disguised themselves as normal mobians causing helpless mobians to have nightmares forever, and they thought no one could stop them.

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