I have so many ideas, not just for Sonic fan games but fan games for other series not to do with Sonic as well as my own original games.

These are some minor ideas I have but may never come into project. I'd much rather concentrate on Ultimate Sonic first and afterwards either Sonic Avatar or Sonic World and cannot be making side projects on a whim.

Please ask if you are interested in any of these ideas.


Birthday demos

This is something I strongly want to do. Both out of kindness and maybe requests.

On devART it is usually customary to give a friend a picture for their birthday. For Sonic fans it is usually of their Sonic fan character.

For me, I want to give them game demo's. Such as their fan character running through a classic or modern stage of their choice. I could make there fan character as well as a zone and use the Ultimate Sonic engine to make a single level as a gift for them.

Sonic and the Pearls of Wisdom

A fan game based on the Sonic Storybook series. Sonic is summoned to Ancient Chun-nan where he assists Guanyin in collecting the Seven Pearls of Wisdom, each pearl has it's own colour as well as a chinese symbol on it, each pearl is equivilent to the World Rings.

Instead fairies like in Sonic and the Black Knight, they have been replaced with coloured symbols. grants additional rings, for springs and as speed boosts and to fill up the "Soul Gauge". Dunno if I got the right symbols.

While I try not to involve fan characters in projects, this game simply screams for Mystic Monkey to play as Sun Wukong.

This game has been considered since Sonic and the Secret Rings way before S&tBK. Especially the use of pearls in the game, given the name and theme.

Sonic and the Blood Moon

Another Storybook game. This time baring a haunted theme given the stories of Dracula and Franenstein make the world that the game takes place in. While the game is themed on classic monsters, it has stages and themes inspired by Halloween such as ghosts, pumpkins and late-autumn settings making this game ideal for fans of the holiday.

While bingewatching old horror movies, a witch appears and takes Sonic to a Romanian 1800s like world where the days are twilight and the nights are dark and long. There an evil wizard known as the Dark Sorcerer curses Sonic by cutting his arm and tainting the moon of the world with his blood. He demands Sonic to collect the four amulets before the moon turns red or he'll die. The curse however grants Sonic the ability to take on his werehog form in some stages.

The cutscenes appear like early Universal monster movies. Unlike usual Storybook games where the counterparts of Sonic's friends take character roles from the stories they're based on instead they're based on generic characters.

Counterpart Character Information
Tails The Doctor Based after Victor Frankenstein as well as the generic "mad scientist" trope but not evil. He asks Sonic to subdue one of his powerful creations. His creation is powered by a pacemaker that has a sapphire that is one of the four amulets.
Knuckles The Hunter Based on vampire and monster hunters. His attire resembling the protagonists from the Van Helsing movie. He has a rosary that wards of vampires due to the Holy Diamond, one of the four amulets.
Shadow & Rouge The Vampires Servents of the Dark Sorcerer and enemies to The Hunter. However when their master becomes mad with power, Sonic convinces them along with The Hunter work together. They have dracula's Medallion which has the Blood Ruby, one of the four amulets.
Blaze The Mummy Her sarcophagus was imported from a far away land and resurrected by the Dark Sorcerer. Her power is drawn from her Eye of Ra which possesses a sunstone that allows her to harness the fire of the sun. This sunstone being one of the four amulets.

Christmas storybook game

An idea I humoured. Just as Blood Moon is Halloween in theme, this game is Christmas in theme.

While takes place in a winter themed wonderland, the story Dark Sorcerer also serves as a basis for the world.

Sonic teams up with the Sugarplum Fairy to save Santa Claus who is kidnapped by the Rat King. A running gag throughout the adventure is Sonic being mistakened as a servent or agent of the Rat King.

The world is divided into three realms. A polar forest, a city made of gingerbread and a theme park thats also a rustic industrial complex.

So far the only ideas for the story is Balenaproductions do the cutscenes in the same way of the Christmas With Sonic series. Given I myself am a big fan of the Christmas series and think would best represent Sonic for a Christmas game. As for counterparts, the only ideas for who's who is for the Townspeople from S&tBK to be Christmas elves.

Sonic RPG

Like Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood it will be an RPG with limited poly-gon count but with all the crap removed and additional ideas to make it more traditional to classic RPGs. A story has not been decided but the idea that the game plays traditionally to classic RPGs like Final Fantasy, with the use of Star Posts as the games Save Point.

Battles will be remade and most unique, with the battlefields looped in motion as all the fighters continuously run while combat is initiated. (Like the Phantom Train battle in Final Fantasy VI.) This way the game will appear more speed based, as in nature of Sonics games.

Unlike Sonic Chronicles battles, combat in the game will be remade from the ground up with TRPG based gameplay but with Active Time Battle to simulate stradegy along with speed. All battlefields will be 8×8, as based on chessboards. Per turn, each character is granted three Action Points per turn to decide to either attack or move. Spending Action Points give "Special Points" to the playing character which can be spent on more powerful moves. The majority of POW Moves from Chronicles will also be replaced to fit in well with the gameplay and uses Quick time events to pull off.

Move Name Description Function SP cost Effects
Spin Dash Attack Sonic charges up a Spin Dash aimed directly at a single opponent. 3 seconds to button-mash A/PlayStationX until the meter indicates maximum power. The meter will decrease if button not pressed. 2 2× 200% of Attack damage
Speed Up Sonic gotta go fast. None. A minor stat boost. 2 ATB gauge will replenish at a 15% faster rate.
Sonic Wind Sonic will create a whirlwind on a 3×3 square radius. Continulously press the four action buttons in clockwise order to continue and finish the attack. 4 3× 300% of Wind damage
Sonic Boom Sonic will boost towards a direction, causing a sonic boom and harming all those in path. A circle will appear and shrink down towards Sonic. Pressing B/PlayStationSquare at the right will grant the bonus. 5 3× 300% of Attack damage

Move Name Description Function SP cost Effects
Scan Tails will scan the enemy and upload any information on it's kind to the Miles Electric database showing some information and average stats on the enemy. None 1 Targets that have been scanned will leave them vulnerable while information uploaded to the database will have the same enemies HP visable when encountered in future battle.
Air Dive Tails flies up high and falls towards opponent in Spin Attack. Press A/PlayStationX continuously to get decent height and B/PlayStationSquare to execute attack. 2 2× 200% of Attack damage
Shield Bot Tails summons a small droid equipped with a forcefield to fortify a friend. Simple button pressing. 5 2× 200% of damage resistance
Flash Bang Tails flies up to deploy a flash grenade. Simply indicates B/PlayStationSquare for when to throw the grenade. 5 Causes Blindness and Confusion to non-robots only.

Move Name Description Function SP cost Effects
Strength Through breathing exersizes, Knuckles can increase his power. None. A minor stat boost. 2 15% of Attack
Dig Allows Knuckles to bury himself until his next turn. Button mash B/PlayStationSquare to bury yourself deep enough and find bonus items. 3 Avoid all but Earth based damage.
Uppercut Put all your might in a single upwards punch. Press B/PlayStationSquare at the right moment (when the boxing bell rings) to execute attack. 4 175% of Attack damage, Armor Piercing
Quake Punch Deals earth damage at a 5×5 square radius from Knuckles. Simply indicates B/PlayStationSquare for when to throw the grenade. 6 100% of Attack damage to all ground enemies. Can't miss, Stun (50% chance), Element: Earth

Each character has stats in strength and defence but none in health given rings double as both currency and health. Players can give individual characters on team as many rings as they see fit to function as health and, at the cost of an Action Point, can give individual characters more rings to sustain them. While there is no need for healing items, "Super Rings" which randomly grants 10,20,30,40,50 or 100 rings. An item called "1Up" also replaces Revival Ring. But items such as Antidote, POW consumables, Immunity Booster, Rock Salt and a few other Sonic Chronicles items will certainly be kept in the game. Especially Earth Rings, Water Rings and Wind Rings.

The game will use either Chaos Drives or ForceJewels which work simularly to Final Fantasy VII's Materia, in which colour coded crystals can give Sonic and his friends the ability to manipulate the elements for short bursts. The use of these "Magic" spells require Mana Points.

There will also be a summoning system where by finding and equipping Sega Stars or "Sega★" you can call the aid of a hero from popular Sega games to help you in battle. Such as Akira Yuki, NiGHTS and maybe Bayonetta. Used like Forcejewels accept they don't stack and have cooldowns after use.

Ideas for Summons
Name Attack Element/Effect Notes
Akira Yuki "Tetsuzanko" Non-elemental attack Earliest summon discovered.
NiGHTS "Paraloop" or "Mystic Melody" Attack, causes sleep and confusion
Astal "Crystal Crash" Earth attack Found near the alter on Angel Island.
Bayonetta "Wicked Weave" or "Madama Butterfly" Dark attack Rouge's default summon.

The use of Summons cost higher Mana Points than usual Magic spells cost.

Super Smash Bros. RIVALS

This game comes in two versions. The Red version is the most traditional to the SSB as it has Mario and Nintendo characters duking it out in side scrolling fights. The Blue version consist purely of Sega characters with Sonic and his friends. Even the items have been replaced with various items from Sega games.

However one of the great features of this idea is the main compatability with these games is Sega characters VS Nintendo characters in fights.

Of course why not just have it all on one version? If this was an actual console video game, two seperate versions will have more space for the options and features than having to deal with a huge roster. And also some fans from the 90's may still be reluctant to purchase Mario games, only those accepting to Brawl since Sonic was in it. I doubt Sonic will be in the upcomming SSB game since he was a third-party character, but if Sega made there own version of SSB to be compatable with Nintendo's then not only will he technically still be in the Smash roster but also be introducing many new fighters from various Sega games.

Ideas for Newcommers would be Kevin Keene for red verison and Tarō Sega for blue version.

Ultimate Sonic 2

I already have a few ideas for a sequal to Ultimate Sonic despite the fact I haven't even started with the first game.

Ultimate Sonic 2 can have two main stories to play through just like Sonic Adventure 2. The main story starts with news report of a large explosion that has happened in Central City. It leads on to show that it was Shadow doing, by an involuntary and rather powerful Chaos Blast. The Hero story is that Shadow is more angry and destructive than usual and confronts Sonic more in which Tails finds out that his DNA is unstable and if not checked his final Chaos Blast will not only destroy him but an explosion as big as a nuke. The Dark story is that Shadow is haunted by the "ghost" of Black Doom (who resides in Shadow's DNA) implores him in his role as a weapon. Rouge and Dr. Eggman try to find out more on Shadow's behavior but for different reasons. Also Shadow has moments with the spirit of Maria.

(Mystic) Paladin Quest

Production name and more of a fanfic story than an idea for a game. Mystic Monkey goes to the world of Sonic and the Black Knight. Set some time after his first adventure. Despite Caliburn being Sonic's sword, he agree's to assist Mystic on a quest to find the seven World Rings. Each ring that Mystic finds invokes emotion and memories to Mystic to help him understand his faults and to be a better person and eventually to become a knight.

Sonic Boom fan game

An idea I came up recently that takes place on the Boom version of Angel Island. Similar to Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the game is about restoring a large shattered crystal of great importance. This time, the "Ancient Crystal" which appears a lot like the Lost Crystal of Power but coloured aqua instead of purple. The Ancient Crystal is suppose to be the Boomiverse equivilent of the Master Emerald.

The gameplay will be fully 3D like Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric but the brawling system will be simplified in favour for having more RPG like elements and have Shattered Crystal like gameplay.

Unlike Rise of Lyric where you operate as a team of four, instead you play only as a team of three and can set who you want on your team with Save Points. Other players in mind are Perci, Shadow and Boomiverse Sonic characters who may be protectors of the Chaos Crystal. (Like Blaze the Cat who is guardian of the Sun Crystal.)

Of recently I had dream that has given me new ideas of a Sonic Boom fangame with gameplay that blends Shattered Crystal/Fire & Ice and Sonic Lost World gameplay and set on the mainlands of Boomiverse world instead of the island. Of yet undecided if combat should be reinstated in the game.

Silver the Hedgehog (Game)

Came up with the idea of it after this post. I've had some ideas to improove Silvers PKs abilities to make them less dependant on an Action Gauge. Ideas in mind are "PK Run" which is very similar to how Tails run at top speed. Silver applies his levitation ability to his top-speed running to move even faster without tiring his concentration. Also PK Marks will be phased out in preference to simply holding down psychokinesis in specific areas to automatically assemble a bridge or path as long as PK is held. PK MArks will still appear on the game hub to indicate when it will be ideal to use psychokinesis.

The story in mind is of Silver living in either Grand Metropolis or another city, living in the "Saved Timeline". He has no memories of Sonic '06 but still has nightmares of the "Doomed Timeline" especially of the cat girl. Silver his dreams are of absolution, he goes to find the seven Chaos Emeralds in hopes to find answers on who she is and why she is so important to him.

The game may instead make use of the Time Stones and allow Silver to travel from the Saved Time line to the Doomed Timeline in order to find the answers he seek.

Sonic Shuffle: Superstars

I was thinking, if a sequal for an All-Star racing game is unlikely, what new Sega Superstar game can be made for the series? Since it was initially camera games and tennis, I tried to think up ideas for sport that would make an ideal new Superstars game, but I couldn't think of any that would be well suited. I also wanted to think up an idea for a Superstars game that will allow amiibos to be a liable reason for the game. I tihnk it would be awesome if the Sega's celebraties can all have Amiibos.

Then, I thought of a daring idea! How about... "Sonic Shuffle: Superstars"? It doubles as both retelling/sequal to Sonic Shuffle as well as new installment to the Superstars series where the boardgame theme would be most suitable for diverse different characters!

Maginaryworld now has new worlds created from dreams based on various Sega games. Players can select a variety of Sega characters to play as, each playing board may have up to 4, 6 or 8 players in total. Gameboard objectives may change. In Sonic Shuffle you had to collect 5 precioustone pieces one by one, in this version all five pieces can be available on the board at the same time, more depending on number of players. Gameplay would be majorly improoved over the first game. Magical Cards still required but you can only choose direction of where you will move to than seeing exactly where you will end up. Spaces may also be replaced in favour of a dice roll that determines plus or minus rings, extra go, mini-event or nothing. Also instead of Battle spaces, they will be replaced with actual monsters that wander the board. Landing on the same space as a monster will cause a battle.

Whole variety of minigames, each set of minigames based on the franchise the boards are set on. Such boards in mind are Green Hill Zone, Curien Mansion, Carnival Town, and Sega HQ

The cons though is the minigames needs to be compatable with all known characters the game can have, as well as don't know if Amiibos would be all that needed for it unless there is some sort of leveling or experiance system that Amiibos would be useful for.

This is my most current idea so far for a new installment to the Sega Superstars series.

Cartoons / Movies

Movie idea

After watching this new Sonic fan film and showing it to my brothers, being that I myself would like to make a Sonic fan film that is CGI over live-action (or at least mostly CGI), both me and my brothers agree how cheesy it is and believe I can do a better job.

An idea for my Sonic fan movie would be an origin story based on the old Sonic Bible, perhaps using back story from my cartoon idea Sonic Adventures. The movie then leading on to Sonic's first adventure where he ventures through the green hills of South Island, a stone labyrinth hidden within the mountain, the abandoned city of Star Light and the reconstructed mountain lair of the now Dr. Eggman.

Sequal to Sonic Underground

We never got to see the Council of Four prophacy come to pass. While Sonic Underground wasn't the best Sonic cartoon (better than Sonic X) the series itself never finished and have always been curious to know if Queen Aleena will ever reunite with her children.

I once had a dream that rekindled my interest in the series and that is of Queen Aleena with Silver the Hedgehog as her guardian as they oversee the progress of her children and to protect her from threats. Perhaps a decendant of her family from the future who returns to the past to protect her until the prophacy comes to pass. I do not know if he also possess a medallion, but if I head the sequal to Sonic Underground I would grant him one. However, unlike some fan-sequal ideas Iread, I will not grant these magical amulets to most but only a very few hedgehog restricted few.

An idea for the continuing series can be the triplets finding ancient songs which have various magical effects when played with their modern instruments. Also, a mission to apprehend one of Dr. Robotnik's robotisizers is a sucsess for Cyrus to reverse engineer for his derobotisizing project. He creates a machine that uses Sonic Underground music to gradually free a robian's mind permanently.

There can also be the allies selected by Queen Aleena to help her children, Knuckles being the first at Friend or Foe. Tails' father could of been a warrior and was asked by Queen Aleena to help her children, but was killed/robotisized leaving Tails scared and alone, but with Sonic's courage, takes up his fathers responsabilities.

Amy Rose can be introduced as the bands #1 fan, showing up at there concerts, adoring there music, downloading there songs and collecting merch. She base her style on Sonia whom she looks up too and adores Sonic the Hedgehog, wishing to be his princess. Sonic has no interest in clingy fan girls while ironically, Manic likes her and tries, and usually fails to impress her. Amy doesn't have a medallion as she isn't of the royal family. She can wear clothing different from her canon counterpart, prefering the pop fashion and look more like her classic self than modern self (especially since Sonic Underground was during the Classic era of Sonic's games).

Maybe Shadow the Hedgehog could also be in it. I can imagine him starting out bad and then goes on an adventure of self discovery only to find a medallion of his own., despite not being related to royalty.

Ideas for amulets
Queen Aleena Cello
Silver ???
Shadow Guitar

Christmas Flash animation

A script is in the works, inspired from BalenaProductions Christmas with Sonic series. It was scheduled for last December yet lost Adobe Flash and it is yet to be reinstalled.

Late December in Station Square which, due to it's humid climate, rarely ever snows. However with a sudden blizzard ushering a sudden ice age across Soumerca America. Sonic and Tails go to investigate the source.

I like the idea of badniks called Ice Breaths, which are modified robots which spray liquid nitrogen instead of flaming gasolene.

Zone of the Dead

An idea I haven't decided what to do with yet. But for sure it is a crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and House of the Dead series and whatever I'll do with it will perhaps be a Halloween special.

The game is about AMD Agent "G" and Sonic the Werehog working together. Gameplay between G and Sonic will be different but it will be a rail shooter/slasher where you progress four stages set in Pumpkin Hill. The four stages are:

  • Pumpkin Mountain You explore the wild pumpkin patches across the haunted mountain sides.
  • Church Yard You explore the cemetary and the interior of the church.
  • Ghost Train Clear the junctions and board a haunted train.
  • Cryptic Castle Enter Dr. Eggmans castle.

The story is Dr. Eggman uses black magic to summon Dark Frights to possess people and scrapped robots. Since his spellcraft has disturbed the powers of Dark Gaia, this has caused Sonic to become a Werehog during a Halloween party at Pumpkin Hill, which coincidentally G was attending. The two decided to team up to stop the Zombots. Zobio & Zobiko may also be there given Sonic is more familiar with them as House of the Dead characters than he would be with G.

While rail shooter/slasher, combat gameplay varies with chosen player.

  • Playing as G: Left click to fire, right click to reload.
  • Playing as Sonic: Hold down left click and move across the screen to "slash" at enemies.
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