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  • I live in Wales, United Kingdom
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January 5, 1988
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NOTICE: I can be an SNN article wh*re here. I tend to link SNN articles on the articles I write here when it comes to canon Sonic stuff that my character or the topic relates too. For more information about me I recommend looking up my SNN user page or to check on my fan character article here on SFW.

NOTICE: I can appear [inactive] most of the time. Thats because I don't socialise much other than reply to comments when I can on my articles or Message Wall. I've yet to achieve my dreams to actually make games which is why I'm not on as much. But you can find me on SNN where I am an active and frequant admin.

My desire in life is to be the greatest game developer in the world, a title currently owned by Shigeru Miyamoto. However, unlike Mr. Miyamoto I would perosnally like to work for Sonic Team. If that won't be happening at least be my own game company.


The name I want my games under is EN?GMA.

Destanu, originally being the name of a Sonic fan team lead by Mystic Monkey until each of those members lost interest in the Sonic fandom and departed. However, since it has been ages and the original meaning of the word forgotten as well as wiktionary does not seem to know what it means. If I ever get a team of Sonic fans back together it be "Team EN?GMA".

My pages

I got so many ideas for canon based Sonic fanon. If you need help with your Sonic fanon, like making it more accurate to Sonic's world, I'll be glad to help.

My Articles

These are my articles that relate to Mystic or my fan game ideas. Please ask permission on there discussion pages before you edit them.

Mystic Monkey
Ultima Mystic
Forest Zone
Chao in Sonic World
Sonic Adventures
Viridian Valley
Mystic Monkey (Comic version)

Sonic Fan game projects

These are my precious fan game ideas and projects, I prefer to promise myself than people about making fan game projects in fear of letting everyone down. I would be happy for suggestions, comments and critisms of my ideas in the articles talk page.

Mystic Monkey (game)
Ultimate Sonic
Sonic Forces Online
Sonic Aero Riders
Sonic Avatar
Sonic the Hedgehog TTRPG (technically playable)

Other ideas

Shared Articles

While I did made these articles, I don't mind people editting them adding there own fan ideas and stories to them. They were made to be shared. ^_^

Black Chaos Emerald
Grand Kingdom
Special Zone
Egg Carrier
Hidden Palace Zone
EX World Grand Prix
Light Speed Shoes
Pumpkin Hill
Death Egg
Class types
Chao Garden
Caliburn the Sword
Sol Emeralds


Race tracks
Eggman Empire

My Blog

And my blog on SNN which has more.

Other wiki's

Other wiki's I work with.

Sonic News Network (Admin)
Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Bronies wiki (Admin)


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