aka Kaylalalalalalalala

  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is walking mass of undiscovered talent and vague bitterness
  • I am female


Hey there ^^ I'm Kayla, but you can call me what you'd like :> (Though I prefer Kayla, lol) I like to draw using a tablet and I have a sonic character c: Actually, you can see a drawing I made of my main sonic character on my banner, which was genorously made by Sly the Fox! Her name's Kay the Fox . If you want to be friends, I'm always welcome to it! I'm not on that often, but I love to talk to the fine community here <3 Oh, and I use the 'xD' sign waaay to much. Thank you so much for viewing my page~

~I'm also on:

iScribble: Piegirl55 (Inactive)

Twitter: Cleffakaykay (Not very active)

Tumblr: Cleffakaykay (Active)

DeviantArt: kay-la-la (Active)

...So, basically, you could contact me here, or on any of the above websites.

~Art status:

Art Trades: Closed :C

Requests: Always closed. I do not do requests, sorry.

Gifts: That's up to me ;) (Don't ask! That is not what gifts are about)


Q: Can you please draw my character?

A: See my art status above!! :)

Q: What software do you use to draw?

A: Usually Paint Tool SAI.

Q: Can I have your character?

A: No.

Q: Can you help me with drawing?

A: Just ask c;

Q: Do you take requests?

A: No.

Q: Who's Cleffakaykay?

A: I'm Cleffakaykay. Sometimes (like on here) I go by MewBerry101, though :>

Q: Do you have a dA?

A: Yes, it's 'kay-la-la'.

Tailay sketch
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