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Status: Online, if in chat.



Some things about me

  • I like to make new characters, and read about other people's.
  • I like video games (most genres).
  • I am a "Die Hard" Nintendo fan.
  • My favorite season is Winter(I love snow).
  • Drawing(I am trying to get better, I used to be terrible).
  • Also I am deep into medival weaponry(I have spread many weapons out among my characters)

On 2/20/13 I reached 1000 edits.


Mav - Probably the guy I talk to the most now. Funny and has great characters.

CrymsonShokwave - A good friend. Too bad she rarely gets on. I can understand it, what with her raising a kid.

Frost the Wolf - A good friend. I just wish he could get on more...

IamKenasXros - A close friend.

TheSkullWolf - One of my good friends here. He's pretty funny, but can be serious when needed.

HS664 - A close friend. A person I often talk and roleplay with.

True Lycalo - A really neat guy. I always enjoy... when he actually manages to be online. He's raising a kid, so I can understand why he's rarely on.

Hastur!Kenny - A person I can talk to about almost anything.

DarkMantis - He seems like a cool guy. I look forward to interacting with him more in the future.

Starry - I consider her a friend. She's nice, funny and a really good artist. :3 Also, ermines.

The Black Dragon of Orihara - Often a partner in crime and planning. Also helps that he lives only a brief drive from where I do.

There are more, and if you feel like being added to this list, say so.


"I used to crack diamonds with my teeth!" "Really? What kind of a trick is that?" "Expensive one!"

(ten points to you if you know what this one is from!)

Favorite Video Game Characters

  1. LUIGI! Luigi is just awesome!
  2. Kirby! Funny, happy and awesome.
  3. Blaze/ Tails, Tied for third...
  4. Banjo and Kazooie, Awesome Bear + Breegul combo.

Video Games I Like

SSBB: my favorite! I am good with Ike, Toon Link, Zelda/ Shiek, Luigi, Mario, Falco, Lucas, R.O.B., Ice Climbers, Pikachu and Diddy Kong.

The Legend of Zelda Series: Puzzle + Action = Epic!

The Final Fantasy series(the first six or so): Good RPG's. I like to collect all the items.

The Mario Series: Awesome side-scrollers and freeroams.

The Sonic Series: The pinball mechanics are fun.

The Kirby Series: So many Powers to chose from...

The Banjo-Kazooie Series: Fun Freeroam, Haven't played the third...

The Mario Kart Series: Fun racing with powerups.

1080 Snowboarding: Fun game with lots of tricks and good music.

Excitebike 64: Amazing game. It's hard, but fun.


(Here is a List of my Characters according to the order I made them in and their alignment along along their species.)


  1. Isaac Lowder (Arctic/Blue Fox)
  2. "Blind" Bartholomew the Serval
  3. Richard Bloodson (Snow Leopard)
  4. Steven Lowder (Arctic Fox)
  5. Augustus Stormer V (Clouded Leopard)
  6. Madeline "Mag" Pyrin (Red/ Fennec Fox)
  7. Shocke Stormer (Clouded Leopard)
  8. Valerie Bloodson (Arctic Wolf)
  9. Benjamin Bloodson (Arctic Wolf)
  10. Venom the Ocelot
  11. Vyne the Margay
  12. Bladelocke Cutter (Bat/ Bat-Eared Fox)
  13. Paul "Phantom" the Serval
  14. Charon Lowder (Arctic Fox)
  15. Genevieve Cutter (Bat)
  16. Joseph Cutter (Bat-Eared Fox)
  17. Augustus Stormer IV (Clouded Leopard)
  18. Austin "Aspen" Willow (Cat)
  19. Ruth "Puppet" the Cat
  20. Tom the Hawk
  21. Hezekiah the Fox
  22. Tobias "Psyche" the Serval
  23. Lydia the Red Panda
  24. Sheila Cutter (Bat/ Bat-Eared Fox)
  25. Malachi the Cat
  26. Evan the Jagerundi
  27. Dodger the Dingo
  28. Ashei the Cat
  29. Reuben the Cat
  30. Den "Discord" the Fox
  31. Spik "Splinter" the Wolf
  32. El-Dor the Fish
  33. Kita tha Chemocat
  34. Arrow the Coyote
  35. Corinth the Caracal and Ephasis
  36. Methuselah the Bat
  37. Valec the Snipe
  38. Andersson the Red Panda


  1. Sarah Lowder (Blue Fox)
  2. Kenneth Clements (Sand Cat)
  3. Sandra Clements (Fennec Fox)
  4. Lillian Clements (Sand Cat)
  5. John Clements (Fennec Fox)
  6. Joanne Clements (Fennec Fox)
  7. Rebecca Bloodson (Snow Leopard)
  8. Janice Bloodson (Snow Leopard)
  9. Abagail Stormer (Clouded Leopard)
  10. Bolt the Ferret
  11. Neil Clements (Scorpion/ Sand Cat)
  12. Pulse the Basilisk
  13. Noah Bloodson (Snow Leopard)
  14. Samuel Ivy (Saber-Toothed Tiger)
  15. Emile Ivy (Saber-Toothed Tiger)
  16. Coranza Ivy (Saber-Toothed Tiger)
  17. Angela Ivy (Saber-Toothed Tiger)
  18. Obi the Lion
  19. Annabelle the Cat
  20. Jordan the Kangaroo Mouse-cat
  21. Chaz the Kangaroo Mouse
  22. Junpei Debonacci
  23. Shield the Bat
  24. Rosland the Komodo Dragon
  25. "D.S."
  26. Mordecai
  27. Storm the Fox
  28. Lucas the Mink
  29. Ephraim the Dragon
  30. Hancock Cutter
  31. Peter the Anaconda
  32. Blizzard the Wolf
  33. C.J. the Kangaroo Mouse
  34. Erin the Cat
  35. Liam the Griffon
  36. Candy the Rabbit
  37. Durge the Chimera
  38. Anoka the Cat
  39. Cherry the Lycalo (Wolf-bat)
  40. Ahkaka the Ice Phoenix
  41. Frances the Cat
  42. Peppermint the Wolf
  43. Teal the Kelp Dragon
  44. Nahjaka the Raccoon
  45. Whyp the Labrador
  46. Katie Willow
  47. Flash the Chemohedgehog.


  1. Monk the Cat
  2. Raymond "Ramrod" the Cat
  3. Lime the Hedgehog
  4. Lemon the Hedgehog
  5. Shane Lowder (Blue Fox)
  6. Scott the Wildcat
  7. Katherine Bloodson (Arctic Wolf)
  8. Chopper the Wolf
  9. Marrow the Raccoon
  10. Bethany the Coeurl
  11. Michael Stormer (Clouded Leopard)
  12. Sean the Raccoon
  13. Nakita Cutter (Fox/Bat)
  14. Ezra Dahlman and Dante
  15. Christina Caracal-Bird
  16. Deborah Debonacci
  17. Valmora the Jaguar
  18. Xynth Cutter
  19. Hunter the Griffon
  20. Nora the Mink-cat
  21. Dannah the Griffon
  22. Gretchen the Mongoose


  1. Patch the Cat
  2. Scratch the Cat
  3. Jackson the Bear
  4. Olaf Penn (Polecat)
  5. Horatio the Otter
  6. Dagger the Kangaroo
  7. Quarren the Gambler


  1. Magnus Bloodson (Snow Leopard)
  2. Stanley Kern (Emperor Tamarin)
  3. Dirk the Kangaroo
  4. Wicker the Spitting Cobra
  5. Kage
  6. Heather the Fox


  1. Kyle the Keaton (Based off Legend of Zelda)
  2. Mira the Remlit (Based off Legend of Zelda)
  3. Wilson the Wolfos (based off Legend of Zelda)
  4. Oro the Red-Crested Breegul (Based off Banjo-Kazooie)