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Most recent TP

Jonic: *yawns and sits down
*his fur looking shiny and sleek
Jonic: *scratches ear with back leg and looks up   
Neo: *Silently draws closer*   
Jonic: ...*sits silently   
Neo: *Morphs her right hand into a hook blade as she comes up from behind*   
Jonic: ... *ears prick up   
Neo: *prepares to slash Jonics neck*   
Jonic: *markings glow and he leaps to the side just as she strikes
*arches back and growls firecely
Neo: Here I thought I was being sent to kill a great warrior, looks to me  like    your just some mutt.   
Jonic: ...*changes to normal form and places hand on sword   
Jonic: ..Great warrior?. i think you have a wrong number
Neo: Well my employer wants you dead either way so it doesn't matter to me what  I'm Killing.
Jonic: ... many have tried and failed.
...seduction... assasination... or just plain force..
Neo: That's probably why he Hired me *Morphs Right hand into a sickle blade*   
Jonic: *Draws sword of shiranui and stands ready   
Neo: Lets see how long you last *Rushes forward and strikes with her blade hand.*
Jonic: *pulls sword away and slashes at the chest
Neo: *Ignores Jack and backflips using her jet shoes to boost her as well as  send scorching flames towards Jonic*   
Jonic: *gets slightly burnt as he backs away   
Neo: *Quickly returns to the offensive using the same hand to strike again*   
Jonic: *slides under her and slashes at her back   
Neo: *Gets cut but also spins with another strike to Jonic's left with her blade*
Jonic: *gets cut across the shoulder
gngh.. *feels limit building as he tries to hold it in
Neo: *lands and strikes with her left hand which is now a wide blade*
Jonic: *backflips away
Neo: *Morphs right hand into a chain and attempts to grab his leg with it*   
Jonic: !... *narrowly rolls to the left while staining the ground with blood*
*thinking* (this woman isnt organic... i can see it..)
Neo: *grins* Looks like your time is running out.   
Jonic: ... *markings glow brightly* .. i didnt want to resort to this but.. i    cant hold this in much longer   
Neo:*Glasses slide down a bit* Eh?   
Jonic: GRRRR *enters Trance mode   
Neo: *Pushes glassses up* So this is the power he meant.... Lets see if he's  strong enough for option B.   
Jonic: *stands full of energy
 Neo: Well then..... *Morphs both hands into razor claws* Lets get wild!
Jonic: ... *rushes towards her   
Neo: *Holds left foot up and sends jet flames right in his path*   
Jonic: *stops dead in tracks trying to defend from the flames   
Neo: *Rushes forward before the flames die down attacks with a triple spinning  Claw Slash*   
Jonic: *gets knocked back slightly and counters with a jab to the chest   
Neo: *Grabs Blade with both hands a tries to twist it out of Jonics grip.*
*sword flys backward and lands a short distance away
*starts comboing with punches and kicks
Neo: *slashes at the oncoming attacks to either damage Jonic's Legs and hands or to force him to swerve away from vital areas*   
Jonic: *backing away panting
*raises hands and charges up
*shoots out all he has in a beam of spirit energy
Neo: *Morphs right hand into cannon to absorb the most of the attack while  taking damage from the excess energy*
 Jonic: ... *exits trance form and loses markings as he finds it hard to keep  standing
 Neo: *Staggers* Not..... bad mutt.... *Holds up cannon arm* I've still got a bit left though *Sends back absorbed energy as her own attack*
 Jonic: *trys to hold up against the attack but gets shot backward landing next to his sword
*lieing on front trying to stay conscious
???:-appears infront of Jonic-...
Neo: *falls over from the recoil* Dang, looks like its option B then....
Jonic: ...*vision starts going blurry while thoughts run through his head*  "A..Amaterasu... have.. i"   
Neo: *Passes Out from the impact of the ground against her open wound*   
Jonic: !... *in a last ditch effort climbs to his feet (claiming his sword in the process) and slowly aproaches neo
JOnic:*lifts her up in arms and weakly carrys her to the nearest settlement   
Jonic: .... gh...
...i.. have.. to..keep..strong.. *reaches a small village and collapses
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